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    Good Bye DS106


    Well the Class is almost over and this is the last thing that I need to do for this semester. I’t been an interesting class, wasn’t what I was expecting at first but it definitely grew on me. It’s going to be weird to not open up photoshop or Audacity …

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    A D&D Final Project.


    This was a very simple assignment to complete I used this as part of my Final assignment and had a “Character sheet” in mind for this assignment. each of the major characters involved in the story had a WIRED- What’s in Me? page.

    Here is the radio show story I …

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    The Daily Creates


    Alan’s students where asked to simply submit 2 assignment ideas to the daily create page my 2 ideas where

    Take a picture of something then comp it up and bit it back together in a different order. this is a fun little thing to do, I got this Idea from…
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    Evolution and Natural Selection


    At my house we are currently in the middle of a move, so this means going through all the millions of boxes of your family’s stuff and deciding what stays and what goes. While rummaging through these boxes I came across my sisters old cell phone… a brick of a …

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    This is an assignment I did way back but Alan had suggested I use my version of it as a assignment submissions so I created Text Impersonations, where you took a text based conversation and impersonate their voices. The process of making the conversation was quite simple. I recorded …

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    Remix is the only art, call it what you want but you were “Inspired” by someone else’s work. This week we delved into the art of Remixing but I guess first we should answer What is a Remix?

    So you got what a Remix is? Good! lets delve straight into …

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    Remix, Everything is a Remix. That an interesting concept, It’s something I enjoy because I have definently notices a trend in movies these days. it’s either a Remake of an older movie, an adaptation of a book (or god forbid a video game), but sometimes a remix is a …

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    Recycle This


    Recycling is a wonderful thing, why let those unused clips and pics rot in a media land fill when we can rework and reuse them? For this assignment we took a look in the recycling bin and made a video story using those items.

    Winter Is Coming is a short …

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    Final Project


    It’s nearing a close and we have learned a lot and made a lot of cool creations using tons of mediums. now it’s time to put our training to the test and unleash the stories within in the Final Project.

    To get a fully intricate final project I had …

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    Games with Video


    2 weeks of video and all I can say is video editing is ROUGH, though I think I say that every time I start a new section in this class so what can I really say. I played around with Adobe Premier these past few weeks and though i have …

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    Magic Mike The Silent Era


    Return to the silent era, where instead of dialog you had a pianist playing in the theater.

    For this I chose Magic Mike, My female  friends have recently watched this movie and advised it as an option. I found some old time silent movie music on youtube and put it …

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    Screamy SuperCuts


    Supercuts are a serious of clips which highlight a sertain aspect/clique/theme/line which is overused or just frequently implemented in a piece of media.

    For my supercut I chose True Bloods Ginger. For those of you who have never seen True Blood, I watch it because I find it to be …

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    In honor of Firefly’s 10th Anniversary of it’s cancellation I decided to do a tribute assignment to them in the Genre/Song Mash up. in this we were to take clips from varies TV shows/movies that exhibit a similar aspect and set it to a popular song of today.

    For …

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    A Stormy Week.


    Video editing is something that I have no experience with but It should be fun getting to know the new programs that we have at our disposal. I have Windows Movie Maker as well as Adobe’s Premier though I have Never even opened either of these programs on my computer …

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    Pre Production


    Ok so instead of diving right in  we are going to take things slow for this section, which i appreciate because I’m not very familiar with video editing at all. So Lets start with pre production

    Play by Play

    A common theme for a lot of videos on youtube already. …

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    300 Spartans, In Pieces.


    Well not in pieces… (spoiler)

    …Yet. This week we were asked to take a scene from a famous movie and analyse it in 3 different steps.

    Visual Only.

    So turn down the volume and enjoy the visuals. In this clip they switched camera views like 20 times in the first …

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    Our Radio Shows went live this week, I hope everyone had a great experience with it. I learned a lot about the power of using quality software and equipment in the process of not just audio but any of these assignments we do. I noticed that I produced a more …

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    one day Super Digit heard a distress call from Soupville, a lush island world floating on top of soup. Super Digit Immediately sprang into action. We he arrived at the Soupville Hall he was alerted to the dangers which plagued the city and the reports of massive bubble activity in …

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    At the Bottom of the Pot


    When Super Digit made it to the very bottom of the pot he heard a strange noise… yet this noise was familiar to him in a way… then it hit him. Placed on the bottom of the pot directly underneath the center of the Island was a Heat sensitive BOMB …

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    The Heroic Adventures of SUPER DIGIT


    There was a man who was made entirely out of numbers, his name was Digit. one day a solar flare hit the earth causing huge electromagnetic pulses to roll across the world and destroy many computerized equipment on earth. but Digit’s computer was in just the right place and was …

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    Radio Show Review


    The Autumnal Show. The stories of autumn, the vocals are sort of muffled in the beginning …and it’s hard to understand her. But I like the background fire noise and soft music. Though she becomes clearer when she reads the movie? I thought that’s what she said. I thought it …

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    The Tudors


    Who has watched The Tudors before? well I have just started it and so for the Fakebook assignment I decided to do it on Henry VIII, send him a fakebook friend request today!

    Basically all I did was go on Wikipedia and find all the concrete dates I could …

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    The Zombie King of Pop


    Michael Jackson has Risen from the grave read the full story here.

    In this week we started to do HTML and the web to tell stories. I took an HTML class back in highschool so I thought I’d give the whole Raw HTML thing a try and I think …

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    WayBack Wikipedia


    Wikipedia.org is one of my favorite and probably most used sites. It’s a tool which can help be gain a basic understanding of things before I delve deeper into them. I’ve learned a lot from Wikipedia, as well as the sources they link to.

    Today Wikipedia is a slick site …

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    14 Days a Week


    Audio ‘week’ a time when we cast away our eyes and rely on our ears. This week for me was yet again another week of learning and playing with new software, this time Adobe Audition. It was weird getting use to… and I think the biggest learning process was learning …

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    A Left Handed Minute


    How much fun can we have with photoshop? apparently this much. For Monday’s dailycreate we were asked to edit a photo to the max. now I’m not much for fancy pictures or crazy effects, more of a minimalist myself, which is why I settled with this style for my photo. …

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