1. alaynapayn

    Transporting & Customer Service


    At my Bath and Body Works in Virginia throughout most of the year we receive shipments every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. During the holiday season we receive shipment Monday through Friday and a lot of Saturdays as well. You would think that with getting shipping this often we would not …

  2. alaynapayn

    Where To Open A New Store?


    When the corporate office of Bath and Body Works is thinking about opening a new store deciding where to place this new store is one of the biggest decisions they will make. The purpose of placing a store in a specific location is to make the products available in the …

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    Promotion is defined as communicating information between the seller and potential buyer or others in the channel to influence attitudes or behaviors. There are three promotion objectives: inform, persuade and remind. There are three different ways to promote: personal selling, mass selling and sales promotions. Personal selling is more expensive …

  4. alaynapayn

    Personal Selling


    They say about 10% of the workers in the United States work in some sort of sales position. There are three different types of sales positions: order getting, order taking, and supporting. Order getters help to establish new relationships and create new business and these positions are well paid. Order …

  5. alaynapayn

    How to Deliver Your Message


    There are a number of different ways to advertise a product or service. Television, direct mailings, the newspaper, radio, magazines, the yellow pages, the internet and outdoors and cinema. Television is most widely used and is also the most expensive. But it all depends on how much money you have …

  6. alaynapayn

    Family Life Cycle


    There anywhere from seven to thirteen different stages in the family life cycle. The typical flow of the cycle follows this pattern: young single, young married without children, young married with children, middle aged married with children, middle aged without dependent children, older married and older unmarried. Right now I …

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    When I think of marketing I think of all the visual props and store layout changes that happen at Bath and Body Works. This is only a small component of what marketing really is. Marketing is defined as providing people with what they want for perceived mutual benefit. According to …

  8. alaynapayn

    Product Introduction/Development


    Before a new product goes into Bath and Body Works worldwide it is tested in select markets throughout the United States to see how well it sells and how our customers like the product. Last year my store was chosen to participate in the early launch of the New Signature …

  9. alaynapayn

    The Customer is Always Right


    At Bath & Body Works our store is evaluated on several different aspects of the business. The ones that we focus on most are overall appearance of the store, availability of merchandise, availability of assistance, friendliness of cashier and speed and efficiency of the transactions. These surveys can be done …

  10. alaynapayn

    The Retail World


    For three years I worked at Bath & Body Works. I worked at two different locations and was management for a total of two years. Working in retail is not easy and being a manager in the retail world is even harder. Retailing is defined as the activities involved in

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