1. andrewthomas

    Last weekly summary.


    Well, it looks like my time at DS106 is over. This will be my last weekly summary. It has been a strange and wild ride over the last two weeks. Here is a summary of what I did this week. I did all required work this week.

    Here are my …

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    Video reverse Remix


    Simply my reversing a video you can change the entire flow of video. That is what I decided to do to a short video I made. I also made this a remix assignment by adding a mustache to the video. See the fruits of my labor below!

    Cool, right? I …

  3. andrewthomas

    The last daily create from me


    So today is the last time I might do a daily create so I decided to make it a good one. I was challenged here to put a strange object into my freezer and take a close up photo of it. Here are my results.

    So what do you guys …

  4. andrewthomas

    Summer DS106 Reflection


    So the course is almost over as we only have until 11:59 PM on Sunday to finish up our work. I still  have one or two thing left to do before then. Just one daily create and 2 more video assignment stars. I am going to interview a friend for …

  5. andrewthomas

    Emotions and a mystery?


    So I decided to show you guys my full range of emotions. What better way to do this than a video of me showing you guys my facial expressions! There is also a hidden surprise in this video….. check it out below.


    Don’t read on until you seen the …

  6. andrewthomas

    3 things that inspired me


    Over the  last few week I have see a few pieces of my fellow classmate’s work that has inspired me. As part of my final project for DS106, I need to post such example to the DS106 inspire website. Check out 3 examples of such below.

    1. Check out …

  7. andrewthomas

    5 second video


    So I decided to make a 5 second video. Of what you ask? Of me editing a video. Video editing can be frustrating some times and movie at a snail’s pace. Some times you need to reformat things or picture and movies wont drop into your editing program. What every …

  8. andrewthomas



    So today’s daily create challenged me to take a picture of what I think represents the great out doors. Lucky for me I live on 14 acres in the country side so I had a lot of options for pictures. So here is my picture

    I decided to take a …

  9. andrewthomas

    A new sports logo


    So I was challenged by this to remake my favorites sport teams’ logos. I choose to combined the Dallas, Cowboys; Washington, Wizards; and Tottenham, Hotspur. note the links in each teams name is the source from where I got the logos from. So I had to combined …

  10. andrewthomas

    Weekly summary part two for week 4


    This week I learned a lot about how to edit a video. I think I am pretty good at Imovie now. There has not been any technical problems this week. I can edit clips together, insert audio and video, smooth out sound spikes, and so much more. Its not just …

  11. andrewthomas

    Movie talk


    Quick, what is my favorite movie? Well it is the best movie of all time, Independence Day. A 90s action film with aliens and Will Smith, what is not to like? So I wanted to do a video about Independence Day. Many of the movie based video assignments in the …

  12. andrewthomas

    A cooking show for all


    So I decided to show you guys how to cook my favorite breakfast meal, Toad in the Hole.  It is a egg and toast based meal. Here is the video below!

    So what do you guys think? The video is a little longer than all my others, but the meal …

  13. andrewthomas

    A sunset and me


    So today’s daily create was to take a picture of the sunset or sunrise. I choose the sunset because I was awake for that. Here is mine.

    I had some problems making this photo. First off, it was a very cloudy day today. That means it was hard to see …

  14. andrewthomas

    Random word attack!


    So I decided to make a short video that shows random words. In the spirit of using truly random words that I didn’t pick, I used a random word generator. Find the generator here. The point of this video is to show the viewer some random words. The words …

  15. andrewthomas

    The word sped, what does it mean?


    So the word sped. So of you might think its a past tense for the word speed and you are right, but to me it has a different meaning. Check out this video of me explaining what sped really means.

    So what do you guys think? To make this is …

  16. andrewthomas

    first half of week 4 summary



    The first part of this week was mainly learning about video editing software. Like all the other assignments before this week, i had no experience with the software we needed to use. It was lucky that I have a friend who knew how to edit video. He showed me …

  17. andrewthomas



    When I think of genres for a youtube video (or any media) I tend to think of the basic ones like comedy, western, romantic, action and so on. Many of these genres can b e combined in several other sub genres such as romantic comedy. This is not a true …

  18. andrewthomas

    Poem about a belt


    Here is today’s daily create. I was challenged to write a poem about my clothing. See the daily create here. Belts are so mundane. Even if you don’t need them to keep your pants up you are still expected to wear them. So here is my poem.


    Belts …

  19. andrewthomas

    Fun facts about this Twilight Zone episode!


    I am going to tell you guys three intresting facts about the epsidoe of the Twilight Zone episode called “Nightmare at 20,000 feet”. Watch that epsidoe for your self below!

    1. There have been a huge number of parodies and reference to this episode in many other TV shows and …

  20. andrewthomas

    View one scene three times


    Twilight Zone: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. I am going to analysis a scene in this episode for you guys.

    The scene I am reviewing starts at start 4:35 and ends at 11:00. I will be reviewing this scene in 3 different ways. Lets start off with the camera work. To …

  21. andrewthomas

    out of focus shot


    So today’s daily create required me to take an out of focus picture. Since the camera I have been using for this class only has auto focus, I had to borrow a different one. I borrowed my mother’s fancy camera for the picture. Here it is.

    It is a picture …

  22. andrewthomas

    Daily create for the Macarena


    So I did today’s daily create. I was challenge to the Macarena to the tune of a different song. Here are my results.

    To do this one I had a little help from my friend Alex. I didn’t know how to do the Macarena so my friend showed me. I …

  23. andrewthomas

    weekly summary for week 3


    Well the class is now more than half way over. I like to say this week was a little hectic for me. My sister’s wedding was this week so I didn’t have a lot of free time and we had a bit of technical issues with recording the radio show …

  24. andrewthomas

    Scottlo LoDown 21


    Watch it here!

    Interesting intro. I thought it was french at first and I had no idea it was Portuguese.

    So day for me today. Just tieing up some loose end for the work for the week. Basically all I need to do is the weekly summary.

    the radio project …

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