1. ahotcrazymess

    Love music, hate editing it


    Week 4 could have gone better for me but it could have been worse so I will refrain from saying that this week was my least favorite…at least for now. With my love of music I was completely excited about the sound assignments for this week. My age apparently has …

  2. ahotcrazymess

    The Idea That Keeps Popping Up


    When I was still in the commuting world, I used to listen to quite a bit of talk radio. Don & Mike and Howard Stern were on in my car on a daily basis. I even went on the Don & Mike Show on three separate occasions so their conversations …

  3. ahotcrazymess

    Sound is Definitely Underappreciated


    Sound is like the offensive line of television and movies – without sound, you’ll be sacked for sure but yet sound is rarely given the props it deserves. Jen Ralston is a Hall of Fame offensive lineman of sound without a doubt and because sound is so underappreciated, Jen Ralston …

  4. ahotcrazymess

    The Digital Days of My Week 3 Life


    This week was more hectic than usual for me (which is really hard to believe given the chaos that is my life) so I didn’t participate at the level I would have normally done but I still grew my ds106 community.

    I began following Hope and Sandy in Flickr and …

  5. ahotcrazymess

    ds106 meet A Hot Crazy Mess


    I’m a single mom of two kick ass kids. I think that life is too short to follow the rules and that’s it’s never too late to be what you might have been. I believe in karma, laughing so hard it hurts, doing something for someone who can’t do something …

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