1. andrewthomas

    reaction to scottlo


    Listen here

    glad to here your back.

    Yup I got to to to look out for a spike in sound better. Be careful we listening to you stuff when your computer volume is low. You will end up sound spikes like I did. Looking at the sound lines is a …

  2. andrewthomas

    If I had time enough like Henry Bemis


    What would I do with all that time alone? Well assuming I had electricity I would fill it with video games. Nothing better to Kill time with eh? See the picture below

    No I don’t keep my video games on the floor like that, I posed them for the camera …

  3. andrewthomas

    Guest speakers on the scottlo, my reactions.


    First off, good works guys. I didn’t do the story by sound effects assignment so it was interesting to hear about it. I also don’t think we are doing audio assignments next week so I might never get a chance to do it again (I already finished this weeks audio …

  4. andrewthomas

    Radio Show update


    Got my commercial done! Was trying to get it finished last night but i ended up not having time. So what did I do? I decided to make an advertisement for scottlo’s podcast. Here it is by its self.

    I think it turned out pretty good. Going to do …

  5. andrewthomas

    Progress on the radio show


    So we did some work on our radio show today. We plan on finishing recording the show tomorrow so we have a lot of time to edit. I have my radio bumper for the show recorded and edited and I plan to record a commercial tonight. I think I am …

  6. andrewthomas

    Haiku about the Twilight Zone


    So today’s daily create was to make a Haiku about the twilight zone and film myself reading it.

    Here is the result

    Here is the haiku in written words for those of you without sound on your computers

    In the Twilight Zone

    Things can get pretty strange very fast

    Be …

  7. andrewthomas

    Scott cast 16


    Listen to it here.

    I haven’t done a bumper yet, I need to get on that in order for the radio show. Going to do that to day. Those were some nice examples you played today. Gives me an idea on what to do.

    I agree with you, time …

  8. andrewthomas

    A reading of the Twilight Zone


    So I decied to do a reading from the scrip of a episode of the Twilight Zone. I settled on doing “The Monsters are due on Maple Street”. You can watch that episode here (on hulu.com so its USA only). I didn’t read the whole episode, but rather one scene. …

  9. andrewthomas

    Scottlo reaction number 15


    Listen to today scottlo cast here 

    First off, almost 40 minuet long podcast min podcast? That is a bit longer than the regular sized podcast.

    I have been taking your advice on the star levels. I tend to focus on the lower number stars rather than the high star value …

  10. andrewthomas

    Where am I?


    So today’s daily create was to make a 20 second audio file and have people guess where I am in it. Listen to the file multiply times in order to guess where I am. While there is no prize for a right answer, you do get to feel good about …

  11. andrewthomas

    weekly summary for week 2


    I felt that this week was partly easier than the last week. This because I didn’t have to set up as many accounts as I did this week. Also there was no learning curve for software for the design assignments this week. I feel like I have a better flow …

  12. andrewthomas

    ds106zone LoDown 014 reaction


    Watch today’s scottlo cast here


    My reaction? good work today. Thanks for the tip about our upcoming radio show work. I hope that the radio show isn’t that much work as I have a busy week next week already. Hope you are feeling better and are still able to …

  13. andrewthomas

    The elements of design

    There are a lot of element to designing something correctly. You can’t just hash down some random shapes and expect to have good results. You must take a lot of things into consideration: color, typography, metaphors/symbols, minimalism & use of space, form/function/message, balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance, and unity are all…
  14. andrewthomas

    A phone message for Henry Bemis


    So I decided to leave a phone message for Henry Bemis form the Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough at Last”. You can watch that here. It would ruin to the plot to tell you why the message im leaving Henry Bemis this message. The message itself could also be …

  15. andrewthomas

    lets auto tune the ZONE


    Do I decided to auto tune an episode of the Twilight Zone “Time enough at Last”  For the #ds106zone. Since auto tuning the whole episode would be to long to listen to, I only did part of the episode. I auto tuned the last 3 minuets which you can watch …

  16. andrewthomas

    Number 13 scottlo cast reaction


    Listen to the scottlo cast here #ds106zone

    Damn it is hot there. 113 F? was only 85ish F here in northern Virginia.

    That is some good info on  the saveing methood of audacity. I really don’t want to lose any of my work. This info could be a life saver. …

  17. andrewthomas

    The sequel to “Time enough at last”


    I have decided to create a sequel to the Twilight Zone episode “Time enough at Last”. You can watch it here if you need a refresher of it.

    So lets get started.

    Henry Bemis was distraught. The loss of his glasses was crushing him. He had so much time now …

  18. andrewthomas

    quote from the Twilight Zone


    At the end of the episode of the Twilight Zone “Eye of the Beholder” (watch it here) there is a pretty good quote. I decided to do a recording of it.

    I think this quote has strong meaning. It is very true. Beauty is very subjective from one person …

  19. andrewthomas

    Another day, another scottlo cast


    Listen to the podcast here!


    I didn’t have and problems with Audacity and watched the help video when it was up and used Bing to find a website that also helped me. I also haven’t had any problems with sound cloud.

    So we are doing group work next …

  20. andrewthomas

    the 11th reaction to scottlo


    I have been using the Recordium app for recording my audio assignments today. I like it so far and it is far better that the memo app that I was using before. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I listen to all of my podcast on my desktop so I have never …

  21. andrewthomas

    Shop Swap


    The Shop Swap!

    So I decided to to sell the the mask from a episode of the Twilight Zone “The Eye of the Beholder”. Watch it here on hulu.com

    Check out the show where I get questioned about the mask!

    Yes I am DJ Andrew Tom. DJs need a cool …

  22. andrewthomas

    The voice


    We have all heard it before, maybe 1000s of time. Don LaFontaine is famous for being the announcer for every movie trailer. Check out this video about him

    It weird how many times I have heard that guy before. So I decided to do my on trailer based on his …

  23. andrewthomas

    Food riddle


    Today’s daily create challenged me to write a story from my favorite food’s perspective. You guys must then guess what food it is! Here is my story:

    I started my life with a wild ride. I was being tossed in the air. That was the fun times. I was free …

  24. andrewthomas

    the 10th scottlo cast. Double digits!


    Listen to the scottlo cast here

    Sounds like a weird play. Reminds of that Stephen King book/movie The Fog. You are right, most people (including me) know nothing of pop culture from 70 to 80 years ago. I am not a big fan of plays, but I might have to …

  25. andrewthomas

    Looking a spam a new way


    So we all know about spam. Email boxes get flooded by spam. While spam folders block most of it out, some spam gets through. There are also times when you must go into your spam folder to retrieve emails you actually want.

    We all hate spam. I decided to do …

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