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    My Wallpaper


    The challenge was to create a new wallpaper for DS 106. I was attempting to capture the Noir essence, but my software didn’t allow me to design the typography I was aiming for.

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    Design is something I’m very familiar with, in the artistic sense. The golden ratio, contrast, open and closed composition, just to name a few phrases. But Vignelli educated me on what the essence of design is, and how to apply it to books and the digital world. So words like, …

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    Copyrights and Creative Commons


    I had the spiel in high school that everyone else had. “Don’t plagiarize”, “Plagiarism is illegal”, “This is the definition of plagiarism…”. Buy I’ve come to realize that copy right issues run so much deeper than plagiarism. It’s not a black and white subject, cause you now have terms like …

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    Week 4…


    I’m not gonna lie, this week has been really rough. Since last Friday, I’ve been battling strep, an ear infection, sinus infection, and a head cold. This is where an online class becomes a life saver, cause while I’ve had to miss my other classes, I’ve managed to stay mostly …

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    Raindrop on a Sunny Day


    The daily create for today was to make a dot to celebrate…National Dot Day!!! My “watermark” I chose to identify myself with was a raindrop with a reflective rainbow inside of it. Enjoy!…

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    Audio Storytelling: street sound vs. theme music


    We watched two different opening shots for “Touch of Evil”. Both contained audio for theme music and street noise, and you can’t have one without the other. Take out the theme music, and you’re left guessing the mood and tone of the scene, and possibly the whole movie. The theme …

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    Third Nut In A Nutshell


    Photography. Especially with story telling, it’s a confusing subject cause there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do photography. There are definitely good and bad photographs, but the WAY to do things isn’t wrong. In our readings about photography, we had to write down our thoughts about them. One thing …

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    Safari murder


    One quiet day in a small town, 

    There was a knock on the door of the smallest house, with the loneliest woman 

    Slightly intrigued, she looked out her window. And felt her heart flutter.

    She beckoned him in, and they talked for a while. She felt her smile grow larger …

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    That’s sketch…



    The sketch filter always makes the subject almost unrecognizable. The focus suddenly becomes 2-D instead of 3-D and it looses the shadows and highlights of the normal camera.…

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    Noir storytelling


    I chose for my movies, China town and Killers Kiss. In Killers Kiss, the most reoccurring Noir element was the lighting


    A lot of the scenes had lighting as seen above. Drastic shadows (on the right), and limited light (on left).This type of lighting leaves a ton to the …

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    Delilah’s messengerbag



    Essentials for Delilah’s life are identified as followed. Her clutch, EOS, gum, collection of lotions, Moroccan Oil for her hair, a bottle of Advil, and her inhaler. Each item has a story. Her clutch was bought for her by her boyfriend on their first vacation, cause she was going …

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    I’m not one for selfies. And the wave of budding “photographers” from my generation hasn’t made me want to join the movement. But I have always had respect for professionals. People who are seriously passionate for it and are doing it to make a difference or capture beauty, not jut …

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    Delilah in Wonder World


    Delilah’s favorite story to read as a preteen into teenage years was Alice in Wonderland. The story appealed to her because Alice and her were in similar situations. They both were thrown into new world and both had a monster to slay (although at the time, Delilah would much rather …

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    week 2 in a nutshell


    This week started out with MLK DAY! (or as I like to call it, milk day). I looked over what we needed to read and thought “Man. Maybe this is a typo and they meant week 2 AND 3″. Once I started though, I fell into the trap. It was …

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    Writing Noir


    This week, we read A LOT of Noir. It was gripping, dark, and all contained a murder motif. The females were all hyper-sexualized and broke the traditional female characteristics of the time. Instead of being prim,unkempt, and prudish they were gritty and promiscuous (all had a hinted preference for S&M …

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    Delilah Valentine


    This post is dedicated to Delilah Valentine, my character for my semester. It explains what hippotherapy is, and if my character was to be played by any actress/performer, it’d be Taylor swift (as long as she dyed her hair black and kept it natural). Delilah’s story is a simple one. …

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    My Wild Party


    A book about the corruption of the roari’n 20’s, a New York party ends in tradgedy.

    Burrs finds Queenie and Black together and attempts to shoot him out of jealousy, but Black ends up shooting Burrs and there’s an abrupt ending.

    Burrs should’ve …

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    Don’t drop the soap….. and other shower horrors


    I’ve always loved myself a good suspense, psychological thriller. Never gory though. I took anatomy in high school so I can see how much producers exaggerate the violence and give the killer super-human strength. But give me a good psychological thriller and I’m scared to walk through a dark hallway. …

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    My favorite movie is Forrest Gump. The main character, Forrest’s attitude to life is so simple, it reminds me to stop over-thinking and just live. I choose the sunset in reference to Lion King because Hakuna Matata is essentially saying “life is like a box of chocolates”.I used a free …

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