1. acruz12

    Week 2 – Learning by Listening to Radio Shows



    Comments and reflections on This American Life: Episode 503 “I Was Just Trying To Help”

    Prologue:  Sharon was a clerk for circuit court judge in Missouri. While she was at work, a man and a woman approached her looking for some paperwork so they could help out their brother, …

  2. acruz12

    Your Starting Perspective on What is Story (Part II)


    Then, expand on what it might mean to introduce the word “digital”? What changes, is different, or is the same? What do you see or think of when we say “digital storytelling”  Finally, add the ideas you got from listening to this week’s videos by Ira Glass and Andrew Stanton- …

  3. acruz12

    Week 1 – Your Starting Perspective on What is Story


    What do you associate with the word storytelling? What is the visual that comes to mind? What experiences or memories does it conjure? Does it have any place in your life now?


    My concept of storytelling is that it is an exchange rooted in the foundation of our humanity …

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