1. adyke

    Radio Logo


    To make a logo for the radio show I went to the website logomakr.com. This website helps you make a logo for anything you want. I picked out the spooky font for the wording, added a microphone, a skeleton, and a spider to enforce the spooky theme. I think it …

  2. adyke

    McDonalds Order


    I created an order from the point of view of a picky redneck. I thought what does a redneck enjoy more than some good old sweet tea, I also thought about how someone could be picky when it comes to sweet tea. I decided that an Arnold Palmer would be …

  3. adyke

    Ds106 Commercial


    For this Ds106 commercial I created a gun store commercial that would be perfect for someone, like our radio show characters, that is stuck in a zombie apocalypse. The inspiration for this commercial came from a college humor video called Girl’s Costume Warehouse. The guy that does this commercial …

  4. adyke

    Hungry 911 Caller


    This is the story of someone who is extremely hungry and wants a home cooked meal but doesn’t want to make or order food. For this obvious emergency the person called 911 and this is the conversation that ensued:

    The 911 operator took one for the emergency line and sent …

  5. adyke

    Eminem’s Life during the Apocalypse


    This week I created a radio interview with Eminem about his life during the zombie Apocalypse. His life during the zombie apocalypse is very interesting, he became one of the inovators of survival and zombie killing. On Ds106 radio I interview him about his time.

    This was done by downloading …

  6. adyke

    Radio Show progress


    This week I met with my Radio show group at the ITCC to have a meeting to talk about the ideas we had for the radio show. We ended up deciding on having a “variety hour” that was zombie themed. The radio team is stuck in the radio station while …

  7. adyke

    Week 6 Summary


    This week was all about design elements. I read an article called The Vignelli Canon which is about designing things and wrote my thoughts on it here.  I also watched the movie Alien by Ridley Scott. It had some interesting set and light design that I discussed here. …

  8. adyke

    Reflection on The Vignelli Canon


    The Vignelli Canon is a book about design. One of the things that really stood out to me was the idea of Semantic design. This idea is all about scouting what you are designing, who you are designing it for, and what message you want to convey. This scouting allows …

  9. adyke

    Alien Lighting and Set


    This week is all about focusing on design and when watching the movie Alien by Ridley Scott I really focused on lighting and set design. The pieces that really caught my eye in the movie was the use of the scenes and lighting to help hide Alien in the background. …

  10. adyke

    DesignBlitz in the Grocery Store


    This week I looked at signs, ads, and other objects and the concepts of design. I found four uses of design while making a grocery run and coming back home.

    To begin with I noticed this new flavor of Fanta, mango Fanta. The thing that caught my eye on this …

  11. adyke

    A Movie in Four Icons


    Today I give you four icon pictures that should hint at a specific movie. These icons were found here and were all chosen to represent one of my favorite movies. Guess in the comments if you think you have it!

    This was a 3.5 star design assignment for Ds 106…

  12. adyke

    Halloween Shopping


    Halloween shopping can be expensive. To illustrate this I decided to make a witch made of a barcode. I decided to go about this in what I believe to be an interesting way. Instead of cutting the barcode into pieces I decided to find a silhouette of a witch and …

  13. adyke

    Seeing and Speaking Tripple


    The catchphrase I chose to illustrate is one that I heard when watching re-runs as a kid. It might not be hard to guess but the picture might throw you off of who said it. For this assignment it wasn’t hard to actually complete I just joined three images together …

  14. adyke

    Ds106 Wallpaper Creation


    When it comes to computer wallpaper, I am quite the aficionado. On my desktop I run a two monitor display so I like to make it so there is one large continuous image going across my background instead of a copied image so I am no stranger to computer wallpapers. …

  15. adyke

    Week 5 Summary


    This week was all about telling stories using audio. I researched audio techniques and I wrote about my thoughts on audio storytelling. This week instead of using audacity I used Garage Band because I am decently experienced with it. Using garage band I created 5 different weekly assignments: one …

  16. adyke

    Ds106 Radio Bumper


    I created a bumper for Ds106 Radio in this assignment thanks to the help from my roommates girlfriend and garageband. I felt the organ sound mixed with a good radio voice is a classic bumper and then to make the bumper spooky I ended off the bumper with a scream.…

  17. adyke

    Radio Show Idea


    For my radio show I would want to do a variation of a classic youtube video from Derrick Comedy called “WQXR The Cool Breeze” where the radio hosts are actually held hostage by a super intelligent wolf. It is a good comedy sketch but I feel it fits the theme …

  18. adyke

    Thoughts on Audio Storytelling


    One of the big features of audio storytelling that makes a story go from good to great is the depth of audio. This means that the sound telling the story, either just voice or sound effects and voice, has more than one volume level. Soft sounds can really draw the …

  19. adyke

    Song Clips Coming Together


    I picked six clips of some of my favorite songs that end up making a pretty interesting song themselves. I molded these together to form a phrase in garageband. Can you guess these six songs that have molded together?

