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    Week in review 5


    So this week I had to do a lot of audio recording stuff, I can’t say I enjoyed it because, as I’m sure many people can agree, I hate hearing my own voice. I was able to talk about music for a bit at least, which is always nice because …

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    Audio reflection


    Sound is of course hugely important to media, discussion, emotion, etc. I can entirely agree to that line of thought, give a sad moment, say a character leaving forever or sacrificing them self an appropriate piece of music to accompany it and it will go from being sad to being …

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    ds106 radio bumper


    Not much to be clever about this post, or even explain. It’s the radio bumper for the ds106 radio show. I just said a quick blurb and put it up on soundcloud.…

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    Ramblin’ about Ramble On


    I love metal, classic rock, and folk (as in traditional folk, not blue grass) music. When this assignment came up I decided to do it, but I wasn’t sure on what song. A lot of what I like is just hard driving stuff that I thinks sounds cool or ‘epic’ …

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    A noisy day at school


    This is a short ‘story’ of a regular school day using only sound with some light editing in Audacity. I took sounds from freesound.org  and uploaded the complete file to soundcloud and now it’s here. I had wanted to do something like a battle, but that seemed like mostly white …

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    History with photography


    I’ll just say it now, I’m not a big fan of photography at all.

    Yes, of course it can be beautiful, and it can be art, and all that…

    But I think that all the wannabes with an expensive camera have made me a bit cynical, there are way too …

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    The mortician’s toolkit


    Left upon Mr. Crawlston’s doorstep one day was his workbag. It was coming apart at the seams and worn into a mottled tan, making it strike a rather unassuming appearance. Despite this, just the simple knowledge of it belonging to the ‘reaper’ himself lent it an aura of mystery and …

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    Shooting a Stagecoach


    After watching Stagecoach, I have to say one thing about their cinematography…They LOVED huge vistas. Seriously, almost every shot outside of a town included some sort of epic background. I don’t know if it was meant to show the harsh, tough, emptiness of the land that the protagonists of the …

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    A rogue order


    Richard gazed deep into Elizabeth’s eyes, his blue orbs holding back tears. For days he had been suffering from the tortures of being away from his one true love and finally, here before him, soon to  be revealed, was what he had been dreaming of. Soft and warm, ready to …

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    Week Three summary


    So I am not really certain what to continue talking about here, I read some western stories, read some interesting things about content from the time period, and voiced my opinions on some of it this week. I definitely prefer assignments like the character concept much more than the ‘write …

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    A Letter To Me


    To see what has changed about me in ten years time, here is a letter to myself to read and reflect on.

    In ten years time I will be 31. Quite a large gap, so I am not really certain how my wants will change, but right now I mostly …

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    Character concept: Richard Crawlston


    Age: 51

    Height: 6 feet 2 inches

    hair: bald

    Dress: Worn-out dress clothes, shoes, and top hat

    Description: Gaunt and bony, but not stooped with age. Richard has long legs and deep lines on his face. Always has a long barreled revolver on his belt and a cane in his …

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    The Shape of a Story


    I just watched Vonnegrut’s “The Shape of a Story” video on youtube. It was a pretty funny satire on the stereotypical stories, but I’m not certain it is necessarily true. Some parts are true of course, because it is making fun of stereotypes, but it’s not universally true.

    Many stories …

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    Thoughts on written westerns


    So having read a few westerns, one of the most noticeable things seems to be a strong sense of cultural norms, beliefs, and values, which makes sense seeing as westerns are written in a specific time period normally. There is a strong emphasis on race, with Ice Man being a …

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    What a second week


    Whoo boy, did I almost goof up week two really hard! I figured looking over everything on Wednesday like I had last time would give me plenty of time to do everything (2 and a half whole days seemed like more than enough time!) I didn’t think things would pick …

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    Yes, he knows.


    You know, generally I dislike memes, including motivational posters, but I thought this was vaguely funny.

    note: most people that play d&d (or other rpg) are of both average intellect and average social competence, heh.

    also note, if you’re making a wizard character, night caps are silly! Silly wizards are …

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    Create a character: Mannfred ‘Sandbar’ Black


    Name: Mannfred ‘Sandbar’ Black

    facial hair: thick dark brown beard

    clothing: tall, worn boots, brown legs with tattered ends, simple cloth tunic with leather chest piece over it

    weapons: two cutlasses at his waist

    personality: loud and boisterous, as willing to spend a night in the bar getting plastered with …

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    A blunt guest


    Men and women in bright server uniforms dashed about, carrying dishes piled high with delicacies from around the world. Shellfish from the great ocean to the west, pies made with exotic berries, and roast beast of all forms sat upon the long dining table, cooling to just the correct temperature …

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    My week in review: The west


    So, after reading some articles talking about the Western genre and how it’s current relevance is, I have to say I am a bit surprised at their (and assumedly, their readers) grim views on the matter. Yes, clearly the ‘day’ of the westerner is over in that they’re not being …

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    Hello DS106


    I am James Crisp and I am ready to do the varied tasks for this semester


    Here is my account for #ds106 #umw

    — James Tyler Crisp (@ashranclass1) January 13, 2016



    and here is my youtube and soundcloud


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    Example Blog Post


    This is a blog post. Blog posts can be journal entries, reflections, a piece feature piece, a short argumentative piece, an analysis, a small photo gallery, and much more. Blog posts by default can be categorized and tagged, meaning they can have taxonomy assigned to them. Using categories and tags …

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