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    Guess the Movie!


    2.5 stars

    So I decided to do the one story, four icons assignment for the design assignments for this week! I decided to do one of my most recent favorite movies. Hope you guys can figure it out!

    Here’s a hint: this movie is still in theaters and just came …

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    When reading Vignelli’s book on design, one thing that really stood out to me was his idea that the artwork should speak for itself.  Thus, the piece should not need any explanation because it would leave the person more confused than just the admiration of the art itself.

    “[if] no …

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    Closing Thoughts


    What a crazy week, learning how to use audio and how to mix different sounds together to actually create something is a lot harder than it looks, especially to make it sound flawless. It definitely takes a lot of time and effort. There wasn’t a lot to do this week …

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    Eye of the Tiger


    For my last audio assignment for the week I decided to record one of my favorite movie quotes and added some music from the movie to help you guess where it came from! I even added a little accent… my best impression of it, to add to the effect!


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    Broadcast Brainstorming!


    Here are a few ideas for some radio broadcasts — I really want to include the character dossiers because I feel that they have had a huge part of this class so far and I think continuing that idea would help build onto the characters and make them more tangible.…

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    Eye of The Tiger


    1 star

    For my last audio assignment for the week I decided to record one of my favorite movie quotes and added some music from the movie to help you guess where it came from! I even added a little accent… my best impression of it, to add to the …

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    Mashup Madness


    3 1/2 Stars

    For one of my assignments this week I decided to do the Music Mash-up which was super difficult. Not only was it difficult to have to mash the songs together but it was really hard to find songs that sound similar and wasn’t super choppy to have …

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    This week I chose to do the “I’m Sorry” picture for my daily create. I chose a picture of a sleeping puppy because of my obvious “I love dogs” reason and I also added an “I’m Sorry” for something that a typical puppy would do, all my dogs owners know …

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    Sound in Noir


    Sound is the ribbon that ties everything together whether it be movies, radio shows, or podcasts. Sound enhances everything and creates a more dimensional and dramatic effect for the media.

    A many thing I have noticed in many of the audio items of noir that I have listened to and …

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    Another One Bites The Dust


    This week was pretty hectic, not just for this class but in all of my classes! However, I thought this week was pretty fun with all of the picture taking and thinking about what is examples of noir! I also thought it was interesting when I did my reflection of

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    What’s in the bag?!

    WHAt’s In the bag…?

    Sylvia’s bag is pretty simple and doesn’t contain anything too complex. She has perfume to splash on for important interviews, a notebook for her note taking when interviewing subjects for her news articles, and of course, her favorite pen. She carries around her blush and blush …

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    Double Take


    2 Stars

    Comparing The Past To The Present

    I did this for the visual assignment asking for a picture of you in comparison to your parent at around the same age. One the left is my mom when she was about 19 and on the right is me at 20! …

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    Noirtography Safari


    For my noir safari photoshoot, I decided the most rugged place to get some noir-esque photos would be the Fredericksburg train station. So naturally, that is where I went! I asked one of my good friends to go with me on this adventure (because everything is better in twos!). Here …

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    2.5 Stars

    So I totally decided to do the Shakespearean LOLcats visual assignment because WHO DOESN’T LOVE LOLcats?! And it goes hand in hand with my love for animals! Here is it!

    I chose this picture because when I think of cats I always think of what they get …

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    This week for my cinematography assignment I chose the movies Killer’s Kiss and The HitchHiker to pick some still shots that show the theme of noir.

    This still shot is from the movie Killer’s Kiss. This show to me is the epitome of noir media for multiple reasons. One …

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    Nothing Gold Can Stay


    I did the visual assignment about adding a poem to a picture that matches the idea behind the poem. First, I chose my poem which is Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost then I contemplated what picture I was going to use and I thought of the picture I …

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    Yikes, the closest I have ever gotten to true photography is Instagram which consists of pictures of my dogs, some pretty sunset pictures, and a few selfies here and there. When I’m taking pictures, whether it be for documenting and event or just because I find something pretty/interesting, I don’t …

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    Writing, Writing, and More WRITING.


    So, this week has finally come to an end! I have to say even though this class has been a lot of work, I have really enjoyed everything I have done, read, thought, and written. It has really sparked some creative juices and has me DEFINITELY managing my time efficiently, …

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    What am I?


    Stars 4

    It’s so dark and cold, I hardly see the light of day. But when you put your hand on me and pull, all the darkness goes away. You always take from me until I’m empty, then once a week you restock me with plenty.

    Pictures of your family …

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    Sylvia, The Casanova


    2 stars

    This is about Sylvia, my character dossier, as an Unusual Superhero. I choose this prompt because I really like superheros and superhero movies, plus who doesn’t think it would be totally awesome to have x-ray vision or mind read! Plus, it’s creating an alter-ego which is fictitious …

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    Random Words with Agent Squirrel


    2 stars

    Random Words: hatchet, mighty, number, console, agent immunity, narcotic, powerful, division, vixen

    Agent squirrel gained powerful immunity against the mighty drug lord squirrel who sold a number of  narcotic tree nuts. Agent squirrel went to console him after the vixen squirrel of his drug division was viciously murdered …

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    Literature de Noir



    “The Postman Always Rings Twice” by James M. Cain Summmary:

    “The Postman Always Rings Twice” is about a Greek man, Nick, and woman, Cora, who own a dive restaurant and hire a man name Frank to do handyman work and car repairs. Frank and Cora fall in love and …

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    Turkey Day!


    The crisp, cool air and the smell of food cooking in the house.  Walking into a steaming hot kitchen, along with the sounds of clanging pans and the ruckus of all of the out-of-state family members.

    Food is on the stove, in the oven, and the turkey is being fried …

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    Character Dossier Profile

    name: Sylvia

    This name sounds sly and enticing, just like how noir movies are. The first thing that comes to mind with this name is the image of a casanova with a sassy attitude.

    Description of Character

    Sylvia is a classy broad with red lips, pearly white teeth, deep v-neckline, …

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    Week One – Keep on, Keepin’ on!


    Wow!! — Considering I joined this class super late into the first week of the semester, I could tell I was in for a treat when Professor Bond sent me the email saying I better get started because everything is due by 12 on Sunday.

    At first, I was extremely …

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    Welcome to my Brain


    Hello ya’ll! My name is Amanda Layton. I am a biology major and commuter at Mary Wash.

    As I begin to introduce myself, I think it is super important to put a face with a name — especially when it comes from someone who is sitting behind a computer screen. …

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