1. Alex Jaffee

    A Change of Emotion


    I decided to try out Rowan Peter’s visual assignment where you have to “write and illustrate (photograph, sketch, video sample, etc) a two panel story that describes a change of emotion”. I ended up creating two stories because I liked this assignment so much. The first story is about my …

  2. Alex Jaffee



    I LOVE the movie UP! I love the animation and couldn’t narrow my choice of screen shots down to six so I chose eight shots to tell the story of UP.

  3. Alex Jaffee

    Life is Good


    Life is Good, originally uploaded by ahappyjaffee.

    You’ve probably seen this logo before. Below is the story behind the positive motto.

    “For five years Bert and John Jacobs traveled the East Coast, selling their tee shirts in the streets and door to door in college dorms. They lived …

  4. Alex Jaffee

    Hey, Seniors!


    Is there anyone else out there besides me who thinks paying Jostens $87.99 for the most basic package for graduation announcements is silly? If you think so too, check out this website, tinyprints.com. Here is the announcement I purchased from Tiny Prints: Don’t you think it’s way cuter and more …

  5. Alex Jaffee

    Let’s Google


    I never thought of Microsoft versus Google. I normally think of Microsoft versus Apple. Either way, Microsoft needs to step up their game if they want to stay in Web 2.0 and beyond. Have you noticed that a lot of modern technology nouns have become verbs? For example, “Let’s google”, …

  6. Alex Jaffee

    A Blonde in a Brunette’s Body


    This whole experimenting with our blog thing is fun but makes me feel like a blonde. One would think installing plug-ins and following the given directions wouldn’t be so hard but many times I found myself saying things like, “Grrr, Google Analytics! Why aren’t you working?!” I sort of persevered …

  7. Alex Jaffee

    Assignment for Week 2


    As a student who is preparing to be an elementary school teacher, I was very interested in Gardner  Campbell’s presentation. For the elementary education  master’s program at UMW, we are required to pick a specialization for our graduate year and do an action research project related to that specialization. I …

  8. Alex Jaffee

    Assignment for Week 1


    Professors are great. Excuse me, University of Mary Washington professors are great.

    Thursday morning, I am in Phonology (Linguistics 309) with Dr. Fallon and about 25 other students. I know Dr. Fallon pretty well…he’s my adviser and I’ve had a class with him before. He’s really nice and a great …

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