1. Anapaula Ojeda

    Robot Watching


    The daily create today was to take a picture of a sidewalk because sidewalks are great for people watching..

    I’m totally breaking the spirit of the daily create by not taking the picture the same day that the assignment was posted BUTTTT sometimes you just have the perfect picture that …

  2. Anapaula Ojeda

    5 pictures, 1 story


    Once upon a time in the Everglades..

    I really liked doing this story using 5 pictures.  The pictures that I posted can create many different stories.  Should I mention that my dad almost peed his pants when I sent him a picture of me holding a baby alligator? He said …

  3. Anapaula Ojeda

    Nemo Touched The Butt


    For week 3 of ds106  we had to watch a video about Vonnegut and the Shape of Stories, the video was fascinating.  I love how he made stories so simple  by simply using shapes, and humor.  It gave me a new perspective on how creativity works, and how the most …

  4. Anapaula Ojeda

    The story about the story


    To me a story is something that gives you the ability to share your ideas, knowledge, or experiences with others.  The beauty about stories is that you can share them with anyone at any time.  Stories have existed as long as humans have been on this earth.

    If we think …

  5. Anapaula Ojeda

    May the odds be ever in your favor!


    I did my gif about the hunger games!  I thought it was amazing how I could choose the scene with Katniss throwing the arrow and making a gif out of it!  It was a little complicated to get started at first, and after trying for hours I finally got my …

  6. Anapaula Ojeda

    The silliest hero ever!


    This daily create was my favorite!  Me and my mom got goofy and started taking pictures of everything and using it as hats.  I totally forgot all about the assignment, because it become so much fun.  I finally decided to post this picture of my mom with a silly neck …

  7. Anapaula Ojeda

    Best way to end a night..


    Nothing ends a more perfect night than a bonfire with a side of s’mores.

    It’s been rainy, hot and the humidity has been out of control, there is no better way than ending a terrible day with my night  being spend at a friends farm, enjoying good company and …

  8. Anapaula Ojeda

    It’s the little things that matter


    How beautiful is the sunset?

    Rodanthe, SC

    Everytime I go to the beach, it’s full of people.  There’s people playing volleyball, swimming, surfing, and tanning.  They are there all day long but one thing I don’t understand is why everyone leaves when the sun starts to set.  Is there a …

  9. Anapaula Ojeda

    The longest 5 days of my life


    Weekly Summary Number 1.. the best of the best.

    My middle name should be Procrastinator, so this class has been beyond challenging, but somehow I have yet to wait until last minute to do anything.  I think the reason is that I really enjoy the class, and if I didn’t, …

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