1. alayton8

    Case Closed


    After two long weeks of the investigation of NoirCat, we finally found her. However, to this dismay of Maggie, NoirCat will not be returning. We at BWA took on NoirCat as a client and helped her disappear with a new identity after finding her and getting the scoop on why …

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    Just another day in the life of BWA


    Yet another few days have passed and our investigation is still under way. We have yet to actually located NoirCat but we did have a close call at the Cat’s Closest down on Caroline street, this location came in from an unknown source. In the process we came across some …

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    BWA at your service


    This week has actually been a lot of fun trying to piece together the evidence and create a story behind the evidence that we have. Me and the girls met to discuss all of our ideas and everything seemed to flow smoothly while we all agreed on our plans of …

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    Collecting the Evidence!


    After receiving our case file from the Noir106 crew, we, The Black Widow Agency, met to discuss our take on the case and how we were going to handle the situation. We decided our first plan of action was going to be to actually visit some of our suspects: Daphne …

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    Investigation Underway!


    I was ecstatic when Jewel called and informed me that we had been given an investigation involving the mysterious disappearance of Meowdred Pierce. Meowdred Pierce a.k.a. NoirCat mysteriously disappeared from Maggie Black’s care and Ms. Black decided to file a case report on her beloved cat’s disappearance.

    Through some very …

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    Weekly Report!


    This was a pretty light week, you know considering we’re forming agencies that are going to follow us for the rest of our DS106 Careers and all! I’m so glad I got back with my girls and reunite to form an official agency!

    Our agency is called BWA (Black Widow …

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    Sylvia Resume


    Characters Resume – 3 stars

    For this assignment, I just compiled together all of my achievements. It might sound a little braggy but after all, it is a resume, you’re suppose to put yourself on a high horse. I used Microsoft Word and picked a resume template and saved it …

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    Meet Me, Sylvia Stone


    This is my interview with the board of the agency Black, Bond, and Burtis. Oh yeah, I guess there is Groom too but we did not get that far in the interviewing process. I don’t like being grilled with questions.. Hopefully one day the media will hop off my case …

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    Daily Creations!


    Daily Create #1 – An Inspirational Poster

    For this daily create, I chose one of my favorite pictures of my dogs and added a quote that pertained to dogs and life, I then used the picture and edited it on PicMonkey to overlap the words to the picture.

    Daily Create

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    The Return of the MaNOIRpulators


    As the name of the post suggests, I, Sylvia Stone, and my fellow MaNOIRpulators: Edie Waz, Margaret Pinualt, and Jewel James will be returning to make a debut once again! We are all very excited about this decision to reconnect and hope we can woo the DS106 world once again …

  11. alayton8

    Little Words, Big Meanings


    3 Stars

    I thought using some meaningless words would not get the point across properly until I started thinking about myself “WWSSD” aka what would Sylvia Stone do? Then I got to thinking about my girls, my maNOIRpulator girls and our shenanigans. So the words I picked were (1) Crazy …

  12. alayton8

    How to Open a Lock Tutorial


    4 stars

    For this video assignment, I decided to do a tutorial for opening a lock in 30 seconds (or less!). I was successful at completing this task. To record, I used my photobooth app on my laptop and moved them over into iMovie so I could do overlapping …

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    Jessica Rabbit as Sylvia Stone


    4 stars

    For this Video Assignment, I did the character description assignment where you’re supposed to use found video clips to compile a video that would describe the personality of a character. I put a little twist on this assignment and used Jessica Rabbit to portray the character of …

  14. alayton8

    Essay… in the form of Video


    First off, I’m going to start this by apologizing for the amount of um’s and hair flips you’re about to witness.

    For this assignment, I decided to go ahead and pick a scene from the movie “A Postman Only Rings Twice”. My first thought was to go ahead and YouTube …

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    Final Frontier of The MaNOIRpulators


    Aw, this was a fun run with radio shows but unfortunately even good things have to come to an end. Like I’ve said in many of my posts before, I was really concerned when I saw that there was a group project for an online class! It threw me for …

  16. alayton8

    Radio Listen, Take Two


    This week for the radio show listen along, I listened to both Noir at Night and Silk Road. I know we’re technically only supposed to discuss one of them but I feel really compelled to discuss both of them because after all I did listen to BOTH OF THEM!

    For …

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    Week 8 Coming to a Close


    This week was pretty hectic especially since I did not keep up with all of my assignments during the week as I usually like to. However, I still thought everything from this week that I did turned out pretty well, let’s check it out!

    Daily Creates

    #1 – The things …

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