1. andrewthomas

    A strange sound from twilight zone


    I seem to be having problems with embeding a moving gif. Clicking on the picture will bring you two a web page where the gif works. So get clicking.

    This gif is from an episode of the twilight zone called the Invasion. The women hears an ear piercing sound that …

  2. andrewthomas

    Internet: revolution or evolution?


    This post is a reaction to this video

    I feel like the video far over played the importance of the internet in learning. One point the video points out is that the presenter recalls a time when he was asked “How long should I blog every day”? The presenter thought …

  3. andrewthomas

    Dream car or Dream?


    Here is a picture of a 2011 Bugatti Veyron super sport.

    This car will set you back $1,700,000.00

    Why do I want this car? Because if I am able to afford this car, then it means I made it financially in life. It is not the car itself that I …

  4. andrewthomas

    Life goals, you got to have them


    Setting goals is something that everyone should do. With goals you have an objective to reach, something to work for. Write down your goal on a post it note and place it next to your door. This way you are reminded of your goal everyday.

    Check out the link below …

  5. andrewthomas

    Saddie gets makeup!


    Well I decided to add some makeup to my dog

    Good thing it isn’t real or she might be upset! She did like getting her picture taken.

    Here is the link to the asignment if anyone else wants to do it…

  6. andrewthomas

    Reaction to the first scottlo podcast


    Most of today’s podcast was mainly describing what the pod cast was about. I don’t really know how to react about the focus on audio. Audio or noise is something we hear every day and has become quite common place. Sure there are lots of sounds that I have not …

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