1. Fred Haas

    Building Toward Greater Success in Robotics


    Since joining the high school, Doug Scott has been rebuilding the robotics program with rising success. Currently, two courses are offered.

    For the students, robotics offers an alternative opportunity to discover skills they may not have known they possessed. Combining collaborative, project-based learning in a team environment that includes research, …

  2. Fred Haas

    Games in the Math Classroom


    “You use it to solve problems.”

    “It has buttons”

    “There is one one on your phone.”

    A small group of students shout out clues to help their teammate guess a word. The teammate tasked with guessing the word stands, holding the back of a mobile phone to their forehead, the …

  3. Fred Haas

    Innovative Smartphone Photography Course Grows


    Reflecting on her experience taking Smartphone Photography at the high school, senior Sadie Morgan explained, “If you commit to the class and really do the projects, you can end up with really cool stuff from it. You learn so much that you can use in the future. It is cool. …

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