1. Alasia Laureano

    My Final Ds106 Reflection


    Click on this to see my ds106 final reflection video:)! dont mind the ending part half of it got cut off where i was going to say “bye guys thanks for watching” lol. I also moved a lot in the video (my legs and hands), lol:) my nerves and shyness …

  2. Alasia Laureano

    My Final Project Pitch


    For my Final project I decided to create something on my own. However, I came up with two cool ideas. My first idea was to create my own radio interview talking about the “Trayvon Martin Case” I was going to interview a couple of people and ask them their feelings …

  3. Alasia Laureano

    Week 12 Reflection Blog Post Digital Archives


    After watching Jim Groom’s video on Digital Archives I must say that I actually learned a lot from his lecture, and i began to have plenty of questions arise in my head. It was funny because everything he mentioned about Digital Archives was the truth! Especially the part where he …

  4. Alasia Laureano

    Remix Reflection Post


    After watching Kirby Ferguson’s “Four Part Series” video, it really made me look at the entertainment industry in a entirly different perspective. The reason I say this is becaue, i noticwd how basically “everything” that is put out in this world is a “remix” meaning that no one actually has …

  5. Alasia Laureano

    Weeks 9-10 Video Production: (My 30-second Documentary Video 3 STAR ASSIGNMENT) & (My Product-Review Video 1 STAR ASSIGNMENT)




    Okay, first off I kind of had a hard time editing both videos, because i couldn’t find imovie on my computer, so instead i just used my IPhone 4S to record the 2 videos, and then I uploaded both of them to my youtube account and then edited …

  6. Alasia Laureano

    Daily Creates Week 8


    For the first picture in the daily create we were expected to take a picture of something that resembles a beautiful mess. Therefore, I decided to take a picture of my wallet because its beautiful on the outside, but so messy and full of papers on the inside.

    For the …

  7. Alasia Laureano

    This weeks Daily Creates


    For this weeks daily create I chose to draw a picture of a circle that has colors which reflects how I feel today, so on the app called “draw something” I decided to draw a circle with a whole bunch of light colors to show that I am feeling relaxed, …

  8. Alasia Laureano

    Dynamite Radio Show Bumper!!!!



    <iframe width=”100%” height=”166″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”http://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F39541784&show_artwork=true”></iframe>

    The process for creating the bumper was another fun and exciting adventure I had to do with my group members. Kevin, Janelle, Adewole and I all met up today in the lab at 2 to discuss the makings of the bumper. Next Kevin …

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