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    Agent Smith – Week 13 Summary


    Greetings….fellow agents. Seeking out the double agent, I chose agentZero as my choice for interrogation…It seems too obvious that he is the one responsible for current world affairs! Something drastic has to be done about it… Although, it appears he likes Iceland more than Canada….hmm, this will take a deep …

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    Agent Smith – Remix 2


    Assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/celebrating-too-early/

    Remixed: http://remix.ds106.us/generator/?aid=58782


    What the…that guy jumping in the air in the background…That’s my uncle bob! What is he doing there? Last I heard of him, he was in a mental health hospital for being crazy for attacking my cousin all those years ago! I better call the….police…wait, …

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    Agent Smith – Week 11 Summary


    Greetings….fellow agents. Another week gone, coming closer and closer to myself….retiring from the business and moving on in the world….but enough about that! Lets.get.to.it!

    First up, deadly missions we need to decide which to embark on! Which is more detrimental to our survive!?

    Agent Smith – Mission

    These ideas just …

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    Agent Smith – How to Video


    How to Video(4.5 stars) [9/12 total]

    In this video, I explain the process of saving your game data to the ps4 cloud storage that can be used at any time in case your save data gets corrupted, deleted, or anything else that can harm your data.

    -Agent Smith…

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    Agent Smith – Me


    Video Assignment(4.5 stars) [4.5/12]

    In this video, I explained some of the things I’m interested in and also a little bit about myself. I chose this video because it didn’t take too much effort to complete for the difficulty rating, but it was still troublesome since I have to …

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    Agent Smith – Mission


    Greetings….fellow agents. I have some…uh…ideas for a mission we can embark on! All are equally important missions but choose the one that fits you best!

    Firstly, Dr. Hellsing is at it again, trying to create an “iron man” suit of armor to take over the world…he must be stopped! I …

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    Agent Smith – Week 10 Summary


    Greetings….fellow agents. This that blasted time again, here a bit late with my weekly summary due to the fact I completed all of my assignments for the week….the day it was assigned…but don’t let my supervi….wait, I am telling my supervisor….well nevermind that! Don’t read that last line!

    Anyways, this …

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    Agent Smith – Video Essay


    I chose LOGAN has my movie since it’s the newest favorite movie of mine (Previously it was Django Unchained) since I was super hyped over an R-rated Wolverine film with Jackman & Stewart’s final appearance as Logan/Wolverine and Professor X, respectfully. I usually do not see movies more than once …

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    Agent Smith – Questions


    I answered 5 questions from video 1 and 1 question from video 2 and 3. I liked the answers I gave and tried to stay in character for a majority of it. My dogs started barking half way through so I kind of merged it together with the video lol. …

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    Agent Smith – Week 9 Summary


    Greeting….fellow agents. I come early bearing gif….no not really, just another weekly summary post to my boss! Curses I am getting tired of making these…but alas! I must, so here goes. Keep in mind, each post goes into FAR more detail about the topic than this summary.

    Firstly, I hacked …

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    Agent Smith – Connected


    Back in the 1900, laziness was not part of everyones day. You worked to provide for your family, kids were always outside to play since there wasn’t things like TV and games to do inside, and times were good since America was not becoming obese due to these activities.


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    Agent Smith – Radio Show Listening


    Greetings…fellow agents. While taking some R&R, I tuned into a Cloak & Dagger Radio Show

    This show is about a mystery about decoding a message. It’s quite a long story with a commercial in between but while I found it a little void of sounds, the ones used throughout and …

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    Agent Smith – Web Hacking


    Greetings…fellow agents. I am finally alone all to myself again GUAH.rgrfg…mwuahaha it is I, Dr. Howlizer! I’m finally in agent smith’s account!

    Er…wait, this is google! What th…well whatever. That’s even better! Look! Look at how I changed everything on the webpage to whatever I desire! It tricks people into …

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    Agent Smith – Week 8 Summary


    Greetings, fellow agents…..it is time…..to report to my superior yet again!!! For a summary of what I’ve…accomplished this week.

    First…I took a picture of a bridge! Not just any bridge….a connecting bridge! What? Why would I take picture of a bridge? I DON’T KNOW! You tell me! I was told …

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    Agent Smith – Radio Show Progress 2


    At our group meeting in the previous week with three out of five team members present, we brainstormed ideas about what to do and ultimately decided on doing our own segments since, after having everyone post their phone numbers and availability in an email chain, realized that it would be …

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    Agent Smith – Week 7 Summary


    Greetings….fellow agents. I have yet another report due this week so here it….is!

    Firstly….these blasted daily creates! Have you ever tried to draw a circle with your right hand while filming it with your left!? UGH! It is…..impossible!

    @ds106dc #ds106 #tdc1874 Do you know how hard it is to draw …

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    Agent Smith – Promo


    Greetings….fellow agents. I have uncovered the most top secret….super secret spy in the history of….spies. It is….THE SILVER SHROUD! He is coming for you…..at a radio show near you! I got this inspiration from our 3 out of 5-man team meeting which I recalled this mysterious figure when we were …

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