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    Tutorial For Foreign Language Poem Reading


    Since the United States is a multilingual country you need to find a poem online in a foreign language (or your native language) and record it in SoundCloud. You have an option of learning language during the week of the Audio Assignment or try reading it with the best accent …

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    Foreign Language Poem Reading


    For my second  Create Your Own Assignment I chose to do an Audio Assignment.

    The United States of America is one of the biggest countries where people speak all kinds of languages. People migrate from all over the world bringing their own language and traditions. Since this country is so …

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    The Words That Gave Me Hope


    Daily Create 20

    For the last daly create I chose these words of wisdom: He has made everything beautiful in its time.

    Those were the words of encouragement for me when I was going through a tough time in my life. A friend of mine gave this cute painting to …

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    What a Sweet Grandma!


    Daily Create 19

    It was a sunny spring day when I Was Standing on the Corner of Winslow Arizona… When suddenly a huge dark cloudappeared from the distance. I didn’t pay too much attention to it thinking that it will most likely pass by. I continued playing my guitar …

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    Charlie’s Life.


    Once upon a time there was a little puppy. He lived on the streets and had almost nothing to eat. He was always lonely and didn’t know where to go. Charlie’s mom died when he was just a few weeks old. He was not the only puppy that his mother …

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    Once upon a time…


    Daily Create 18

    For this assignment I decided to write a fairy tail every little princess is dreaming about. So did my beautiful brown haired girl. And it actually did happen to her

    Here is the story in reverse.

    The End.

    They lived happily ever after. He lifted her up …

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    Tutorial for how to Create Your Favorite Book Cover


    Recently I created a Design Assignment – Create Your Favorite Book Cover. Now I would like to create a tutorial for it.

    For this assignment I used Photoshop.

    The following are the snapshots of all the steps I did

    I used the magic eraser to delete the background. then I …

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    Happily Flying Octopus


    Daily Create 17

    For this daily create I chose my brand new octopus that I bought for my soon coming baby and decided to teach him how to fly I put him on the top of the fan and he was happily flying making some nice music


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    Create Your Favorite Book Cover


    I decided to create a Design Assignment.

    It took me a while to decide what to do for this assignment. I’m a very visual person that is why visual work is easier and more pleasant for me to do So I decided to choose one of my favorite books (now …

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    Dancing in the Cold


    For my Visual Assignment 1 I chose 1 Second Video from the Assignment Bank.

    I would like to tell you a story in 1 second : )

    One winter day my friends and I were traveling to Pennsylvania. On the way there we stopped at the rest area. My girlfriends …

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    Look, Listen and Analyze


    For this assignment I chose a scene from Dumb and Dumber movie.


    The camera work.

    The scene where Jim Carry tries on suits the camera in right behind Jeff’s head. It makes the viewer feel like we are watching him try suits on together. When Jim is getting his …

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    Week 4 Summary


    This week was not easier than the previous one. It was absolutely challenging.

    I have learnt about movie editing and mastered the daily create posts:-) At least some things like daily creates are something that I don’t think about- I just do them I’m confident now to even draw a …

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    Reflection on How to Read a Movie


    For this assignment I had to read and write a reflection for the Roger Ebert’s article “How to read a movie”.

    The article I have read presents a filmmaker’s view on how to analyze a movie. It gives an insight to movements, backgrounds, foreground, and angles that filmmakers use to …

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    My Backyard Nature


    Daily Create 15

    I decided to draw a picture of my backyard for todays daily create. I love to look at nature and todays assignment was a pleasure for me

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    Happy Birthday!


    Daily Create 13

    I chose this quote because it speaks to my heart and I think it is one of the greatest blessing to not only know those words but live them out. And that is what I wanted to with the Professor and all of us

  16. anya

    The Sky and the Mountains are Immortal.


    Daily Create 14


    This picture of the sky and mountains represents immortality in my understanding. Both of these things are eternal and they do not have the beginning and the end as a regular mortal human being does.


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    My Blog Post About Charlie Chaplin Foley Assignment


    It was an interesting assignment to do! Sounds speak so laud, sometimes even words are not necessary.

    Since I was born in April I had to do the part from 1:30-2:00. That’s when a woman (I called her Judy) came up to the cage. I translated the phrase that appeared …

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    A super fast delivery I’m hoping for :)


    I decided to create a sound effect story about the delivery because I have to go through it very soon

    I’m dreaming it will go just as fast as this story – maybe a few minutes longer

    A husband and a super calm wife are talking about the delivery (I …

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    Week 3 Summary – so glad its over…


    This week was super duper challenging for me. It was really hard to catch up with all the assignment. For some reason I didn’t see some of the assignment in the beginning of the week – Charlie Chaplin and the foley sounds. I’m still a bit confused what I had …

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    Test Recording


    Here is the Test Recording on my Soundcloud account. We were told to create an account on SoundCloud and to write a blog about it with an embedded audio directly from there.

    I created my account a while back (I think it was a week 2) where I recorded a …

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    My Soulmate, Husband, Friend.


    Audio Assignment 2

    Here is the poem that expresses the feelings of my heart Love my Hubby!

    I used google to find the poem You can check this link if you are interested to see the website.

    To record the poem I used the soundcloud.

    1. Log in to your …

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    A Real Drive Through :)


    Audio Assignment 1

    Hey guys! I didn’t read the assignment good enough before doing it and actually did a REAL drive through I feel miserable listening to this but hopefully it will make you smile Try to guess what accent i speak with


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    Week 2 Summary


    This week wasn’t as hard as the first one. Now when I know what needs to be done and how twitter works life seems to be better It took Twitter a week for my #tags appear where they are suppose to go; now everything seems to work fine. Phew…

    This …

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