1. andrewjohnsonct101

    DS106 Final Project Update


    I have this project in the finishing stages and will have it up soon. Here are photos of me putting together two DS106 radio skits with Audacity. They are not as lengthy as a 20 minute radio show, but I promise it will be interesting.

    I am also working on …

  2. andrewjohnsonct101

    My reflection on the Jim Groom video


    For our assignment this week, we saw a video in which DS106 director Jim Groom talked about digital archiving and the 21st century. I thought it was an interesting video which really brought up some powerful points about where the internet and the future is headed. He made clear in …

  3. andrewjohnsonct101

    Movies by Numbers (the number 2)




    I just found so many things with a theme of the number two. I found photos of the two train, a Katy Perry photo with two hearts, Derek Jeter with his #2 jersey on, a photo of 2 Penn Plaza, that huge building that is connected to Madison …

  4. andrewjohnsonct101

    Play by Play, NFL Style


    I did a play by play of the Brandon Stokley TD against the Bengals back on the NFL’s Opening Sunday in 2009. I would say Gus Johnson had a way better call than me. I used Windows Movie Maker and Audacity to put it together. Enjoy. Video courtesy of the …

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