1. ahotcrazymess

    I Can’t Believe It’s Over


    Well…it’s finally come to an end…I didn’t quite end in the hardcore way I wanted to but life got in the way and I did the best I could. Don’t blame me, blame Pre-Calculus and me being too old to pass without a tutor and a curve.

    I still managed …

  2. ahotcrazymess

    Props to “Unto Others”


    Since no one else signed up to discuss this episode I figured I would kick it old school and just blog about it as I couldn’t let the classic lines and plot in this episode not be given the props they deserve.

    There was a lot going on in this …

  3. ahotcrazymess

    The Wire’s Favorite Teams Mashed Up


    Here is a mashup of two teams out of Baltimore just like The Wire. I took the logos from the University of Maryland and the Baltimore Orioles and blended with a photo blending app to create this assignment before uploading it to my Flickr account. There were several teams to …

  4. ahotcrazymess

    If Tumblr and Sound Cloud Had a Baby…


    Since I spend a lot of time on Tumbler looking at blog posts or online listening to music, I decided to merge the two together. So with the help of screen shots of both Tumbler and Sound Cloud, as well as, a photo blend app to merge the logos together, …

  5. ahotcrazymess

    An Old Biddy Swede



    This week I got to reunite with my radio show biddies to do a group swede. Kisha found some good scenes from upcoming episodes for us to recreate. With scripts in hand we met at the Fredericksburg Bus Station to film. We recreated a scene from episode 5 of …

  6. ahotcrazymess

    A Part of the Wish I Have for my Babies



    Here is my Lyric Video Snippet assignment worth 3 stars. I used Audio Copy to clip a segment out of one of my favorite songs that always makes me think of my babies and transferred into iMovie. Then I imported the same blank picture several times into iMovie to …

  7. ahotcrazymess

    Because Sometimes You Win Without Actually Winning



    This is the Sports Mashup video (worth 3 1/2 points) I created by taking video clips of some of my favorite moments in sports and splicing them together in iMovie. These aren’t the “typical” sports clips showing professional athletes making incredible catches, dunks, or touchdowns. Instead, these clips show …

  8. ahotcrazymess

    A Week of Going to the Video


    I can thank my procrastination in other classes for my week of production in this class. Turns out that my avoidance of paper writing turned into doing extra work in DS106. I justified this by telling myself that I was just making up for those couple of weeks where I …

  9. ahotcrazymess

    Inspired by Unity


    I was inspired by Brittnay’s Unity picture because it brought back the great memories I had of being part of a team. Being part of a team is more than just playing a sport. Being part of a team is learning how to work with others to accomplish something bigger …

  10. ahotcrazymess

    A Mashup of Baltimore



    I couldn’t help but mashup a trailer for two shows filmed in Baltimore. Clips that I downloaded from YouTube of Homicide: Life on the Street and The Wire were combined with the theme song of The Wire and pictures with text that I made with an app on my …

  11. ahotcrazymess

    Crash Will Never Be A Royal



    Since I tend to use my kids and my dogs for a lot of my projects for this class, I decided to exploit my dog yet again for 3 1/2 stars worth of video assignments. I used my iPhone to do slow motion recordings of my dog and then …

  12. ahotcrazymess

    A Video Created for My Boy of Fall


    I used an app on my iPhone to create this 5 star video assignment. It’s pictures of my son and his teammates over the last two seasons set to the tune of Kenny Chesney’s “Boys of Fall” song. Makes me so happy that my son can have the experience of …

  13. ahotcrazymess

    Inspried by Words


    I was inspired by Brittany’s example of typography in her design blitz because I looks like something that I have in my house. I try to put up pictures that my kids can see of sayings that might inspire them or to help them know that they are loved. I …

  14. ahotcrazymess

    Inspried by the Color Blue



    I was inspired by Maggie’s picture because of the moment that it captured in the stained glass window. You never know who you might be inspiring. I always try to remind my son of that. He plays football for a successful high school football program and many of the …

  15. ahotcrazymess

    Inspired by Lyrics


    I was inspired by this picture by Stefanie for several reasons. My life as a single mom of two kids going to school full time and working tends to be a little much at times so I can completely related to wanting to feel like I was sitting on top …

  16. ahotcrazymess

    “Give Us 25 Minutes, We’ll Give You Baltimore”


    Our group (Jonathan, Lakisha, Melinda, & me) is plugging away on our radio show. We’ve decided to do a news broadcast type show using the events occurring in The Wire as our content. We’ve all chosen different aspects of the radio show including “National News”, “Crime”, “Politics”, “Traffic”, and “Business …

  17. ahotcrazymess

    “Traced” Angels


    A Hot Crazy Mess and her fellow “Angel” hockey peeps turned into a “trace” of their former selves with the help of a pair of scissors and a nifty photo editing app on my iPhone







  18. ahotcrazymess

    Photo Blitz by A Hot Crazy Mess


    I got in just under the 20 minute wire. Thank goodness I waited to do this assignment until the kids were at school or I might not have made it in time. Love my kids but they are homework blockers sometimes…lol. The pictures of my photo blitz are in their

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