1. amandamotley

    Change of Scenery



    The one thing I learned in College is… TO LOVE BASEBALL!!! Just kidding, I have learned so many things in college, but it has taught me to have appreciation for sporting events. My favorite baseball team is the Washington Nationals. If you follow baseball like me then you know …

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    Create your favorite book cover


    My favorite book series of all time is the “Harry Potter” series. They taught me at a young age to love reading. My generation grew up with the series. Some of my best childhood memories are going to the movie premieres or standing in long lines to get the newest …

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    Designing a new logo


     For the first assignment of the week I decided to create a new logo for my site. After this class I have thought about making this blog into something more than just a school assignment. If I were to have a blog in the future I would want to name …

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    You’re invited!



    For as long I can remember my mother has been wonder woman. She was the chef, party planner, and keeper of the house. Because she is a graphic designer things like invitations have always been done by her. She taught me a lot of the basics. Some of the …

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    Weekly summary: week 5


    This week was photography week and it was a great week’s worth of assignments. As I have mentioned before my mom does photography so I found it really easy to just jump right in. I became really obsessed with Instagram over the summer so I loved taking pictures and messing …

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    Daily Creates: Week 5


    This week I completed all of the Daily Creates! Yay, points for me. I tried really hard to remember this week and it felt good actually accomplishing that. The Daily Creates for this week were cool because the incorporated all of the techniques we have learned so far. It was …

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    Photo Blitz


    This assignment was really cool. I decided to clock my grocery shopping and do it while I was in Wegmans. People looked at me like I was crazy but I ended up getting some great photos. Grocery shopping is a way I relax and I love photography so combinging the …

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    Apophenia: A set of digital designs




    This assignment took my quite a bit of time because I could not figure out a good program to use. I tried to use phone apps, Google draw, and Photoshop. However all of the programs were duds. I settled on Illustrator, which was a good fit.

     It was …

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    Cogdog’s Illustrate 106


    I chose to put Ds106 radio on a picture of a building because I thought it could represent Ds106 growing. Through taking this class I have realized how extensive this class is. There are people from all over the country who are involved in Ds106. I think that a radio …

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    Visual Assignment: An image says a thousand words


    For this assignment I chose to do the ‘Pictures are worth a thousand words.’ I chose this picture because the sun is the focal point but there was foreground that allowed the picture to show depth. It has great coloring. The picture itself is fantastic.

    I chose to put the …

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    Telling a story in a Flickr


    I embedded a Flickr set into this post. The story I was trying to tell is about nature. I chose the cloud picture, a sunflower, an ocean picture, and jellyfish. I wanted to tell a picture about how nature works.

     Another reason why I chose each of these pictures is …

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    Photography tips and tricks


    This week was all photography and telling stories through pictures. My mom happens to be a professional photographer so I found this week to be pretty easy. A lot of the tips I read over this week I already knew.

     Some of the tips were great review for taking good …

  13. amandamotley

    Places I want to see after college


    For my next visual project I wanted to experiement with StoryMap, a website that I had never used before. Overall, I found the whole experience really awesome actually; it was super easy to use, and I’ll have to remember it for future projects.

     Assignment :

  14. amandamotley

    ATTENTION! New release from Renee Short


    So I must say… this assignment is pretty cool. It was really neat finding common themes in each random choice. This was the first time I had done something like this but I remember back in high school people would take pictures and make them album covers. They would then …

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    Weekly summary: week 4


    It was audio week! It was not as bad as I thought it would be but at the same I notice a new trend in the work getting more and more tedious. I really enjoy the process though. Garage band has been a huge asset to me this week. I …

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    Ds106 radio


    This was the first week that we really dove into audio so it was only fitting that we listen to a bit of DS106 radio. Who knew that was a thing? Ds106 does in fact have it’s own station where people can play their broadcasts live. Sometimes (if you are …

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    Reflection Post: “How I got into College”


    I recommend that anyone who has time listen to thisamericanlife.org. It is a program that I have found a lot of interesting shows on the site and have listened to several different pieces on over the course of the semester. I think they all tell great stories and use techniques …

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    Radio reflection


    One of my favorite events in history was when Orson Wells put out the War of the Worlds broadcast and it was so good that people actually believed that aliens were taking over the world.

    If you do not know that happened, read up. It is hilarious. Like what? Who …

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    Daily Creates: Week 3


    Daily Creates every week are hard to get through. My alarm setting idea has failed me. This week I still only did three Daily Creates. I would literally look at the alarm and then forget until after midnight. However I did get through these three Daily Creates.



    The …

  20. amandamotley

    Sound effect story


    My sound effect story is kind of personal because it relates to my family business. It also did not hurt that I had a slight grasp on working with audio at this point.

    I chose to do my story on an ice cream truck because my family actually owns an …

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    Ds106 Radio bumper


    Audio has kind of been the death of me. I know that sounds a bit dramatic… but really. I have never had to use audio programs. Since I have a mac I found it a lot easier to use Garage Band than the program that was given on the Ds106 …

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    Weekly summary 3


    This week has been pretty hectic. I liked that the digital assignment was so low key. It made completing the other assignments a lot easier. This week we learned about the storytelling process. I found all of this relevant to my English classes as well. This class is becoming second …

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    Daily Creates: week 3


    My semester is in full swing. Between the SGA meetings, The Blue & Gray Press meetings, work, internships, emails, and my classwork I barely find time to have a social life. We are all pretty busy so if you are anything like me I am sure you found it a …

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    Appreciating Ds106 of the past


    Ds106 is a growing class is many universities. I have found that many universities offer the class to help their students learn the art of digital storytelling. For this assignment we have to look at examples on an inspire webpage and do an analysis on them.

     The first example I …

  25. amandamotley

    The shapes of stories: A Cinderella Story



    I chose this model because it is the most common model you see in modern stories. The movie that a chose to demonstrate this model is A Cinderella Story. It is the classic story of a character having nothing, receiving tools to make her succeed, and then having a …

  26. amandamotley

    Storytelling: What it means to me


    This week we are looking a little deeper into the meaning of the word storytelling. Storytelling can mean so many different things to different people. I believe that storytelling is so important to society because it is what the foundation of our world is built on.

    Fables were the original …

  27. amandamotley

    Weekly Summary 2


    This week was our first week doing a digital media assignment. I was really exciting to dig in and learn how to make a GIF. GIFs are some of my favorite digital media. You constantly see them littering the pages of Tumblr and blogs. They can be funny, serious, or …

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    Michael Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able


    Michael Wesch gave a great amount of information in his lecture from the University of Mary Washington. He talked a lot about new media and how hard it can be to engage an audience. Most students are often turned off by the traditional lecture. He offered a more hands on …

  29. amandamotley

    A Personal Cyberinfrastructure


    After reading the article by W. Gardner Campbell I couldn’t help notice a couple of themes that are already on campus at the University of Mary Washington. UMW is really building the aspects of the IT community that are stated in this article. For instance this very class is an …

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