1. arreef

    Hannibal Season 3 Ep 7 The Great Red Dragon


    This week’s episode opens on the great red tooth dragon fairy himself Francis Dolarhyde, who’s sitting alone at work in a cafeteria staring intently at his hand until something truly disturbing on the table catches his eye– No, but seriously. Something TRULY DISTURBING on the table catches his eye– Okay, …

  2. arreef

    Hannibal Season 3 Ep 6 Digestivo Review


    The episode opens with the corrupt Italian police force, led by Commendatore Benetti, busting into Sogliato’s apartment where Hannibal is sawing open Will’s head. Hannibal seems a little surprised to be suddenly inundated with police officers, but his reaction is less like he just got caught sawing open someone’s head …

  3. arreef

    Hannibal Review Season 3 Ep.5 Dolce Review


    PREVIOUSLY ON HANNIBAL: Both Will and Hannibal were unceremoniously tossed from great heights. Battered, broken, bruised, and bloody, they continue to take their goddamn sweet ass time to reunite at their telepathically agreed upon meeting place. Jack looks on in mild surprise. The episode opens with a bloody Hannibal limping …

  4. arreef

    Hannibal Season 3 Ep.4 Contorno Review


      ROUND 2… FIGHT! Note: Full spoilers for the episode follow.   The episode opens with Will and Chiyo sitting in a dark train headed through  a dreary countryside toward Florence and whispering slowly to each other about Hannibal. Honestly, I don’t understand why people complain about how dark this …

  5. arreef

    Hannibal Season 3 Ep 4 Aperitivo


    Ah, Aperitivo. Also known as the episode where Chilton and Alana get shit done, while Will mopes about Hannibal, Jack and Bella make everyone cry, and Mason Verger does his best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle impression. But before we get to any of that stuff, let’s start out in Chilton’s …

  6. arreef

    Hannibal Season 3 Ep 3 Secondo


    The episode opens with Cannibal Angst Hour, wherein Hannibal wears all black, sits brooding in an unlit corner, and talks about Will Graham, while Bedelia looks on in mild exasperation. I can only assume that Hannibal requested that Bedelia also wear black out of respect for his grief. They talk …

  7. arreef

    Hannibal Season 3 Ep.2 Primavera


    In case you were harboring any ill-founded delusions that this episode would be anything other than torturously excruciating exceedingly painful, it opens with Mizumono. By which I mean, it opens with kitchen scene at the end ofMizumono. I have to say I was genuinely perturbed by this. I thought I …

  8. arreef

    Hannibal- Season 3 Ep 1 Antipasto Review


    ITS NOT THAT KIND OF PARTY First of all, a moment to pause and rejoice… Hannibal is back! The Season 3 premiere was not a “hit the ground running” one. It didn’t pick up moments after the finale, with ambulances rushing to the grisly scene in Hannibal’s house. No, Bryan …

  9. arreef

    Congratulations Robin Arefin!


    “Man, it’s hard to believe that just four years ago, I was walking in and out of the gates of Lehman College with a feeling of hopelessness and regret. Not knowing what I wanted to do in life really messed with me day in and day out. It was then …

  10. arreef

    New Game: Assassins Creed Syndicate


      After three years in top secret development at Ubisoft Quebec, the next Assassin’s Creed has been unveiled, and it looks set to thoroughly reinvent the long-running series. This is a franchise with well-established core gameplay, consisting primarily of parkour-style climbing and running and stealthy murder of assassination targets. Each …

  11. arreef

    The Celebration of Hanukkah


    By: Rabiul Arreef   On Tuesday, December 16th, at sunset, Jewish people in Fifth Ave Synagogue and around the world gatherd to celebrate the “Festival of Lights” known as Hanukkah. For eight nights, families will gather to light the traditional menorah, say special blessings and perhaps share a laugh or …

  12. arreef

    Khorri Atkinson


    By: Rabiul Arreef  Khorri Atkinson, a Jamaica native, York College Journalism senior, who was born in Ochorios, Jamaica and moved to  Brooklyn New York five years ago. He originally wanted to become a fashion designer but later on changed his mind to wanting to  become a journalist. This fire in his heart to become …

  13. arreef

    Separate But Equal


    By: Rabiul Arreef It seems the free market has just made the one percent feel ninety nine percent better thanks a luxury condo building on New York City’s Upper West Side. The Silversteins condo has gotten clearance from the city to have a separate but equal “poor door” for low-income tenants. This …

  14. arreef

    Two New Holidays Added!


    Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday March 4th the addition of Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr to the public school holiday cycle in New York City. The decision to add two Muslim holidays to the public school calender is welcome news, not just for Muslim pupils, who will no longer have …

  15. arreef

    Happy New Years!


    Happy New Years to all my amazing friends and Paul Blart! You guys are the wind beneath my wings! I would like to thank Robin for always being there for me, my day one! I would like to thank Imran for being an amazing friend and trusting me when I …

  16. arreef

    The Former CEO of Ghetto Corp


    The former CEO of Ghetto Corp Mr. Irfan Ali has seen better days, after his company got  repossed by parent company Syndicate Mr.Irfan fell into a downward spiral of depression and despair. Spending most of his night at DD contenplating life, it didnt help that his ex royally screwed him …

  17. arreef

    I Will Miss You All


    As our time together in CT101 is almost coming to a close, I just wanted to say it was really fun reading all your blogs, and creating a few of my own. this expiration has been a welcoming challenge. and … Continue reading →

  18. arreef

    Terminator Genisys


    Who asked for a new Terminator movie? I know I didnt. On top of that the movie is gonna be all about the same tropes, the same problem of machines rising, the same going back in time to save humanity … Continue reading →

  19. arreef

    Star Wars tease


    The new Star Wars trailer dropped a couple of weeks ago, and it teased us with a few scenes of whats to come in the new Star Wars trilogy by the talented director JJ Abrams, now the Star Wars franchise … Continue reading →

  20. arreef

    Avengers 2 Tease


    here are my thoughts on the Avengers 2 trailer and the movie in general. The trailer itself was amazing, it teased a new villain Ultron who has an interesting back story, he was created by a scientist but after creation … Continue reading →

  21. arreef

    The Blacklist


    The Blacklist came into our world and turned tv action drama on its head, the show is about a government agent Red Reddington (played by the very talented James Spader who betrayed his country and sold its secrets to the … Continue reading →

  22. arreef

    Comics to Video Games


    There have been many iterations of comic book superheros that are turned into video games. The plethora of spiderman games out there, xmen, superman, you name it.. but it has always been a joke because the quality of the games … Continue reading →

  23. arreef

    Death Note


    Death Note is one of the most popular anime out there. It follows a detective named L and his pursuit to catch a killer who kills the guilty by writing their names down on a notebook. The killer named Light … Continue reading →

  24. arreef

    Nikita (Tv Series)


    Lets talk about Nikita, it follows a female agent by the same name eloping from her evil government after being brainwashed then single handedly taking it down in beauty and style. In a medium where there are few lead female … Continue reading →

  25. arreef

    House of Cards


    House of Cards was a revolutionary show because its creator including the greatly talented Kevin Spacey actually went to Netflix as their outlet for presenting the show, which before then has never been done before! The show it self is … Continue reading →

  26. arreef

    Marco Polo (Netflix Series)


    Netflix demolished Blockbusters when it first came out and for a reason, they know how to thrive as a company and make strategic choices. SO it was no surprise they started making their own show for their streaming service. First … Continue reading →

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