    This is a audio assignment for Ds106 worth 1.5 stars.…

  20. adyke

    A Day in Dennis’ Life


    Dennis, the intellect host character of my blog, lives in a house on the east side of Saint Croix. Every morning he wakes up and then goes out on his sailboat to do some scuba diving. Today his scuba is cut short due to a storm rolling in. He gets …

  21. adyke

    Procrastination Preview


    There is no more iconic of a voice than Don LaFontaine. His voice dons many movie trailers and other things. There is a competitor coming up on the scene however, and that guy is me. I did the voice over for a movie trailer of my mundane struggle of procrastinating …

  22. adyke

    Speaking Spams Mind


    For this speech I found and spoke a spam email I got today. This email is a phishing email that looks to steal your password by getting you to “update” your mailbox. When I read this email I add on the truth of the email to the very end.

    This …

  23. adyke

    Confusion in Monkees


    When listening to the Monkees as a kid I head a lyric that heavily confused me. They had a song named “I’m a Believer” and at one point I believe that they said “and then I saw her face, now I’m going to leave her.” This is heavily wrong because …

  24. adyke

    Weekly Showcase


    WelcomeToWeek4Showcase…. YourGuideForThisWeekIsIDennis…. ThisGloriousWeekIsFilledWithVisualTidBits…. SubmissionsOfVisualContentAppeaseMyEyes… IShallPresentMyMostLovedFiveInAnAnthologyOfGreatness…  TheFirstTantalizingPieceIsAPostFromTheAdventureInNoir… RedIsQuiteThePowerColor… JulyDisplayedHerRoomsPowerInThisPicture… TheDescriptionOfHerVisionAlongWithExecutionOfTechnique… QuiteAWorkOfArt… FollowingUpJuly’sWorkOfArtIsAnApperanceFromKanye… AaronDykeCreatedAPictureOfKanyeWestAndAQuote… GreatnessIsRareHoweverKanyeIsGreat… TheKnowledgeOfGreatnessPermittedAWonderfulQuotedPhotoToComeIntoBeing…. ThePictureAndQuoteCombinePerfectlyMakingATastyPost… TheThirdPostThatMadeThisAnthology… FoodIsEssentialToLife… NoraPostedAnAlphabetMadeOfHealthyFood… BurstingWithColorAndAssumedTaste… NoraCreatedAPostThatIsInformativeAndVisuallyAppealing… WeReturnForTheFourthPieceOfTheShowcase… AaronPostedAnAnimalCombination… TheWeaknessOfDolphinsWasStrategicallyCoveredInThisPost… AaronCombinedADolphinAndGiraffeToCreateASuperAnimal… TheSatirePleasesMe… TheFinalPostThatMadeTheCut… ATrulyTerrifyingMoment… JamesUsesAnOldPhoneAndCapturesAHorrificMoment… ASpiritVisitedHisPhoneCreatingAParanormalPicutre… ThisWeekWasFilledWithGreat… PostsWereMany… TheseFiveCreatedMyMostLovesFromThisWeek… AGreatBunchOfVisuals…

  25. adyke

    Week 4 Summary


    This week was all about photos and the use of them to tell a story. The capturing of a moment through photography is difficult and I had never been good at it as a child, you can read about that in my history and future with photography post here. …

  26. adyke

    A Week Worth of Daily Creates


    This week I did three daily creates:

    The first one was a picture that evokes an emotion for which I chose a picture of my dog dressed up because it evokes happiness in me!

    This picture evokes happiness in me, it's not my birthday right now I still get happy …

  27. adyke

    The Shining Cinematography


    Today I watched the shining and am reflecting on the cinematography of the movie. In no particular order here are some scenes That I feel show some great points of cinematography.

    This scene is super cool because of the repetitiveness of everything. In the background the walls are covered with …

  28. adyke



    A photoblitz is when you take a list of photo themes and for 20 minutes you take photos for those corresponding themes, learn more here. Today I did a photo blitz and it was interesting to say the least. Here are some pictures of the lists and start and …

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