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  1. ahardy2

    Final Project

    These past two weeks were pretty exciting for me, I was able to pull together my final project, which is the video link above. It interprets my love for technology and all the gadgets that I now possess. What I was hoping to portray in the video is my dependency on all of my electronics and … Continue reading Final Project
  2. ahardy2

    Weekly Summary

    This week went by very smoothly, which doesn’t come often for me. Probably because most of the things I did this week had to do with images which I am pretty good at. I also found this new free app called photoshop mix. It’s like a simplified version of regular photoshop. I didn’t really have … Continue reading Weekly Summary
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  4. ahardy2

    Movie Mashup

    I did the movie mashup assignment worth 4 stars. I used google images and photoshop to cut out and merge these images to make The Divergent Games.
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  6. ahardy2

    Morse Code

    IMG_0771[1] This is the morse code assignment from the assignment bank worth 5 stars. I had to go on online and find a morse code alphabet translator to do this. Can you guess what I spelled out. *hint: it’s my character’s name!! (the file for the video was too big to embed I guess, so … Continue reading Morse Code
  7. ahardy2


    by http://ds106.gabbychr...
  8. ahardy2

    Vignelli Canon

    Well first I’d like to point out that Vignelli didn’t hold back on any details. I’m pretty sure he hit every aspect of visual design. I’m not a professional visual designer, but I think he gave me an extremely well thought out idea of how to put things together. When he is explaining the different … Continue reading Vignelli Canon
  9. ahardy2

    Who am I

    I have a picture of heels because I am obsessed with shoes. I have a picture of a family because that’s what I live for. I have a picture of the color burgundy because that is my favorite color. I have a picture of college students because I am still working on a higher degree. … Continue reading Who am I
  10. ahardy2

    Daily Create

    Forgot to post this one yesterday My daily create for today @ds106dc #tdc1359 — Audrea Hardy (@AudyG1rl) September 28, 2015
  11. ahardy2

    The Shadow

    The Shadow always criticizing. Telling you “you’re not good enough.” If you let it grow enough it may become tangible. No matter who you are, no matter where you are everyone has a shadow. You have to have faith in yourself to get rid of it. Know yourself.
  12. ahardy2

    The Shining

    The Shining isn’t as scary as current scary movies, but it is considered a classic. I think that way the shining was shot was not only to film the actors saying words, but to also show the environment that the characters were in and the zoom was really an emotion enhancer. Whenever there was a … Continue reading The Shining
  13. ahardy2

    Dream Vacation!!

    My dream vacation would take place in Cancun, Mexico with my son and daughter. We would swim with the Sharks and go snorkeling. I would love to go deep sea diving to see all the beautiful fish and underwater plants. Me and my family would go speed boat racing  and then we would go and … Continue reading Dream Vacation!!

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