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    Marble Steps


      I used Christina Hendricks picture of steps from her photo safari as one of my inspiration works. I just really love this picture because the steps look marble, and I like to imagine they lead to a different world. It captures urban beauty, and on top of that, the …

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    A Challenge


    For one of my inspiration pieces I chose to use a What’s the Error? assignment. My computer crashed while I was originally trying to write this post, so I lost the original link to the inspire page, but I did upload it. Anyways… I chose this, unconventional piece of work …

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    Eyes Are Windows to the Soul


    I chose Stephanie’s Eye Selfie to use as one of my inspirational pieces. You literally can’t go wrong with an eye picture because they’re all so expressive and  capture your unique color(s) and print, like a fingerprint. It seems like the longer you stare at it, the more influenced you …

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    I’ve broken out of my shell! Commenting has always been intimidating because you really put yourself out there, and your opinions on display. But I did it anyways! http://mboleis.com/assignments/audio/dirty-mouth-clean-it-with-a-biscuit/#comment-303 http://trysoccer29.com/writing-assignments/lawrence-may-or-may-not-be-a-man-whore-with-bad-gas/#comment-301 http://lifebysavanna.com/daily-creates/so-this-happened/#comment-156 http://janellegelino.com/assignments/design-assignment-groom-poster-4-and-a-12-pts-an-ice-cold-love-triangle-collaborative-characters/#comment-571 http://wildwoodblogs.com/uncategorized/inspired/#comment-894 http://brendalevoy.com/daily-create/daily-create-3-13-2015/#comment-268 http://sgrubbs2.com/uncategorized/where-is-the-error/#comment-541 http://www.thejota.com/ds106/creating-daily-creates-daily-week-8/#comment-15596 http://sgrubbs2.com/assignments/storytelling-collage/#comment-542 http://jcpdigitalstorytelling.com/assignments/a-mysterious-vacation/#comment-95  …

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    Schizophrenic… Sorta


      My other daily create I’ve completed is the different sides of yourself Daily Create. My friend is an aspiring photographer, so one snow day we were bored so she gave me a mo hawk and did a photo shoot. The other one, the same friend and I were bored …

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    Coffee Break


      So for the highlight of my week, I chose to do something that daily lights up my day. Coffee. I wanted to sketch a bunch of gift cards but I couldn’t decide how to creatively do it. So I decided on coffee. I used Paint to create this….. unique …

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    Weekly Summary


    So. Even though we had three Daily Creates and Ten Comments, and Radio Show Progress, my week was still pretty packed. We had our RADIO SHOW!! we called ours Dinner at 6:00 o’clock We had last minute updating that had to happen, and it didn’t happen till, like 11:00 so …

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    Dinner at 6:00 o’clock: Radio Show


    We had a bumpy road to get to this radio show completed. It tried on many faces and had went through lots of plot transformations. I wrote basically the entire dialogue and plot, Amanda made the sound effects, Patrick did a majority of the editing, and everyone else contributed their …

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      So the Daily Create was to take an image and make it teal and orange for an action shot. I made this dog a super hero because it made  sense with the action scene. And the way he’s holding the dog.…

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      The Daily Create was to take a picture of your foot on something. I thought immediately about putting my foot on someones head. It reminded me of someone conquering their foe, which is funny because I’m like 5”2′ and weigh 110Ib soaking wet, and the person in this picture …

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    Heart Racing…


      Needles absolutely terrify me. I’ve never donated blood, and whenever they need to draw blood for testing, my stomach drops, my heart races, I start seeing stars and black spots and I practically hyperventilate. I’ll be watching, say Dexter for example. I bury My head in my boyfriends shoulder …

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    More Posts


    http://julaszakovits.com/daily-creates/five-things-that-bring-me-joy/#comment-211 http://delovelyames.com/ds106/daily-create-eternally-choosing-joy/#comment-80  http://jcpdigitalstorytelling.com/weekly-summaries/radio-is-not-a-dying-art-weekly-summary-week-5/#comment-81 http://www.tylerdaig.com/Blog/assignments/noir-at-night-poster/#comment-82 http://janellegelino.com/assignments/house-of-noir-logo/#comment-367 http://www.dshargis106.com/ds106/whats-my-super-power/#comment-124 http://umwteaching4tomorrow.com/assignments/re-re-re-remix/#comment-126 http://ds106.kendallparker.com/ds106/pros-of-progress/#comment-140 http://lifebysavanna.com/thoughts-and-ideas/week-1-of-the-radio-show/#comment-129 http://www.thejota.com/ds106/progress-is-a-good-thing/#comment-14710 So this week, I focused my comments on people’s radio show’s familiarizing myself with different plots. I found this weeks commenting to be very interesting…

