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  1. @ashstvnz

    Week 2 Summary

    What a week! From tips on writing a fluid, engaging blog post (am I doing it yet?) to animated GIFs, video mashups, and exploring some more into how copyright law is both frustrating and a teensy bit incomprehensible. To start, I read some advice on how to view the creative process. I feel that authorContinue reading "Week 2 Summary"
  2. @ashstvnz

    Martika the One Woman Stunt GIF

    Over the weekend I attended the Smoky Hill River Festival with my family. The literal highlight of the evening had to be seeing Martika the One Woman Stunt Show (or the Death Defying). Martika put on a thrilling fire show for her audience and I couldn’t help but record the most exciting pieces of herContinue reading "Martika the One Woman Stunt GIF"
  3. @ashstvnz

    Find Your Voice

    “(…)now I realize that the only way to find your voice is to use it. It’s hardwired, built into you.” Austin Kleon The very first of Austin Kleon’s 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered resonated with me immediately. I’ve enjoyed writing recreationally since grade school when I’d make my own versions ofContinue reading "Find Your Voice"

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