1. amiddlet50

    Teacher? Or what..?


    based on Photo by Akson on Unsplash

    I have an activity in a session I run on active learning where I ask ‘what is the role of the teacher in the active classroom?’ and ask people to come up with better suggestions than ‘teacher’ to describe the role. Giving the …

  2. amiddlet50

    Tables, chairs, co-operation #activelearning


    4 chairs supporting one table representing co-operation!

    I have had a very fruitful day working with the Co-operative College in Manchester exploring our thinking about co-operative learning. I am proud to say that we produced this sculpture in response to a learning activity led by Cassie Earle who took us …

  3. amiddlet50

    Identity and the D3BsC Model – a briefing


    This post allows me to encapsulate ideas discussed here previously in a form that I hope is useful to you whether you are an academic or educational developer. It presents the D3BsC model in the form of a useful framework intended to support thinking about identity and how educators can …

  4. amiddlet50

    Space Walk #Twalk #ALN #activelearning

    Active Learning Network – Space Walk

    16 January 2020, 16:00 – 18:00 GMT
    Our Active Learning Network satellite group will be taking part in a Space Walk at Anglia Ruskin University and we hope others in the sector will join us by following the same walk – but on their …

  5. amiddlet50

    Conversational Learning Spaces for #activelearning


    Valuable features of conversational learning encounters

    In an earlier post I referred to Learning Walks as conversational learning spaces. As such, they exemplify active learning spaces. The focus on conversation as a dimension of active learning is at the heart of the rationale for advocacy for an ethos of co-operation …

  6. amiddlet50

    Wrecking it with Brexit


    Iris Peeters sharing the outcomes of her research on active learning spaces at the International Learning Spaces Summit in Barcelona #ILS2019

    I’m sitting in a café on La Rambla in Barcelona following a couple of days participating in an international learning spaces summit in Barcelona (#ILS2019). (nb. I use ‘participating’ …

  7. amiddlet50

    Get active- watch TV


    Jason Williams mid-way through our ‘Challenge Jason’ scenarios as we explore media-enhanced teaching and learning in practice

    My colleague Jason Williams at ARU’s DigiFest (#ARUDigifest) introduced our academics to Box of Broadcasts (BoB), a service provided by the British University’s Film & Video Council (BUFVC). The service provides access …

  8. amiddlet50

    Co-creation and epistemic fluency – the real legacy of Web 2.0 and social media for learning


    An interpretation of Collis’ Contribution-oriented approach to learning activities framework

    Tomorrow’s professionals will require an enhanced capacity for collaboration, co-operation and creative thinking (Markauskaite and Goodyear, 2016). Mclaughlan & Lodge (2019) draw parallels between epistemic fluency and design thinking to position the design studio as a relevant pedagogical model with …

  9. amiddlet50

    Teaching ‘whole people’ holistically – understanding co-operative learning


    Individuals together. Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

    Andresen, Boud and Choen (2000) set out criteria for experience-based learning.

    The goal of experience-based learning involves something personally significant or meaningful to the students; Students should be personally engaged; Reflective thought and opportunities for students to write or discuss their experiences…
  10. amiddlet50

    Gamification – a way to understand #activeleaning


    I have been interested in games-based learning and playful learning since the early 2000s when I came across J. P. Gee’s work and since leading work on creative development in academic practice. The Creative Development Team I was responsible for was formed in 2004 just at Web 2.0 and social …

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