1. adeacons

    TDC Ideas


    The Daily create suggestion I made was called Hideous Selfie, where basically you upload a hideous selfie of yourself and we have our own little ugly face game. I can’t access the ORIGINAL original URL, but you can check for my name. It’s there, I promise  …

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    Assignment Ideas


    The first one I came up with was Digital Diary, and yes, I’ve been basing these ideas off of the work I’m doing for this case. ANYways, I gave that one 5 stars. The other one I did I calledBlackmail, which I gave 2 stars.…

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    Week 13 summary


    So the conclusion for our Jack Case happened much quicker than expected. You might want to keep an eye on EL Jota…just sayin’…

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    Week 12 Summary


    So delving right into detective work. We got hired by Bond to investigate a mysterious “Jack”. Well we were emailed evidence and shortly after had a group brainstorming session. We decided to divide and conquer, and spend this week investigating individuals, as individuals. We also came to the consensus of …

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    Jack Case


    We got the Jack case, and we’ve decided to do Video as our primary media, and split up the other 3 categories among ourselves. I got visual, so there’s more evidence to come!…

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    Week 11 Summary


    Well. I’m glad I got into a group like suggested. It was a scramble, but it worked out great! I’m with Deliah and Spencer, and we’re part of the Stirrup Trouble agency. Deliah’s the manager and Spencers a coworker. I submitted my resume at the beginning of the week, and …

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    Daily Creates


    So how I plan to rescue Noddy is to set everything on fire. It’s better to put him out of his misery instead of staying in that dumpster. I used Pixlr and found fire to put around him. I was going for irony when I made this, so please don’t …

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    http://www.stephaniebwhite.com/assignments/web/dream-vacation/#comment-511 http://ds106.christineloehr.org/assignments/elephantzebradog/#comment-366 http://alayton8.com/daily-creations/two-dailies/#comment-366 http://seeinggainz.com/daily-creates/creative-mind-at-work-here/#comment-189 http://umwteaching4tomorrow.com/assignments/applying-to-a-job/#comment-353 http://delovelyames.com/ds106/cats-creates-spades-and-arrows/#comment-159 http://columnhugger.com/daily-create/week-evelyn-daily-creates/#comment-558 http://codingspencer.com/ds106/next-one-noddy/#comment-470 http://kkeelee.com/daily-create/week-11-daily-creates/#comment-407 http://kkeelee.com/assignment/john-browns-business-card/#comment-408…

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    Wanted Poster (2.5 stars)


    So never mind, it wasn’t just initiation. She was being dead serious. I just had to make a wanted poster for the president. Yes, you heard me. A wanted poster for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Find my original report here. This is getting ridiculous. If I didn’t need …

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    Conspiracy Theory (3 stars)


    Oh my gosh, my new managers is driving me crazy! She’s nice and all, it’s just there’s something a little off about her. Like, she had me investigating the case of her missing bananas! I swear, I’m convinced that she just forgot she ate them, but NOOO. “They’re missing”, she …

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    Stirrup Business Card (2 stars)


    I think my application to Stirrup Trouble got accepted! I received a business card in the mail, which is huge because they keep their headquarters address and phone number secret from the general public. It make it easier to sift through cases and avoid drama and angry ex’s. So I …

  12. adeacons

    Valentine’s Resume (3 stars)


    So I had applied to Stirrup Trouble today. I really hope my resume will be good enough to get in, at least part-time. My hippotherapy company isn’t doing too well so I NEED the extra cash, and I refuse to go back to my old line of work. I’m also …

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    Week 10 Summary


    WOW. Who knew 15 stars would be so challenging. Along with my 3 daily creates as lilah, and my 10 comments I was booked. Plus I had the pressure of making a decision for my final project, and the interview with Professor Burtis. All together, it gave me a panic …

  14. adeacons

    Highlight Reels


    As I mentioned in my earlier blog post (Marilyn Montage) I’m  a HUGE fan of Marilyn Monroe. I can relate to her in so many ways, like how she felt she had to sell herself to get recognized. I took scenes from “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend”, “Monkey Business”, …

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    Nightmares (3 stars)


    So for another of my 15 stars, I chose to do the audio to visual assignment. Well I searched through Abigail Deaconson’s blog to find if I liked any of the work she did. Well I found something she calls Creep… and it peaked my interest so I clicked on …

