1. anya

    Design Safari


    For a few days I’ve been watching things around me for the Design Safari project and I found three that I chose from the list.

    1. Symmetric Balance.

    This is a very effective way to present the symmetrical balance. If I cut the picture in half and would compare it …

  2. anya

    Halfway gone


    Daily Create 6

    For today’s Daily Create assignment we have to take a picture that represents the second half of something. I took a picture of half peeled clementine; it is like the second half of the year that hasn’t yet come.

  3. anya

    The Marriage Law


     Daily Create 5



    The purpose of this law is to end civil marriages and to create a healthy society for our children.

    As of July 1st 2014 every couple between one male and one female legalizing their union by the Church and the Judge automatically receive an apartment …

  4. anya

    Feedback on TEDxPhoenix talk


    It was amusing to watch the video by Kelli Anderson. She is not only creative but also a very funny person. I admire her enthusiasm and cleverness.

    Ms. Anderson’s example of creativity and bravery is definitely inspiring in creating new things out of old common ones. There are so many …

  5. anya

    Adidas is a way to a healthy future.


    Design Assignment 3

    For my 3 assignment I chose a Free Advertising assignment.

    Adidas is indeed a way to a healthy future. We live in a fast- paced society where a visit to a fast food restaurants becomes the norm. We are too busy to exercise and to maintain our …

  6. anya

    On a Deserted Island with my Love


    Design Assignment 2

    When I though about the things I would take with me on a deserted island my husband was the first thing (person) I thought about I don’t think I can survive without him! The next thing I would take would be a bonfire pot. When we’ll catch …

  7. anya

    Pause 4 a Moment and Remember that Amazing Day!


    Design Assignment 1What an amazing day it was when we got engaged! =D It wasn’t that long ago when I was asked to become a wife of this fine man you see on the picture next to me. It was a nice, not-too-hot summer day – August 10, 2013 …

  8. anya

    Feedback on Michael Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able.


    We live in a very fast digital society where we have less and less face-to-face communication and interaction. In my opinion this gives us great opportunities to explore and learn new things but it is harmful to developing real relationships between people. However I will focus on the positive things …

  9. anya

    Week 1 Summary


    The first week of this class was very very challenging and confusing, but I hope I did all the required work and can’t wait to see the Professor’s feedback!

    I would like to summarize everything I did.

    Before I started working on the assignments I had to set up several …

  10. anya

    Feedback on Gardner Campbell: Personal CyberInfrastructure


    This is a great video about Personal CyberInfrastructure. Some of it was confusing to me but what I took for myself is that technology is definitely progressing with the speed of light.  It seems to be changing and upgrading from one year to the next. Technology that is used to …

  11. anya

    Flexanimous mindset


    Daily Create 1, week 1.

    For this assignment I chose to draw a picture that represent the flexanimous mindset. In my opinion all these categories: Family, Education, Beliefs and Perseverance have influence on the way you think.

  12. anya

    Audio Birthday Wish


    Daily Create 4, week 1.

    This is an audio Birthday Wish to Dr. Garcia. Since I’m fluent in Russian I decided to sing a birthday song in Russian language. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. GARCIA.

  13. anya

    Unlikely Co-Authors


    The Daily Create 3, week 1.

    Interesting how these two book talk about two different issues – peace and battle. I decided to take a picture of these two books because I think if the two authors get together they can come up with an interesting book about women.…

  14. anya

    ds106zone LoDown 001



    Listening to the podcast sparked my interest to see what is coming up in the following week. It is a great opportunity to learn new things that, I’m sure, will be useful at one point in life. I’m excited to be a part of this class where we have …

  15. anya

    Little or Not So Little?


    One of my favorite movies is Honey, I Shrunk the Kids… When I saw this assignment it didn’t take me too long to stop my search. I always liked that movie and thought to myself what would it be like if he made them huge?! So I decided to enlarge …

  16. anya

    The Color of Life.



    I’m a visual person and I decided to do my first visual assignment about the beauty of this colorful world. I like tall kinds of colors; pictures and colors are what helping me to learn about life. The reason I chose this assignment is that when I think about …

  17. anya

    Happy Student’s Guide to ds106


    I enjoyed watching the video. It gave me a clear understanding to what to expect from the class. It is tons of work but fun. I hope I will learn from the class and it will benefit me in future!


  18. anya



    Hello everyone!

    My name is Anna.  I have 2 more classes left to get my bachelors besides the ones I’m taking online now   =D that is a comforting thought

    I got married last year and now we are expecting our first baby girl in August =D Life is great! I …

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