1. amiddlet50

    Gamification – a way to understand #activeleaning


    I have been interested in games-based learning and playful learning since the early 2000s when I came across J. P. Gee’s work and since leading work on creative development in academic practice. The Creative Development Team I was responsible for was formed in 2004 just at Web 2.0 and social …

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    Academic Peak Moments #activelearning


    Dan Heath, one of the keynotes at InstructorCon, did a great job of introducing the idea of peak moments as being a useful device for designing and evaluating a student’s academic experience.

    Experience can be quite a vague or abstract term. I usually have experience at the centre of my …

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    Standing, walking and crawling in action #activelearningNTW


    Some of the walking as pedagogy group negotiate options

    The Standing, Walking, Crawling workshop I ran at yesterday’s Active Learning Conference worked remarkably well! Here’s the proof. This is what we made when responding to the challenge to design a novel active learning pedagogy unconstrained by furniture. Three groups, three …

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    Walks as Learning Space


    Learning walks exemplify conversational learning spaces. In this post I reflect on how I designed the learning walk I conducted today for the University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Sciences Learning Spaces Group which I am mentoring as they plan for the construction of a new building.

    Learning Walks and …

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    Active listening for active learning

    Active Listening sketchnote by Claudio

    Advocates of active learning must consider the active learning space from many perspectives. For example, I tend to think about space experientially, creating a picture in my own mind of a space that is used creatively; one in which the learner is challenged to work …

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    #Twalk – a new active pedagogy explained


    The Leeds University Twalking Group, 26 March 2019

    This post, and the ones that will follow, reflect on the Twalk as a pedagogy. In particular, I consider how students can draw upon the conversational activity and use the data it generates as the basis for developing and explaining conceptual knowledge.…

  7. amiddlet50

    Twalking back to happiness #twalk #spacetwalkLeeds


    Join us for a Twalk , 27th March 2019

    Theme: Doing, Being, Belonging, Becoming and Connecting – the role of learning space

    Venue: Your campus

    When:  Wednesday 27th March 2019 between 1pm and 2pm (gather at 12.55 and allow time for post-twalk reflection ideally)

    Benefit: a structured and connected conversational …

  8. amiddlet50

    Celebrate #imperfection. Challenge resilience.


    I listed to Thomas Curran’s TedTalk ‘Our dangerous obsession with perfectionism is getting worse’ before I left for work this morning. Curran warns against perfectionism, and his warning kept me thinking all day. Here are three mini-stories that explain why this resonates with me.

    Put off today what you won’t…
  9. amiddlet50

    Being there – thinking about presence #socmedhe18 #mugafesto


    The organising group who kindly pasted my head into shot! See what I mean about friendship and presence? Thanks Sarah.

    First, and significantly, let me thank my colleagues and co-facilitators of #socmedhe18 which happened at Nottingham Trent University on Wednesday. I will reflect separately on the power of friend-based collaboration …

  10. amiddlet50

    #mugafesto #socmedhe18


    What is #mugafesto?

    Mugafesto is your manifesto on a cup!

    What do you need your manager, your academic colleagues, peers or students to see each morning as they have their cornflakes?! What hyperbolic pronouncement will get them thinking? …Get them interested?

    Mugafesto brings together the mug and the manifesto. Taking …

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