1. Reverend

    Making GIFs with IMGUR


    I’m not really good enough at making GIFs to be a snob, but for the last four years I’ve pushed the process of making GIFs with a combination of a lightweight video editing tool like MPEG Streamclip to edit and export the video clip as stills and an image editing …

  2. Reverend

    Best Weekly Summary Post Ever!


    As part of the ds106 weekly process, students are expected to blog all their various assignments and then link to everything they have done and narrate their work what we call a “weekly summary post.” There is the expectation they narrate where they are in their thinking, creative process, problems …

  3. Reverend

    Paul Bond’s Tales From the Animated Crypt


    There’s been so much awesome work coming out of ds106 the that’s it been a bit overwhelming. I want to write about EVERYTHING, but that often leads to me writing about none of it. Tonight I have decided to break that vicious cycle and start writing about as much of …

  4. Reverend

    It’s Chinatown GIFs, Jack


    I spent some time making Chinatown GIFs this morning, and I think the shot of Mulwray’s dead body might be one of my better attempts in a long while. GIFs are not only fun to make, they are awesome for slowing down a film and really looking at what’s happening …

  5. Reverend

    Noir 106: Week 1 – All Work and No Play


    Just checking in to make sure everyone know that week’s one work is due this evening, no later than 11:59 PM. This will be the case each and every week, and I will not be sending these email reminders going forward.

    Also, I will be posting at least one video …

  6. Reverend

    A Kind of Screw


    I’ve had a month-long hiatus from blogging on the bava—which may be the longest ever—although I have been posting images, tweets, bookmarks, and more here. Fittingly, the latest incarnation of ds106 has started up, noir106, so I am getting back in the groove. I did today’s daily create

  7. Reverend

    The Wire Come to Life


    For the final project in Wire 106 students were asked to chose a character from the HBO series The Wire and build an online presence for them across several social media sites. It’s been interesting experience these narratives because they hit me at the strangest times when I’m not looking …

  8. Reverend

    Wire 106: Week 16 – Game Over


    Seemed like just yesterday we were preparing for the big adventure that was #wire106.

    But 50 episode of The Wire later, and 2336 posts of awesome, as of this moment, looks like the game is over.

    Given it is finals week, and ds106 has been a ton of work …

  9. Reverend

    Wire 106: Week 15 – Time to Get Real with the Final Projects


    Credit: Imran Ahmed (who rules)

    This is where we start winding down the perpetual motion machine that is #ds106. You all have been on your A-game throughout the semester, but finals are fast approaching and this semester cannot last forever, unfortunately. There will be some wrap-up assignments next week that …

  10. Reverend

    Wire106: Weeks 13 and14 – Re-ups & Mix-mas


    Imran Ahmed Rules!

    Wire Episodes
    Season 4, episodes 5, 6 & 7 (week 13)
    Season 4, episodes 8, 9 & 10 (week 14)

    Video Discussions
    Week 13
    Season 4, Episode 5: Wednesday, 2:00 PM
    Season 4, Episode 6: Thursday, 7:45 PM
    Season 4, Episode 7: Friday, 10:30 AM

    Week 14 …

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