1. ashleighengels

    Waterfall – – Noise Pollution?


    Today I was doing a million things, so choosing a point in time for me to record the noise around me was hard. As I was relaxing on my down time listening to the waterfall in my backyard, I decided that would be a good noise to record. I wanted …

  2. ashleighengels

    98.7 WMZQ


    This morning, and every morning for that matter, I always have my radio on 98.7 WMZQ and listen to the Bobby Bones Show. It is such an amazing radio show and if you haven’t heard of it, you should look into it!

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    I chose to do the PhotoBlitz Challenge in the garage. Now you may ask why? Well, at the time my boyfriend’s friends were over as well as one of my friends and I thought it would be interesting to see their reactions to all the pictures I chose to take. …

  4. ashleighengels

    One in a Million…


    My Favorite Lyric

    For this assignment, I chose the song “The World” – by Brad Paisley because when my boyfriend, Chris, and I were in the car during the first weeks we started dating, three and a half years ago, this song came on. He started singing along, and being …

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    Pack Up and Fly Away


    I love airplanes and flying; it was something I did all the time growing up when I traveled with softball. So I decided to uncut the airplane road sign into a airplane air show!

  6. ashleighengels

    Experiencing DS106Radio…awesome?

    When I started listening to the radio station, I was actually surprised at first because it was a young girl talking. I then caught onto what her and the radio host were talking about and it was her fascination with reading , her favorite books, and her not-so-favorite-never-wanting-to read…
  7. ashleighengels

    All you need is love…and a dog.


    I do just about everything with my dog, Zeke. I love taking pictures with him, these are only a few of hundreds I have and I hope everyone had a good time with this daily create as I did. I am sure everyone’s pets mean a lot to them!

  8. ashleighengels

    Hey Luke…Here’s a new story for you!


    Audacity? This was like a foreign language to me at first. I am a HUGE country music fan, but getting into the “behind the scenes” of music is not something that came to me right away. After playing around with Audacity for about 10 minutes I finally started to get …

  9. ashleighengels

    Feeling of Excitement ????????


    For the feeling I wanted to portray, I decided to draw on paint on my tablet a picture of myself holding my pharmacy certification! I went and took my national pharmacy technician license today and passed! The feeling I got was immediate excitement that I accomplished my goal. Bow that …

  10. ashleighengels

    The Ins, Outs, Goods and Bads of Audio Storytelling


    Ira Glass’ Series

                    First and foremost, I learned to erase my mind of everything I learned in high school about the way storytelling works. And in Glass’ words, that is exactly what they taught me; create a topic sentence and follow with supporting facts. WRONG. As I learned today, Glass …

  11. ashleighengels

    An unplanned picture for this man


    I came across a guy walking around my neighborhood with his girlfriend this evening, and I asked if they wouldn’t mind being a part of an assignment. As she was a little standoff-ish, he was up for the challenge! He decided he wanted his picture to be of him in …

  12. ashleighengels

    The letter “S” used way too much :)


    Above I chose to write my poem about a softball player scoring from first all the way to home, winning the game for her team. I chose that because as a softball player, being the winning run was a great feeling to experience. As I am not a poet, sorry …

  13. ashleighengels

    When Life Throws You a Curveball…in 5 Photos


    Above is my story in 5 photos created in Flickr. I enjoyed this assignment because I was not allowed to use words to help with my storyline, so I decided to choose pictures with character and power to them. By far the most enjoyable assignment being able to choose anything …

  14. ashleighengels

    Primer, foundation, blush….a new you.


    I chose to use make-up to write about because in the morning, I will always apply at least primer, foundation and blush even if I only have 5 minutes to get ready. To me, this does not consider me high-maintenance. I just feel as if have just a little base …

  15. ashleighengels

    Telling you my story of storytelling


    When I think of the word storytelling, I think of an array of ideas. The act of hand motions and gestures pop into my head when storytelling takes place. Storytelling means being in a calm place at one point, but then in a flash of a second, I could be …

  16. ashleighengels

    Running out of Time


    As the paint fills the cracks, the fumes fill the air and the rattle of the can echoes through the silence of the dark tunnel, suddenly he hears the dings of the railroad crossing sign alerting him a train is coming. He then takes a minute to look into the …

  17. ashleighengels

    Confessions of a drama queen


    For a tech confession, I feel as if everyone who has ever had a Facebook has done this. And I chose it to be my confession just because of that. Nowadays, to get someone to realize how mad you are or how upset you made them, people result in deleting, …

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