1. Alopex

    Think, feel, play


    I wish I could have been at this conference. The major impression I got was that for whatever reason people are ignoring the personal element. I say this because when he mentions the locker. The little pieces are non-trivial as they make up the person’s identity. I never thought about …

  2. Alopex

    DS106 LoDown 4


    First off, I have to say I like SoundCloud better. I can hear Scott much much clearer than on AudioBoo.  I had the volume on my tablet tuned all the way up with AudioBoo and I could barely hear him.

    As for the content. I hope I’m not the only …

  3. Alopex

    What a little color can do…



    I just realized my sums for my stars were off so here is my last visual design assignment of the week.  I actually enjoyed taking this photo more than editing it. I got to play with my macro lens, which I don’t get to use much. I didn’t expect …

  4. Alopex

    Pink Charles


    Believe it or not this one was impulse. I saw the sign when I was out for a walk and thought. “Hey that’s my street!” I promptly snapped a shot. I see this as an assignment and well I got lucky. Now I have been getting bored of the regular …

  5. Alopex

    Brain Dead


    This is my first gif. The wiggle stereoscopy! It took me a couple of tries, I eventually got it. It seemed like forever. I felt bad using something from inside again, but it was 6am and I had nothing else better to do before my chem lab. My love of …

  6. Alopex

    More reason to hate comic sans!



    I’m sure I’ll get flack for butchering the twilight zone title screen. If you never had a valid reason to hate comic sans, now you do.


    This was a rather simple assignment. It was to take something like a company logo or text based and use an awful …

  7. Alopex

    Last words…


    See, what did she have to kick in down the ladder for? A ll the poor guy wanted was a cup of sugar! People these days…




    For those that don’t know this is a screenshot from The Twilight Zone “The Invaders”. He just got of his little flying …

  8. Alopex

    Following too close…


    This bumper sticker is as silly one for those of us who are very tired of people following entirely to close.




    The challenging part for this one is trying to image in on a car. Yeah, anyone can go to through photoshop and slap this together, but …

  9. Alopex

    DS106 Zone LoDown Podcasts 1-3



    I’m lumping these three together mostly because there wasn’t to much to them. I will admit it is nice to know that I’m not the only one who is still trying to sink my claws in. It’s less so since it is now Friday and I think I’m starting …

  10. Alopex

    Stepping Stone Mood Swing



    They are all just so moody!  Now before you judge, the bottom left is to original. I felt it need to be included. I’m not telling my secrets on how I did what. I’m sure you can guess.*cough* Corel *cough* I’m partial to the one on the bottom right. …

  11. Alopex

    Classic Guitar



    Here’s one of my favorite pictures of mine. I had to fiddle with it a bit but I got it to where I like it. I have the black and white original. It’s such a simple subject, but in my opinion that what makes it such a good shot. …

  12. Alopex

    Damn Keys….




    See I knew there was a reason I keep losing them! Ever had one of those days where that what it feels like? Imagine that, just every time I set down my keys…or phone. Yet I seem to have made it this far in life. Exactly how, I …

  13. Alopex

    Tower of light in darkness



    The fan that will blow you away! The best part about this image is I wasn’t going to use it. It didn’t look as impressive on the camera preview. I put it though Corel, my photo editing program, and it looked perfect. Forget it’s a fan for a second …

  14. Alopex

    The Concerned Post It


    “Pass on genuine concern”



    The reasoning behind this one is that genuine concern is one of the least practiced things by the average person. No one seems to be genuinely concerned for one another anymore. We can interact via the internet and hide behind avatars and text. We …

  15. Alopex

    Blog feed help!


    Ok I have a minor issue that is bugging me and I was hoping someone could help. On the DS106 website, under “Summer 2013 at UMW” my blog is listed, however it seems repeat the title with no space. “La VulpeLa Vulpe.” The link is valid, I’m just picky. How …

  16. Alopex

    At Last!


    Well after much frustration with wordpress, I’m finally all set up for DS106. Hopefully now that everything is set up it’ll be smooth sailing.…

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