1. adamlostonpatrol

    The Craft of Audio Storytelling


    Ira Glass said that storytelling has two building blocks, one being the anecdote  which is just a sequence of events, and a moment of reflection, which gives the audience the whole point to the story and the reason they are listening to it in the first place.

    Jad Abumrad said …

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    Weekly Summary Week 3!


    This week, I learned all about storytelling. To me, storytelling is a way to express someones creativity in a way that everyone can enjoy and pass on. It could be about anything ranging from a personal experience, to something completely made up within your imagination. Since I am going into …

  3. adamlostonpatrol

    The Shape of Stories


    Author Kurt Vonnegut gave a presentation on how stories can be described with curves on a graph. One curve he called “man in hole.” For this curve, the main character gets in trouble, then gets out of it again and ends off better for the experience.

    The movie that comes …

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    What is storytelling?


    To me, the word storytelling is a way to bring people’s imagination, comprising of their own thoughts and feelings, and maybe aspects from other stories they liked, to life. A story could be fact or fiction. It brings the image of a campfire to mind with all of my friends …

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    Weekly Summary Week 2!


    The second week of Digital Storytelling 106 is coming to a close and I am starting to feel a lot better about this class. We were assigned a lot of work to do this week and some of it felt a little tedious. We had to install a couple of …

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    Say it Like the Indominus Rex!


    For my first digital storytelling assignment we were assigned to create an animated gif of a clip from our favorite, or least favorite movie so I chose to create a gif from the movie Jurassic World.

    When I first read that I had to make a gif, I was very …

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    Daily Create 2.0!


    Todays was to upload a photo of a “neat place.” One of the things I loved most about Hawaii when I visited was that the sand of the beach was black where my hotel was. 

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    Week 1 Daily create 0.0!


    To get into the spirit of daily create’s, we were assigned to just upload a picture of us to introduce oursevles. Here is a picture of me and my mother at a wedding for a friend of ours!].

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    Multimodel Introduction!


    The first and only video I have ever done on YouTube was for an English project in 8th grade. We had to take a scene from the book called “The Outsiders” and act it out ourselves. So me and two of my friends acted out the scene in which one …

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    Hello world!


    As my first time posting on my blog i can proudly say  i’m very excited to be starting to be starting it. It was a little rocky getting everything set up since i got a little confused by the directions, but eventually i got a hang of it. I  always …

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