1. asanchez92

    Final Project Paper!

    The Circle’s Technology, and What the People Really Think             We’ve done a lot in a semester for English Studies in the Digital Age. We’ve explored the issues with social media and privacy, copyrights, how to tell a digital story, and, overall, the effects of technology on our everyday lives.…
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    Final Project


    Here is my final project. The final paper is in the post right under this one.

    If the audio isn’t that great, please turn on Close Captioning (if it isn’t already on) and choose the English option!


  3. asanchez92

    Scholarly Find on an Electronic Edtion


    Okay, so I know we were supposed to post on one scholarly find on an electronic edition, but this whole electronic is one huge scholarly find.
    The Oxford Scholarly Editions Online is a scholarly edition that has a pretty big collection of major works (all Oxford Editions of course). It …

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    Daily Create: Write Up Fantasmic Excuse

    Okay, listen, I know that I’m incredibly late and I know that you’re really mad, but you’ve got to hear me out at let me tell you why! So I’m waiting for the 7 at Junction, minding my own business listening to some Kanye, because you know I was in…
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    Tools and the like for the Final Project


    I got nothing.

    But on a serious note, I am thinking of using Movie Maker like I did for the last project. I will of course be taking video of people, and I think I messed around with it enough to be able to handle moving pictures. If not,

    I …

  6. asanchez92

    Final Project Ideas (or Idea…)


    So, it’s finally coming to the wire, so you know what that means: Final Project!

    I choose to take the creative route and see where it will take me. There are, however, so many options to choose from, so many topics to explore! But what to choose, what to choose… …

  7. asanchez92

    The Circle: A Review


    I would actually like to keep this review of The Circle as general short, sweet, simple and painless as possible, because if I do talk about it in length, it will only turn into an angry rant that would do nothing for the integrity of the book.

    So in general, …

  8. asanchez92

    The Circle: A look at a Character


    There are just so many characters I want to talk about: Mae, Kalden, creepy Francis…
    But there is one I actually want to focus on for the sake of this response: Mercer.

    Mercer is the ex-boyfriend of protagonist Mae Holland. They really don’t seem to get along, and he isn’t …

  9. asanchez92

    The Circle: Aphorisms



    It is one of the earlier aphorisms we see in The Circle, probably, as the story goes on, one of the least… unsettling (surprising, I know). It is here we start to get a feel of what The Circle (as a company) entails. …

  10. asanchez92

    Daily Create: Argument Time


    So, today’s daily create involved reading an article about social media and writing your stance on it’s argument about the subject.

    I chose this article which asks the question of whether or not Youtube is is a bad influence on society.

    While the article doesn’t exactly take a stance, I’d …

  11. asanchez92

    My Digital Story


    After many a trial and tribulation, I have finally completed my digital story.
    Story board and thoughts will follow in a later post.
    Hope you enjoy!…

  12. asanchez92

    My Digital Story


    After many a trial and tribulation, I have finally completed my digital story.
    Story board and thoughts will follow in a later post.
    Hope you enjoy!…

  13. asanchez92

    Daily Create: Lucky 7s

    It’s like time slows down and your life flashes before your eyes. All the things, big and little that brought you to where you are right now in that moment goes by in little spurts: Past jobs, past purchases, past decisions, the most recent of them being to spontaneously come…
  14. asanchez92

    Daily Create: What Matters Least?

    Reality Television “Did you see what she did on last night’s episode of…” I sigh, turning on the volume to a level that could probably deafen me, but I still hear them. It’s “this celebrity did this or this one fought with that one and this one called the other…
  15. asanchez92

    Ye Olde Internet Routine

                In doing this daily create, I realize that I sort of don’t do much (not as much as I used to) when I go on the internet. Back in simpler times, it was always check email, watch a few episodes or entire season(s) of…
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    You are What You Read

    If the article by Lena Price, You are what you Read is anything to go by, I’d have to say that that I am a few things.  First, I’d have to say scholar in training, if that is a thing. But with all the articles and academia read in these…
  17. asanchez92

    My Relationship with Technology

    I would like to say that while I do use technology I’m not all that addictive to it… but I might be lying. Well, there is at least the possibility. I mean, I can go stretches without turning on the computer. I leave my phone everywhere I’m not, and I…

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