1. Alicia Kittles



    This is one of my biggest problems when it comes to class assignments, projects, and just everyday life. I am the BIGGEST procrastinator. Once the professor gives out an assignment I always tell myself that I’m gonna go ahead and get it out the way so I don’t have to …

  2. Alicia Kittles



    I know in a lot of my previous blog posts I stated that I feel like I am not a good writer and I don’t like to write. Well, I actually do spend a lot of my time writing or typing in my notes app on my iPhone. For some …

  3. Alicia Kittles

    Improvement throughout the Years


    I can honestly say my writing skills have improved so much throughout the years. My mom also thinks so too. I talked to my mom yesterday on the phone for about an hour and we started talking about how my classes are going, and how I’m feeling about them. She …

  4. Alicia Kittles

    Staying Focused


    Most of the time when I’m writing I cannot stay focused for some reason. The smallest thing can catch my attention and cause me to get off track with my writing. I like to listen to music when I’m writing because I think it’ll help me stay focused a little …

  5. Alicia Kittles

    Blogs vs. Term Papers


    I’m kind of 50/50 with this topic. I like blogs because it gives you a chance to better your writing. I like term papers because once you turn it in and get it back from the teacher you’ll get a chance to see what you need to work on and …

  6. Alicia Kittles

    I feel like I’m not getting anywhere..


    I feeling like I’m not getting anywhere when it comes to bettering my writing skills. Yes, I know writing blogs is a good helper but I also need a good instructor to push me into progress. I’d rather write an essay paper then keep up with an online blog, website, …

  7. Alicia Kittles

    My Challenges


    My challenges as a writer really do reflect in my finished project. Some of my challenges are just simple issues that I have like insecurities with my writing. I don’t like to let people read my writings because I feel like it’s not up to par with my peers writing. …

  8. Alicia Kittles

    As A Writer


    As a writer, I somewhat feel confident with my work. Writing has never been my strong point because it always seems as though I’m always doing something wrong. Whether it’s to many run on sentences, using a comma in the wrong place, writing an incomplete sentence, or not staying on …

  9. Alicia Kittles

    "How to write in style?" -Vonnegut


    The rules by Vonnegut that will be hard for me is “Do not ramble though” and “Have the guts to cut”. When I am writing papers/essays I like to write a lot of detail to express the topic, but sometimes I tend to write to much stuff that is …

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