1. ajaweston

    Photo Essay: "My People"


    My photo essay titled “My People” is a reflection of the people I care most about in their natural state. I did not tell any of them how to pose, or to pose at all. I wanted to convey their true essence and their true feeling, so I told them…
  2. ajaweston

    Three Conflict Photographs


    In class on Monday, we had discussed the homework assignment after analyzing the photo with the model and elephant, particularly the contrasts between the delicate, smooth-skinned model, and the rough, wild elephants.

    I was under the impression that our homework assignment was to take three different photos of strong contrasts/conflict, …

  3. ajaweston

    Response to "Masters of Photography: Diane Arbus"

    Photograph of Diane Arbus, CC Allan Arbus/The Estate of Diane Arbus, LLC

    Although I was overall not very impressed with this video about Diane Arbus, I think there are a few interesting points worth talking about:

    According to the video, technique comes from choices deep down inside, and a lot…
  4. ajaweston

    "Cameras vs. The Human Eye" Reading Response


    The article I read was an analysis of why eyes and cameras process the same image differently. The three main reasons for this are:

    Angle of View Cameras have a wide angle of view, compared to our eyes’ narrow angle of view Resolution and Detail Unlike the camera, only our…
  5. ajaweston

    Cat Gif


    I will update this with a how-to later tonight because I am unexpectedly crunched for time at the moment, but here is my very first gif! I am so happy that I know how to make gifs now!

  6. ajaweston

    Response to "Jon" by George Saunders

    CC Flickr User Ars Electronica

    I’ll admit that the story was somewhat hard to read (and by that, I mean it was somewhat hard to skim, such as what a college student does for most of their readings). The way of writing, which includes the run-on sentences paired with references …

  7. ajaweston

    New Minimalist Image



    For these minimalist posters, I was getting so frustrated with photoshop that I just switched over to paint. I think the top image is cooler looking, but I am happy with both. I think it has something to do with the fact that Otis looks like a monkey …

  8. ajaweston

    Weekly Summary Post

    CC Guido Sportaal

    This week’s completed assignments:

    Read the required readings Blogged about “Albums Without Sound” Blogged about minimalism on the web One, two and three design projects, as well as an original project.

    I am still getting used to photoshop and design in general. The in-class photoshop tutorial …

  9. ajaweston

    Minimalism on the Web

    CC Flickr Spacesick

    This poster is compelling because Edward Scissorhands is a weird, underrated film that I thought most people forgot about, so I was happy to see that people are still remembering! I also like that it was so literal, though I probably would have somehow emphasized that his …

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