1. andrewthomas

    Patterns in the house


    Today’s daily create was about patterns. I was challenged to find a repeating pattern in my house. Here is my picture

    What you see here is the carpet in one of the guest rooms in my house. It had a neat pattern design and I thought that everyone would want …

  2. andrewthomas

    scottlo cast 9, even more reactions


    In the beginning of todays recording I noticed you talked about bumpers and commented on how all radio stations have alot of them. This reminded me of a family guy skit where brain and stewi have a radio show with a redicolous  bump. I couldn’t find a clip of it …

  3. andrewthomas

    Human sighting


    Greeting, I am commander of the alien species X12. I am gathering intel on the human species. I have come across this human

    As you can see this human seems to be warped. This be some secret power that humans have. The invasion must precede with care. We do not …

  4. andrewthomas

    Strange picture caption.


    So last year I did a semester abroad in London. During that time I travel across quite a bit of Europe. At a hostel in Budapest (the capital of Hungry), I saw this on the wall of the bathroom.

    Are there a lot of people who write on the wall …

  5. andrewthomas

    Andrew Thomas the MOVIE 2


    So I decided that I want to make a movie based off of me. I came up with a mock poster, as obviously advertising my movie is the first and most important step rather than making a movie first. Also since I am such a good actor, I skipped to …

  6. andrewthomas

    Michael Wesch reaction


    Here is the 2 part video that my recations are based off of.

    part one

    part 2

    First off, I would like to say that web 2.0 is not really a real thing. Tim Banner Lee (the creator of the world wide web) doesn’t think web 2.0 is real either. …

  7. andrewthomas



    Here is undeniable proof that Obama is indeed not born in the USA. Here is him pictured leaving his spaceship form outer space.

    OK maybe I photoshoped that. This is really just a screen shot of the “Invaders” episode of  the Twilight Zone. The screen if from 7 mins 21 …

  8. andrewthomas

    So I remade a logo for a company


    I decieded to remake a well know company’s logo. I didn’t change much. I only change the font of the logo. You can see my update of Microsoft’s logo here

    I changed the font to Comic Sans. I used Microsoft Word to get the new font and I recreated the …

  9. andrewthomas

    And a new meme is born!!!!!


    So i decided to make a meme based off of the Twilight Zone. This is what I came up with

    As you might of guess if you have been reading my blog, this alien comes from the episode called the “Invaders”. The basis of this meme is that the alien …

  10. andrewthomas

    Evolution for computers. From big to small.


    Computer have gone a long way since their invention. From giant room size computers that could only do basic functions to light weight ultra books that weigh less than a couple pounds. Here is a picture that gives you a glimpse at the evolution of computers.

    Haven’t they change a …

  11. andrewthomas

    I made a bumper sticker!


    Here it is in all its glory

    It is about the Twilight Zone if you couldn’t guess. That guy and the space ship in the lower right are from the episode the “Invaders”. The dude is jusst getting off of his ship. The bumper sticker is expected to go in …

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