1. @AndrewWaite17

    Catch Me If You Can


    For this assignment, I needed to create a fun and interesting license plate. When I was bored in high school, I would look up on my computer cool plate commendations for my “dream car”. When I was doing this assignment, I wanted to select a cool background that reflects where …

  2. @AndrewWaite17

    Design Blitz Time!


    This is my Design Blitz assignment for this week.

    This photo represents unity as all the individual elephants are the same shape and size, but together they make something much bigger. There is a sense of wholeness and unity because they are all touching.

    This photo represents dominance. There is …

  3. @AndrewWaite17

    What a Wonderful Design


    This post is about what I learned from this weeks readings. I learned how color can focus the viewer on what is important. For instance, a white background allows the view to focus in on the objects or people in the photo, given there is little background distractions. Color can …

  4. @AndrewWaite17

    My Adventure Through Week 5 Of DS106


    This was a pretty busy week for me outside of our class, so I was not able to engage as much as I wish I could have. That being said, I think this was a fun week! After I learned the basics of how to edit audio, I was able …

  5. @AndrewWaite17

    Fun Day At The Amusement Park


    This was my sound effects story assignment. I wanted to create a story based on something I liked to do before Covid and that was going to amusement parks. I love Disney and would like to go back when Covid is over. I love going on all the rides and …

  6. @AndrewWaite17

    Yikes! That Sounds Bad


    For this assignment, I needed to pick some of my least favorite sounds and mesh them together. It was pretty easy selecting these sounds. They consist of babies crying, traffic, and construction work and a restaurant. When I was younger, I did not like loud sounds. I would be the …

  7. @AndrewWaite17

    That Sound Sounds Good


    For this assignment I had to select some of my favorite sounds and put them in one audio. I selected the sounds of dogs, rain, the forest, and cars. Those are some of my favorite sounds! Most peaceful sounds calm me down, like a waterfall or crickets chirping. I try …

  8. @AndrewWaite17

    Spooky Season


    This was an Audio Assignment I came up by myself. Within this assignment, you must compile a bunch of scary sounds to create one big spooky audio. The point of this assignment is to start the sound, close your eyes, and feel the mood. Headphones would enhance the experience. It …

  9. @AndrewWaite17

    Listening & Learning


    This is my evaluation based on the “Moon Graffiti” SoundCloud audio. This audio does such a good job from transitioning from one sound to another, it is very smooth. The sounds put you in the moment, like a Walt Disney ride. This audio gives you a completely different scenario if …

  10. @AndrewWaite17

    Rock n Roll Bumper


    I used Audacity to create this Bumper. This is going to be a very fun week and I think this is just the beginning of us really expanding out and learning new ways to tell stories. I think audio editing is pretty hard, so you must take a lot of …

  11. @AndrewWaite17

    My Adventure Through Week 4 Of DS106


    Graphics…. Graphics… and more Graphics!!

    This was such an enjoyable week in DS106. I think so many of you took and created such good photos. This was probably my favorite week so far. Once I got in a groove of taking photos, it was smooth sailing. I hope you all …

  12. @AndrewWaite17

    I Was Bourne For This


    I had to use this assignment to my advantage because I love crime and spy movies. For this assignment, we needed to pick a photo of a secret agent and a quote from another agent and mesh the two. It took me a little bit to decide which two agents …

  13. @AndrewWaite17

    Hey “Short”y


    For this assignment, I had to take a photo of an object and make it look “larger than life”. I chose to take a few photos instead of just one. The photos I took are of a pool table, a lamp, and a column.

    This assignment focuses on the objects’ …

  14. @AndrewWaite17

    The Simple Kingdom


    As soon as I saw this assignment, I knew I had to do it. I had to create my own House Name with a logo, like in the T.V. show Game Of Thrones. This was pretty easy, as the website had simple instructions. That being said, it was difficult to …

  15. @AndrewWaite17

    Green On Green


    For this assignment, I had to create an image from earth or grass and add items to make it look interesting. This was a pretty fun assignment, I enjoyed using the color green as much as I could. I tried to make it somewhat difficult to see every animal, so …

  16. @AndrewWaite17

    I’ll Order The 7 By 20 Please


    This post is about my Photoblitz assignment! For this assignment, we were given seven objectives and we had to complete them in under 20 minutes. These were my objectives.