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    Mid-Week Radio Show Progress


    So. Big news, my group decided to change our idea completely. Mainly because we have a time-traveling character, and the original idea we just couldn’t make work. So we’re now doing my original idea…… a Clue! radio show!! It’s based off of Clue the movie,with all of our characters being …

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    Week 6 Summary


    I started my week off with a healthy dose of Audio Assignments. I started by working on Leave It To Who? in lieu of my character Delilah Valentine. It took me forever to find a free download for the theme music, but I did eventually find it. I wouldn’t recommend …

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    Before and After


    I found this picture I uploaded a year or two ago. The picture on the left is of me in 8th grade and the one on the right is of me in my Senior year of high school. I’m using this as my Daily Create because of the irony. The …

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    Evil Kitty Soundtrack


    I used free sound to find all of my sounds, and Audacity to edit them all together. I took an original ringtone and embellished it with intense booming sound effects.  …

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    Radio Show Poster


    I chose a most wanted poster with a mirror in the place the picture usually is placed. Not only do I not want to spoil the plot, I mainly did it so you see yourself, implying that you’d be next. I used pixlr, and got a most wanted poster template …

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    Show Progress


    We formed our group (Most Wanted) an early Wednesday morning. We communicated using Twitter, and somewhat email. We talked all Thursday about meeting and decided on Saturday at UMW campus at like, 12:30. Unfortunately the day and time didn’t match up with my schedule, so I was debriefed later that …

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    I used freesound for all of my music and effects. I started with a base, the creepy music. From there, I started seeing which words took me to which sounds and built up from there. I decided to go with a stalker scene (plus I love the show Stalkers). I’ve …

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    Coffee Stain Art


    So I did the coffee stain art daily create and loved it! I looked at the circular mark and thought, it’d be great to insert some irony. So I made coffee (which I had no problems doing) and made my mark. I attempted to create a birds eye view of …

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    Leave It To Who?


    I used Audacity and found the Leave it to Beaver theme song, and then searched freesound.com for some creepy music to infuse into it.I did this because, up until now, I’ve made Delilah seem picture perfect. But I used dark music because there’s a dark side Delilah’s been carrying with …

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    Multi-way Gloves


      My line of Multi-use gloves will guarantee you one less stress in life. Ever have that moment of pure frustration when you realize your glove has been put on the wrong hand? Tired of it feeling off because the padding is backwards? Or worse, the design?! Well my line …

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    Week 5 Already?!


    This week was much better, and much more relaxed for me than last wee. I’d say my favorite part of the week was doing the Design Assignments. But we’ll get to that later.

    I started backwards this week, educating myself about Copyrights. The issue about copyrights runs so much …

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    Design Blitz


    Color; this department store manipulated our society’s take on color to organize their store. You can clearly tell where the girls section is by the overwhelming pink and white. And in the boys section, you’ll find tons of blues and browns, plus a lovely picture of a rugged mountainside. While …

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    Apples to Oranges



    I did today’s Daily Create, playing with your food. I took to the Sharpie and and drew little cartoon faces on the fruit. Because I can.…

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    Blade Runner.


    The thing I noticed while watching Blade Runner, is most of the scenes capture a singular person. The space is causing different lighting, and causing your eye to focus on the character in the frame. The helicopter scenes would have the camera facing down, onto the towering buildings and the …

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    So I chose the creative hand assignment for my Daily Create. I took this picture with my friends forever ago, after most of us painted our nails. I really like the design it made, so I thought it’d be perfect for this TDC.…

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    Edith 2015-02-15 15:20:18



    The daily create I chose was superpowers. I chose the superpower of the brain because in reality, nobody would expect me to have it. I don’t particularly want a super brain either, but I could easily disguise it and use the element of surprise. Plus I love irony…

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    Delilah’s License



    I chose to do the license challenge and dedicate it to my character. This is her drivers license, I used a free photoshop and found my photos off of Google.…

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