1. anna cow

    Cattle branding


    I am not happy at all with these cattle branding marks from the dailycreate.
    I am rather certain I do not need to explain my disgust of cattle branding.
    But I am very surprised to read about human branding. as a new tattoo hype.
    If you want to see …

  2. anna cow

    Western106 in ds106


    Western106 is a part of ds106.

    I do not know for sure if a western is the best place for a decent cow. These cowboys were brutes to cows and some even were brutal to humans.

  3. anna cow

    A Cow knows about networks


    Being a digital cow it  is yet very difficult to understand  digital humans.

    A lot of humans are living together on the internet and  yet they are not a close herd. Cows are almost always part of a bigger total, the herd.

    A network of humans consists of nodes and …

  4. anna cow

    4. Black Bear Story


    Black Bear has a very sad story. He is lonesome and looking for friends and companions. (You could write the story of Black Bear and branch this story into your own now)

    Emma listens and she asks Black Bear to help her. Please Open this Fence. She says. …

  5. anna cow

    3. a black bear


    Emma walked along the fence. She saw a very well kept fence, with barbed wires and strong poles. Would she ever walk free at the other side of the fence? She looks ahead but she does  not see a gate. 

     Suddenly there at the other side of the fence is …

  6. anna cow

    2. a  barrier for a calf


    After a while Emma the calf arrives at a fence. The gate is closed and Emma does not know how to open the gate. She is tired of walking. Emma eats some grass and she looks at the gate. It is locked and she cannot go ahead. Emma pushes at …

  7. anna cow

    Hospitality and being the master of the house #clmooc


    Someone wrote ” … As Derrida makes explicit, there is a more existential example of this tension, in that the notion of hospitality requires one to be the ‘master’ of the house, country or nation (and hence controlling). His point is relatively simple here; to be hospitable, it is first …

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