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    wow…. I’m insecure


    I had my interview today with Professor Burtis. And man, those questions were probing. I ended up feeling very insecure (But that’s a personal problem. I have low self-esteem). My favorite question was probably the blender question. And talking about my favorite dish made me hungry, so shortly after the …

  17. adeacons

    Monroe Montage (5 stars)


    So my celebrity idol is Marilyn Monroe, so I picked her as my special person montage. Her whole adult life she was America’s sex symbol and icon. She wanted to be known and wanted for…

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    My 3 daily creates… as lilah


      For one of my Daily Creates I chose the finger painting one. I took a Sharpie and colored my left index finger with it. I recolored my finger for every petal I did. I made the stem with the residue of the ink left on my finger. Surprisingly, my …

  19. adeacons

    Wow, I’m insecure…


    I had my interview today with Professor Burtis. And man, those questions were probing. I ended up feeling very insecure (But that’s a personal problem. I have low self-esteem). My favorite question was probably the blender question. And talking about my favorite dish made me hungry, so shortly after the …

  20. adeacons

    Lilah the Loner


    So after my little dinner fiasco I felt drained. Having my secrets exposed in such a crude manner was just too much for me. And working in an agency with someone who’s from a part of my past I’m trying to move forward from would send me over the edge. …

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    So I found commenting this week a little challenging, because people are posting their work in clusters all on Friday and Saturday (myself included). And I double dipped with comments a lot, on accident, but it was still helpful looking at other people’s work http://www.stephaniebwhite.com/the-daily-create/the-daily-create-breakfast-selfie/#comment-403 http://www.phoenixtakesflight.com/assignments/dont-mess-with-zuckerberg/#comment-7313 http://www.brianburnsofficial.com/assignments/billy-steel-the-interview/#comment-193 http://www.brianburnsofficial.com/daily-creates/daily-dosage/#comment-194 http://kkeelee.com/daily-create/week-10-daily-creates/#comment-301 http://kkeelee.com/assignment/play-it-backward/#comment-302 …

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    Psychotic Notebook (5 stars)


    So. There’s a reason I chose the profession I did (it was revealed in the radio show). If you were to read my diary, you wouldn’t find the Notebook as my story. In fact, that movie repulses me. My reality was the movie psycho, hence why I joined the two. …

  23. adeacons

    Radio Listen


    This group (The Noir Buzz) took a different approach to the assignment. They didn’t create a story, like a majority of us did, instead they did a gossip show (I think). It didn’t sound like there was a lot of original dialogue, a lot seemed to be made of music …

  24. adeacons

    Radio Reflections


    So I didn’t particularly enjoy the end result of this. I think If I had a second try at this then it would’ve been better. I learned to reference names more in the script, and the editing needed to flow better. But from the feedback, the sound effects were on …

  25. adeacons

    Week 8 summary


    So I think this week was a good week to ease us out of spring break. The pace was just enough. I’ve found it easier to start the week out with commenting, cause it get me working and motivated by seeing how far other people have come. It also helped …

  26. adeacons

    How to Give a Friendly Hug


    HOW TO GIVE A FRIENDLY HUG Pick out a stranger from a crowded place (parks are highly recommended). Establish eye contact. No matter how long this takes, you NEED them to realize you’re trying to make eye contact, otherwise the rest of our steps are going to just make you …

  27. adeacons

    Most Wanted (2 1/2 stars)


      For our other collaborative assignment we did the “Most Wanted” assignment. Lilah and Rex have been partners in crime, except this time, Rex and Lilah got caught, at least Rex did. And now the word is out and Rex is in trouble. Lilah sees this and splits, waning to …

  28. adeacons

    Who Called (4 stars)


      So for one of our collaborative assignments, me and Patrick chose to do the “Who Called? assignment.  My character was a prostitute, and is needy, and his character is macho and sleezy, so we decided that the interaction that most made sense is to make them in an unhealthy …

  29. adeacons

    Post Card Assignment (4 1/2 stars)


      So the assignment here was to find an existing post card/card/note and create your own story surrounding it. This card was discovered by this guy who found it in his Grandmothers belongings. It was a cryptic letter that’s taken him 20 years to figure out the pattern. The pattern …

  30. adeacons

    When Love Calls…


      I used a quote from an original poem by Janelle Pierangelino and the other person she worked with. I chose the quote“.. the waging war between logic and passion” . This inspires my by getting my to think. Life does often make you choose between logic and passion, never …

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