    It was fun to think on the spot about ideas for all seven photos. This is the first photo I took …

  17. @AndrewWaite17

    Lights… Camera… iPhone


    This is a post about the things I learned this week about visual storytelling based on the readings. I am not the best at taking photos, as most of them come out blurry. But this is my process of trying to become a better photographer. There will be an ongoing …

  18. @AndrewWaite17

    My Adventure Through Week Three Of DS106


    This was a pretty interesting week. There was a lot to read and watch and I enjoyed that. It was nice to soak in all the information I could early on in the week. These assignments were challenging to me because I am not the best writer. That being said, …

  19. @AndrewWaite17

    Happy Place “With Fresh Air”


    For this assignment, I had to go outside and focus on nature. It was fun to take a step back from all the craziness of school online and see what Mother Nature had to offer.

    When I go outside, I see many beautiful things, but hear contradicting sounds. I live …

  20. @AndrewWaite17

    ThiS Or ThaT


    For this assignment, I needed to use popular Twitter Hashtags to create a poem. This is the poem I created!

    Today I woke up with #Tuesdaymotivations

    But I remembered its #NationalPizzaDay

    Should I watch #icarly or #Thebachlor

    When I eat my #bigbreakfast

    I might go #work outside in the #snow …

  21. @AndrewWaite17

    A Sad Day In A Café


    For this assignment, I needed to create a poem for this painting. This is my poem!

    Degas’ in a café

    As I sit here in this café,

    I start to dread the upcoming day.

    The man I am with wont listen,

    Him and I don’t have the same vison.

    I …

  22. @AndrewWaite17



    NO NO NO… I didn’t really get stoned… that was kind of click bait, but it worked didn’t it?? This is a Haiku I made for one of our assignments.

    I look into her eyes

    Only then did I turn to stone

    I was hard as rock

    This was a …

  23. @AndrewWaite17

    Maneuvering Through The Digital Realm


    After the readings and watching the videos, I believe stories in the digital realm can be very complicated. They are not seen as two-dimensional or black and white, they are complex. If you open a book and start reading it, you must finish page 1 before you read page 2. …

  24. @AndrewWaite17

    My Adventure Through Week Two Of DS106


    Hello and welcome to my weekly summary of week two. I loved this weeks assignments. It was fun to go through the Assignment Bank and pick ones that were interesting to me. Incorporating the theme of whats (y)our story is easier when you can pick assignments that relate to your …

  25. @AndrewWaite17

    Twenty Second Countdown!!


    This assignment was chosen strictly out of impulse. I was looking through the assignment categories and when I came across this one, I was hooked. But I put my own spin on it. The assignment is called Google Draw Something located in the Web Assignments.

    The point of this game …

  26. @AndrewWaite17

    Super Adidas World


    This was probably my favorite assignment this week. The assignment is called Logo Switch Up and was in the Mashup category. With this assignment, you had to pick two brand advertisements and mix them up. For this assignment, I chose to advertise for Adidas with a Super Mario theme.

    This …

  27. @AndrewWaite17

    Eat Junk And Become A Clump


    It took me a while to pick which DS106 assignments I wanted to do for this week since there are so many to choose from. The first one that caught my eye was in the “Design Assignments” category and it is called “Contradiction Creation”. Within this assignment, you must have …

  28. @AndrewWaite17

    Weekly Assignment “Week 1”


    I really enjoyed our first assignment but this first week has been a little hectic. Mostly because I have been trying to get my Internship figured out and it is hard to virtually. I enjoyed creating my own domain, that was pretty interesting. It was also funny looking at everyones …

  29. @AndrewWaite17

    Weekly Assignment “Week 1”


    I really enjoyed our first assignment but this first week has been a little hectic. Mostly because I have been trying to get my Internship figured out and it is hard to virtually. I enjoyed creating my own domain, that was pretty interesting. It was also funny looking at everyones …

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