1. Andrew Brasher

    If Only I Could Have Smelled The Roses


    That final project was the most enjoyable thing I’ve done in a long time. I have always had idea’s for stories to tell or plots to weave and traditionally I would either start writing them down with the hope that I would one day finish them and they would just …

  2. Andrew Brasher

    The Missing Hunter


    My name is Gareth, I am a Warlock of the Praxic Order. This log is for the records because I doubt anyone else would care.

    A missing guardian. Or rather, another missing guardian, because it’s not like a Hunter going missing was anything new. They are constantly going out and …

  3. Andrew Brasher

    And Cut!


    Man, This week was not a good week for me. I wasn’t able to start anything for any assignment until Sunday afternoon and thus I didn’t actually get anything done. I took a look at the two analysis assignments we had to do for the week and was able to …

  4. Andrew Brasher

    Next Time, I Wouldn’t Bring Damon


    The scene starts with the crew in the background of the shot as they move towards the camera and start moving from left to right,both of these changes are in the positive direction. This is meant to set up the scene as a good thing they are moving towards. Once …

  5. Andrew Brasher

    What Makes a Scene


    Reading through Roger Eberts “How to Read a Movie” showed me there are multiple components to a movie that are used and seen that are not always conscience patterns. In his explanation of what it means to read a movie he analyzes a scene from the movie Notorious …

  6. Andrew Brasher

    Audibly Challenged


    This week was quite the challenge. I had never done any editing on audio or video like that and was woefully unprepared for the difficulty and time it takes to do audio editing. I had editing my sound effect story once and had prepared to upload it but thought I’d …

  7. Andrew Brasher

    A Hero’s Quest


    When the town is attacked, when the villagers are terrified, someone has to step up and go face these bandits. Save the town. I’ve always loved the classic tales of evil doers and the heroes that step up and become legends by doing great and heroic deeds. Typical D&D stuff. …

  8. Andrew Brasher

    An Audio Mood


    Audio storytelling is something that I thought I had some knowledge of but, listening to the stories I realized that my experience with audio storytelling was simply stories that were told via audio podcast. There wasn’t really any storytelling to it.

    Listening to Jonathan Mitchell’s podcast Moon Graffiti I realized …

  9. Andrew Brasher

    More than One Logical Fallacy


    The fallacy of tu quoque stood out to me as the grown up, politics version of “I know you are but what am I?” and I just had to make an image for that. I thought, what better to demonstrate that point than a cat and a dog.


    Tu …

  10. Andrew Brasher

    Another Week, Another Design


    This week I think went better than last week. I feel that I was better prepared for the assignments and I knew more of what I was doing in regards of the actual blogging. This weeks main focus was on the design of things and I feel that I was …

  11. Andrew Brasher

    Designed to Sell


    Let us take a look at some designs of ads. While all ads are designed for the same purpose, to sell their product, not all ads go about this endeavour in the same way. Some use the concepts of comparing their product to another, others like to be very minimal …

  12. Andrew Brasher

    A Study in Design


    Reading through Vignelli’s Canon showed me a good bit more than I had originally thought about when it came to what goes into design. Usually when I think about design I only think about the basic concepts of color, shape, size, and wording, when Vignelli describes all the concepts of …

  13. Andrew Brasher

    Victory (Barely)


    I have always found motivational posters, or more often seen, demotivational posters as a really entertaining form of media. For this assignment worth three stars I had to design a motivational poster around an image. So I chose an image based on something that happened in the last session of …

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