1. adeacons

    Evil Kitty


    So this 20 min project took longer than 20 min… While working with a lame version of Photoshop (hey, it was free) I enjoyed the tedious cutting, pasting, erasing, moving layers, etc. And for some reason, I link kittens with world domination (shout-out to Cats and Dogs movie). The backstory …

  2. adeacons

    This week in a nutshell


    So. I approached this class with fear and trepidation (I’m not tech savvy, see), and the fact that ds106 is completely online also seemed a little ironic (doing DIGITAL studies… ONLINE….. okay never mind). But with careful instructions and time to adequately stress and bemoan my life, I accomplished all …

  3. adeacons

    Edith 2015-01-14 16:03:33


    So the most interesting thing about me so far is that I spent a month last summer in Brussels, Belgium!! Between the protests, local bands, and rooftop outings, it stretched and challenged my character and adaptability

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