1. arunk

    Looking Back: The Final Weeks


    We’ve made it to finals week, and given this is my last semester taking classes here at UMW, I could not be happier! I marathon sprinted through these last two weeks, and while working on the blog was fun, I’m glad to now have time doing the creative things I …

  2. arunk

    Instant Replay Tutorial


    This is the tutorial for an assignment I created earlier this semester. While one already exists, I used Movie Maker to do my video, and so this tutorial covers how to make it there.

    The first thing you will need to do is find a clip (or film one) to …

  3. arunk

    Plankton Goes to Court


    It was last year’s biggest news story. It shocked the bottom and left residents feeling uncertain, for the first time, about the fate of the once quiet town. What am I talking about, you ask? Why I’m talking about the day that will live on in Bikini Bottom infamy:

    The …

  4. arunk

    Looking Back: Weeks 13/14


    I decided to make sure all my work for these two weeks got done early because TOMORROW IS THANKSGIVING and it’s my favorite day of the whole entire year. It’s all about food and there’s literally nothing better than a holiday centered around food. Because of this, I wanted to …

  5. arunk

    Word of the Day: Remix!


    “Instead of writing up an explanation of what you learned, instead formulate your own understanding about remix and mashup, and record a video or audio of you explaining it to someone who is not familiar; this could ba a family member, friend, neighbor, random stranger. The point is to capture …

  6. arunk

    DS106: Assignment Mashup


    “For this week, you must complete and write up one Remix Assignment using the Remixer. If there are examples for the original assignment, then you should aim to use media created for one of those examples (do not forget to link to it in your write up). Be sure to …

  7. arunk

    Ash: The Evolution!


    “For this assignment you need to pick any chacter and follow thier progression that they have had (TV characters from a long standing TV show will probably be best).  Use video clips to show how the character has changed and grown up over time.  Try to make their progression seem …

  8. arunk

    Isn’t That Kinda Like..?


    “Take a movie that you really like.  Now think of a movie that has been compared to it, and make a new movie poster that incorporates the two!”

    – 4.5 stars


    When I graduated high school in 2012, the first of the Hunger Games movies was released. I was …

  9. arunk

    Looking Back: Weeks 11/12


    I’m finally feeling better and was able to get all of my work done for these two weeks (minus one daily create). I liked working on putting these videos together, but I wasn’t really expecting them to take as much time as they did if I’m being honest.

    On a …

  10. arunk

    Daily Creates: Weeks 11/12



    #tdc1398 @ds106dc pic.twitter.com/kgtNFhBpSi

    — Ashlyn Runk (@a_renee03) November 7, 2015


    Troubled water #tdc1402 @ds106dc pic.twitter.com/mpk5rRFPpA

    — Ashlyn Runk (@a_renee03) November 10, 2015


    #tdc1404 @ds106dc "The Middle" – Jimmy Eats World pic.twitter.com/zggCJFfKBl

    — Ashlyn Runk (@a_renee03) November 12, 2015


    #tdc1406 @ds106dc Boundaries; of behavior pic.twitter.com/da0aYwamMH

    — Ashlyn …

  11. arunk

    True Life: Every College Senior


    “Talking to Yourself!”

    This was the “required” assignment for this week, and for this video, we had to record a video of us talking to ourselves or singing all the parts of a song. I do not sing, so that left me with the option of having a conversation with …

  12. arunk

    What Did You Do Today?


    “I know you probably have a smart phone so take advantage of your apps! There’s a new(ish) app out there called Vine, it’s super cool and I love watching super cool Vines (not super crappy ones!) Show DS106 what you did today! Show us what you ate for lunch, show …

  13. arunk

    The Evolution of Gordon Ramsay


    “Pick a theme and download multiple videos from YouTube that fit the theme. Cut them up and create a compilation video by putting the clips to music.” – 4 stars

    I’m  not sure I really followed what the original intent of this assignment was going for, but hey, they weren’t …

  14. arunk

    A Day in the Life of Jade


    “Create a day in the life as an animal. Pick from beginning to end pictures or videos of a perfect day in the life of an animal and create a video out of them. Be creative! Include music to go with the feel of the pictures or videos used.” – …

  15. arunk

    Instant Replay: Escalator Edition


    “Choose a video or clip of an action, and then pick a part of the original clip and slow it down to create an instant replay.  Show both the original action as well as the slow-mo instant replay! Video editing software, like iMovie can come in really handy for an …

  16. arunk

    Spin the Bottle


    “Make a moving object using vine.” – 4 Stars

    So I have zero idea why this assignment is worth 4 stars because it was by far the easiest assignment out of the ones that I completed, but hey, I won’t argue.I was sitting with a friend at a coffee shop …

  17. arunk

    Looking Back: Week Ten


    So I’ve decided, at least for this week, to return to doing my weekly summary bit by bit each day instead of all at once on Sunday. I’m hoping this will help me get back into the habit of creating summaries that are a bit more substantial than just hyperlinking …

  18. arunk

    Triple L: Look, Listen, AnaLyze


    For this assignment we needed to take a film clip and watch it three separate times. Each time we viewed it, we were supposed to look for a different cinematic technique to talk about. So here we go.

    Look: Analyze the Camera Work

    I went with a scene from The

  19. arunk

    Reading Movies: Roger Ebert


    The only experience I have analyzing film in a critical manner comes from a “Chinese History Through Film” course I took during the Spring semester of my sophomore year. I found it to be a good experience, I did very well in the class, and I really enjoyed watching the …

  20. arunk

    Looking Back: Week Nine


    We have reached the end of week nine and are officially past the halfway point for the semester. This week, we worked on creating stories within the web. This was a new concept for me, and I learned a lot of new tricks and techniques. One of our big assignments …

  21. arunk

    Are You More Claire or John?


    “Have you taken one of those fun personality quizzes on Buzzfeed? Now make your own! Sign in with Buzzfeed to create a community account (you can use gmail). Then start making a quiz for people to find out which character they are. Use any characters you like. There must be …

  22. arunk

    The Verge: A Review


    After listening to the shows put together by my classmates, it was time to take a critical look at the show put together by my own group. I noticed that a lot of the problems I saw in other groups were also present in our own show.

    To begin, I …

  23. arunk

    GrumpyDesperados: A Review



    I think the intro for this show was relatively strong. Whoever voiced it was convincing and sounded like they belonged on air. At the beginning, the background music was low enough not to interfere with what he was saying, but towards the end, the volume of the music picked …

  24. arunk

    Looking Back: Weeks 7 + 8


    We have finally made it to the halfway point for the semester, and I could not be happier! Putting together the midterm project was by far the most difficult thing we’ve done thus far, and I’m glad it’s now behind us. Links for all of the work i completed over …

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