1. arunk

    How Radio Creates Empathy: Jad Abumrad on Radiolab


    Listening to Jad Abumrad talk about the process of developing and launching Radiolab was really eye-opening. I’ve come across Radiolab before, but only once or twice. We listened to a few broadcasts in my psychoparmacology class last fall, and I remember thinking at the time that I really enjoyed the …

  2. arunk

    Looking Back: Week Three


    So this week we got to spend a lot of time really focusing on what “storytelling” is and began looking at what it might mean in a digital context. One of our first assignments was to write a post talking about what storytelling meant to us and to also think …

  3. arunk

    Week 3: Daily Creates


    Monday September 7th, 2015:

    Today’s daily create was to provide a caption for an image of a dolphin and rare red crab!

    @ds106dc #tdc1338 "Oh look, I love stuffed crab!"

    — Ashlyn Runk (@a_renee03) September 7, 2015

    Tuesday September 8th, 2015:

    Today we needed to find something to help cheer …

  4. arunk

    A Story in Five Frames: Explained


    As part of this week’s assignments, we had to tell a story by either creating a 5-frame picture with no text, doing a 5 card flickr story, or using pictures from another person’s daily create. I opted for creating a 5-frame no text image to tell my story, and that …

  5. arunk

    Blast from the Past: 3,000 Miles in 30 seconds(ish)


    First, I’m going to link the story I’ve decided to do my reflection on right here and tell you that if you haven’t already viewed it, you really should. I went through and looked at all of the past stories linked on the week 3 assignment page, and this one …

  6. arunk

    Vonnegut’s Approach: Mary Barton and the Lizzie Bennet Diaries


    After watching the video detailing Kurt Vonnegut’s approach to storytelling, I instantly knew which book I wanted to talk about in this post. I recently read Elizabeth Gaskell’s “Mary Barton” and absolutely loved the story. It fit perfectly with the story-line he described first – Start off feeling good, horrible …

  7. arunk

    What storytelling means to me


    When I think of a story-teller, the first thing that comes to mind is a group of people settled around a camp fire, exchanging tales both fictional and real. From there, I move on to picturing my bookshelves; each of the novels a result of someone sitting down and putting …

  8. arunk

    Looking back: Week Two


    So I’ve decided to try a different approach to these weekly summaries. Today is Monday, September 31st, 2015. And it is not the end of the week. But I have one of the worst memories out there if I don’t make sure to write things down as I do them, …

  9. arunk

    Reflection: Michael Wesch at UMW


    Michael Wesch’s keynote presentation at UMW’s 2011 commencement was an enlightening commentary on the power held by the media we engage with. It was the first time I was introduced to the idea that we may not be driving the media, but instead the media may be driving us. He …

  10. arunk

    Reflection: A personal Cyberinfrastructure


    The title of this article alone was enough to prompt the development of a slew of expectations; chiefly the idea that this piece would emphasize the importance of internet literacy in our modern culture, highlight the numerous new ways to communicate we now literally have right at our finger-tips, and …

  11. arunk

    GIF Assignment


    This week’s assignment was to create a GIF from my favorite (or least favorite) movie, and let me start out by saying that what I thought was going to be a pretty quick process turned into a marathon event. Before we get into that, though, I’ll explain my choice of …

  12. arunk

    Looking Back: Week One


    While I know it isn’t quite the end of the week yet, I’ve decided to go ahead and put together my weekly summary for this first week of ds106. I’ll be the first to say it: I was not anticipating just how much effort I was going to have to …

  13. arunk

    Nice to Meet You!


    Hey, everyone! My name is Ashlyn, and I’m an undergraduate student at the University of Mary Washington. I’ll be graduating this upcoming spring (YAY!) with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. This blog was created for a Digital Storytelling class I’m currently taking to satisfy my art process requirement, and while …

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