1. Alopex

    Headless 106


    Well I’m excited to be back in the DS106 world. I’m hoping to come at this with a fresh set of ideas. I took the DS106 Zone this past summer and had so much fun I’m doing it all over again! Well less the grade, but I’m not going to …

  2. Alopex

    Week 5 Summary, So Long Fair Well…for now


    Final thoughts- Well I procrastinated again. This class has actually started to help me break the habit. It’s not broken yet but I’m getting there. I really enjoyed this course, even though it was a very hectic 5 weeks. I think I’ll stick around the DS106 Community for a while. …

  3. Alopex

    Ulead Gif animator


    Here is my very basic tutorial on how to use Ulead Gif Animator. It makes producing a Gif so easy you’ll wonder why you watched the tutorial.

  4. Alopex

    Snippits for my 16 Year-old self, change up


    My Letter to my 16-year old self video. I figured redding a letter would be pretty boring, so I did basic highlights. I decided making this a remix would make it worth watching. All but two scenes are different. I did more than just change clothes too. See if you …

  5. Alopex

    Relaxing Royskopp


    Here’s a  two Star mashup assignment which turned out to be an old favorite of mine. It’s a nice track paring to sit back and relax to. Since I used YouTube Doubler for this one all I can do is give you the link. If you like the rain sound, …

  6. Alopex

    Week 4 Summary Found!


    Well I found this hiding in my drafts. To be honest I never double check if it was published because I was in such a hurry. I went to post one of my assignments tonight and found that this was a draft that was never published. I dunno what happened, …

  7. Alopex

    Thursday Summary and Pending Assignments


    Well I learned the hard way already that you have to check your work before you publish. I uploaded a mashup that didn’t have what I wanted in it. I’ve got the hang of video editing, it’s just a few more details to pay attention to. Though I will say …

  8. Alopex

    About Night Call


    Well this one is going to be short because there isn’t much out there on “Night Call.”  plays Gladys Cooper, plays Elva Keene and Nora Marlowe plays Margaret Phillips. It is based on an old urban legend about a woman who dies apparently because her dead husband calls from …

  9. Alopex

    Are You Stupid? Nooooooooo


    Are You Stupid? Nooooooo

    I love this video. I’d be under the genre of Animals doing human things. This one is entirely a playful video. Mishka, the husky, is actually decently well known. Her and her owners have been featured on the today show. This is more of the example …

  10. Alopex

    Reading “Night Call”


    How to read Night Call

    All right the best way I see how to do this one is go tough each bullet in my notes and discuss them. I’ll do video first.

    Camera follows subject to show motion.

    This one is just how it sounds. Any time the main subject …

  11. Alopex

    Weekly Summary 3


    Wow what a busy busy week! All of the audio! It felt like it was never going to end. My favorite part was definitely the recording and editing of the radio show. I nailed the bumpers really good and Kris, Kara, and I did a real smooth job on the …

  12. Alopex

    Talky Tina vs. The Monster


    Ok, Yeah this may not be worth the full 4.5 Stars in terms of product. The many hours it took me to find a way to record this, that was troublesome and I think makes up the difference.  Once I recorded the ending of “A Good Life” and clips from …

  13. Alopex

    Radio Show Progress


    I’m excited to have the bumpers done for radio show! Hopefully we’ll be done recording come tonight. This way we have Friday to edit and Saturday to do some finishing touches and finalization. I’ve gotten more used to Audacity so I’ve gotten a few ideas for the assignments this week …

  14. Alopex

    Creative Commons


    Creative commons is essentially a relaxed copyright. Instead of having full control over every use of your creation, you waive some rights for your work to be used elsewhere given certain conditions of the license. Well what does it mean when you have a regular copyright on your original work? …

  15. Alopex

    Digital Safari


    Hello and welcome to my Digital Safari. Today we will be exploring four elements of design that I have found simply by walking around. Now I know there are 10 main groups but we will be looking explicitly at four. Keep in mind that even though I’m only focusing on …

  16. Alopex

    Week 2 Summary


    Note all updates are in Navy Blue.

    Audio Assignments: 

    911 What’s your Emergency: 4 Stars, 4/15,  TWZ 4/8

    May I take your Order? Remixed: “Uncle Bob” 3 Stars, 7/15

    Puncuate Like Victor Borge: Remixed “Fox News” 5 stars, 12/15 TWZ 9/8

    Inflationary Language: 3 Stars 15/15


    Design Assignments:

    TWZ …

  17. Alopex



    Assignment: Motivational Poster

    Here’s my motivation poster.  This was again done from scratch like most of my work. I did this one in the spirit of relaxation. In life we are always so busy most of the time we are so busy, we forget to stop and take a breather. …

  18. Alopex

    Four Icon Challenge


    This assignment is my Twilight Zone 4 Icon Challenge. I’m sure you can guess which episode it is. I got all my icons from The Noun Project.


    Skull and Crossbones designed by Jens Tärning from The Noun Project

    Direct Sunlight designed by Radu Luchian from The Noun Project

    Sunshine …

  19. Alopex

    Missing Glasses


    This assignment was to create an Animated GIF associated with the Twilight Zone. I decided that what better way to torture Mr. Bemis if he never did find his glasses. This is precisely what this is a GIF of!

  20. Alopex

    May I take your order?


    This one I figured would be just fun and silly. The assignment was to make an outrageous McDonald’s drive through order in an accent. I added the remix of “Uncle Bob.” It is all my own voice, first recording.

  21. Alopex

    Breadonian Fleet Terrorized


    My Daily Create. I had problems reaching the website last night so I was forced to post it today after I woke up. It’s also my first audio response. ScottLo has been encouraging us to do one, and this seemed like the perfect assignment for it. This was inspired by …

  22. Alopex

    Week one Summary


    Ok here goes. With all the media that we have reviewed over the week I’d say that the most important things to keep in mind is to be yourself, have an open mind, and try to jump in on the conversation. ScottLo’s podcasts were exceedingly helpful with just little basic …

  23. Alopex

    Michael Wesch


    The crux of this one for me, once I got through it, was that we need to stop accepting the one way conversation. Really a one way conversation isn’t a conversation at all. There was a lot of information in this one and I understand if you have grievances for …

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