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  1. Taniesha


    So this week is all about using sound . my group partner Casheda and i just did a little radio piece. I Covered the words of wisdom part while she did the birth control we just gave our responses back … Continue reading
  2. Taniesha

    Daily create

    So this week i did 3 daily created they were pov i also did trace you hand  and also the leap year……. i hope you guys find them interesting and funny because i sure did.. NIGHT!!!
  3. Taniesha


    Referee, a photo by akeela2012 on Flickr. i just used a photo that was already on my laptop. i then when to and uploaded the photo to the website i then added the words then i uploaded it back … Continue reading
  4. Taniesha

    web 2.0

    Web 2.0 as i understand is basically more the digital side of the web , being able to use pictures and videos to tell a story. More advance frame work and platforms that allows you to be more creative with … Continue reading
  5. Taniesha

    Getting comfortable !

    Response to“A Personal Cyberinfrastructure”  this essay after reading it answered my question.Why do i need to create my own website and  why is my professor  pushing for my classmate and myself to learn thing on our own? The essay lets you know … Continue reading

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