1. arianaln

    Photo Essay


    My first photo is of my roommate Abby. She is often in this position on her bed, which is why I chose to photograph her here. I decided to have her blanket be in focus and have her be out of focus in the background for several reasons. The first …

  2. arianaln

    Response To “Masters Of Photography”


    cc Luis Mateo Doblado

    First off, the lady speaking at the beginning’s afro really distracted me from listening to what she was actually saying. So did her glasses because they took up half of her face. Some of the cinematography was awkward and strange, like the random shot of her …

  3. arianaln

    Experimental Photo: Photo With Detached Lens


    This is an example I found online of a photo taken with the lens detached. I tried to follow the technique’s directions online but it didn’t work as well as I had planned. I detached the lens of my DSLR camera and held it up to where it usually attaches, …

  4. arianaln

    Depth of Field Photo


    I messed around with the aperture and f-stop of my camera, using a smaller aperture to get a larger f-stop number, in order to increase the depth of field. This caused the space in the image to look deeper and less condensed.

  5. arianaln

    Animated Gif


    To make this gif I used a website that generates gifs from photos or videos you upload. I uploaded this video of my friend and I dancing and then cut it where I felt appropriate.

  6. arianaln

    Design Create


    All I did for this photo was I messed around with the contrast settings and on picasa I put on a filter called “holga-ish”

  7. arianaln

    Album Cover


    This was one of my favorite album covers because I loved the way it integrated an old, historical-like photo with a modern design that still upholds the antiquity of the photo and doesn’t really detract from the ancient aesthetic. The band’s name is “The Ant Network,” which also ties in, …

  8. arianaln

    color splash


    On the editing software, Picasa, I clicked on the first “fun and useful image processing” button (the black paintbrush on the top left that is selected in white) and from there selected the “focal b&w” option. This turned the image black and white, except for one are. I then dragged …

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