1. aloradanielle

    GIF from Blade Runner


    The assignment was to create a GIF from your favorite/least favorite movie capturing the essence of a key scene. I chose a scene from Blade Runner  which is one of my favorite movies. The scene I chose is when Roy delivered his famous “like tears in the rain” speech minutes …

  2. aloradanielle

    Makeup Your Pet




    This is my sister’s, tiny-toy poodle, Panda.





    This assignment can be found here. I took a picture of Panda and photoshopped some makeup and accessories on her.


  3. aloradanielle

    GIF animate your day like Ben.


    Here’s my attempt at animating my day through GIFs. The assignment can be found here. I didn’t do my entire day, but a pretty good portion is represented.

    I usually begin my day frantically flipping through my daily planner to see what homework I need to finish. On this …

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