1. @ArthurDrag1

    Radio Show Progress 2


    This week was A LOT.

    We all talked over the weekend about what we were going to do, we all met on Wednesday and created the script, recorded separately on Thursday, and I put together the audio today! That part took a lot longer than I thought it would. Just …

  2. @ArthurDrag1

    Week Seven Reflection


    Week seven already!

    This week was more of a collaborative group week, which was great!

    My group, group 3, better known now as “The Legends”, landed on what we’re going to do next week for our radio show. We’re going to talk a lot about our characters in a sort …

  3. @ArthurDrag1

    Radio Show Ideas


    This week, primarily today and yesterday because of midterms, my group talked about what we were going to do for our radio show. We landed on a couple of ideas, but I think we’re sticking with a sort of support group for all of our characters who talk about themselves …

  4. @ArthurDrag1

    Radio Show Promo


    I really love this. I realized how much I like putting Irri in random places last week when I put him in space, and I think it’s becoming a personality trait of his, sort of just appearing places. The Legends is our group name and more information on what we’ll …

  5. @ArthurDrag1

    We Will Rock



    This assignment was a quick fun one. Because I’m a giant loser, I have a watch that on the hour makes the same sound as the clock tower from Majora’s Mask. I recorded the playback of the watch, and took the chimes to create the sort of hard, dark …

  6. @ArthurDrag1

    “Sick Beat”



    This “sick beat” was created with me recording the storm last night, converting it to midi, and making a beat with with sticks from the limb that fell on my car! I thought that was funny enough to create this with. I audio to midi’d the beat I made …

  7. @ArthurDrag1

    Mixing Soundtracks



    The directions of this assignment were vague, but I like what I did with them. I found three songs from the Spirited Away soundtrack that I thought went well together, and fed them into each other. They aren’t exactly all just playing at the same time, they’ve been tempo …

  8. @ArthurDrag1

    Autotune Something



    This was just a really silly exercise for me. I started by autotuning me talking to my dog but I didn’t get the harmonics that I wanted out of it, so I switched over to a song from the Animal Crossing soundtrack. Just using a pitch shifter, I took …

  9. @ArthurDrag1

    Week Six Reflections


    Wow, I feel like I just did week five!

    This week was design week! It was a lot of fun to flex some of the photoshop muscles again but to also use some other programs and online resources.

    The week started with readings on design and new ways to think …

  10. @ArthurDrag1

    Design Thoughts


    This is really interesting to think about. I don’t think it’s that I never noticed that everything that’s not made by nature was designed by someone, I just think I took that fact for granted. Look around in my room, every single thing around me was created by someone sitting …

  11. @ArthurDrag1

    Week Five Reflection



    This week we worked in audio, which is what I do for a living! It was a lot of fun, and I got to do a lot of things I wish I did more of.

    The week started with an in depth thought of what is radio and why …

  12. @ArthurDrag1

    Audio Reflections


    I thought that Jad had a lot of nice points. I agree with what he was saying in that they said radio would be dead 50 times before now and they’ll keep doing it until it dies, but I don’t think it’s in the context he thinks it is. When …

  13. @ArthurDrag1

    Radio Show Ideas


    Radio scares me. I remember really enjoying radio as a kid when I was living in Richmond and 102.1 and 101.1 were constantly playing nu metal and Elliott in the Morning was on every morning (is that still a thing??). Obviously, I’ve grown up and so has the rest of …

  14. @ArthurDrag1

    Radio Bumper


    Here’s my radio bumper!! I’m really awkward in it but it’s sincere so I kept it. The background music is Joji’s Dancing in the Dark


  15. @ArthurDrag1

    DS106 RADIO


    I had work every night this week so sadly I couldn’t participate in the listen. I did however listen today from 3:30 – 4:30pm. It was easily the most enjoyable radio experience I’ve had in a very long time. The host, DJ Sheila B, shared a lot about her feelings …

  16. @ArthurDrag1

    Sound Effects Story


    I made a short little story about Irri using only sound effects! I like to think that he woke up from a nightmare, got into a fight with a lawn mower, and was shot out through a portal to the beach. I tried to use only sounds that I either …

  17. @ArthurDrag1

    Cover It Up


    Here’s a short little cover I did of the opening track to the game Hyper Light Drifter. The assignment was to change up how you play the song a little bit, so I slowed it down, edited the piano sound, and played some embellishments on a lot of the chords. …

  18. @ArthurDrag1

    All The Relaxation


    For this assignment, we were to make a relaxing audio loop/ 10 hour video rip off. I chose to work on an old ambient loop that I made a few years ago and this is what came out! All of the sounds are made using synths, there are no audio …

  19. @ArthurDrag1

    Auditory Illusions


    For this Audio Assignment, you were supposed to take a song, convert it to midi, upload it to a different program, and film the piano analysis of the midi. Sadly, the program is windows only, and I’m a mac user, so I went a little more in depth on the …

  20. @ArthurDrag1

    Week Three and Four Reflection


    I feel like I start all of my week reflections with Wow! So I’m going to start this one with Woah!



    These two weeks were a lot of fun! I’m a terrible writer so I had some issues with those assignments, but I think I did a pretty …

  21. @ArthurDrag1

    Color Changer


    I loved this. I really love doing this to photos and I do it often when I break videos. When datamoshing, you have to color shift to make the transitions stick out more so that they break.

  22. @ArthurDrag1




    This was a really fun exercise! It was equally as stressful! Sorry for the cut on my finger!! I think this is a really interesting task and could be something cool to do from …

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