1. Taniesha



    So i just basically recorded my self talking like a person from down south. i Hope you find the humor.…

  2. Taniesha

    Arent i dramatic ?


    So i love romance novels and so i was reading the back of one called “in pursuit of Eliza Cynster. After recording i just post to my blog.…

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    So this week is all about using sound . my group partner Casheda and i just did a little radio piece. I Covered the words of wisdom part while she did the birth control we just gave our responses back and forth that is about it . it was just …

  4. Taniesha

    tom cat


    So i just went on google and got a pic of my favorite cartoon head.Then i just pasted it to my desk top i then uploaded a pic of myself and the tom head to Photoshop.I then used crop tool so that i could cut out the image i wanted…
  5. Taniesha

    color hard work


    So i basically  just got a picture from Google   i then paste it to desk top. then i uploaded it to Photoshop and i just use the T tool to write in the words and i hope you are inspired….ds 106
  6. Taniesha

    sleeping with the enemy


    DS 106 

    Completely happy i am making progress so i did this with Photoshop …..i just pick a movie i like sleeping with the enemy…. i then uploaded it to my computer then photoshop. i use the stamp too to create a layer and then i just click the T …

  7. Taniesha

    Celeb Mashup


    So the assignment was celeb Mashup . I just basically when on Google and got a photo of Halle Berry i then saved it to my laptop and then i uploaded it Photovisi… then i uploaded one of my photos as well and made a collage then i saved it…
  8. Taniesha

    change me


    So i basically just thought of something i use everyday and i need. And what do you know it was my purse, don’t we all need this every day well ladies? I then uploaded it to my computer, then Photoshop and i just started messing with it …changing the …

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    Referee, a photo by akeela2012 on Flickr.

    i just used a photo that was already on my laptop. i then when to http://wigflip.com/roflbot/ and uploaded the photo to the website i then added the words then i uploaded it back to Flickr . thats pretty much it … I …

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    collageforschool, a photo by akeela2012 on Flickr.

    So this one took a long time. i just basically took pics of things in and outside my house, then i uploaded them to ,my laptop i then used Photoshop to take away and add effects to my photos basically playing with …

  11. Taniesha

    web 2.0


    web 2.0, a gallery on Flickr.

    so i just start learning web 2.0 … in baby step i am reading a lot because i want to understand it .there is just so much i hope my mind can understand it.at least i know how to use a camera now …

  12. Taniesha

    web 2.0


    Web 2.0 as i understand is basically more the digital side of the web , being able to use pictures and videos to tell a story. More advance frame work and platforms that allows you to be more creative with specific web tools. It just make this century ideas and …

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