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    Final Project: Andy the Bank Robber’s Experiences


    My final project is a compilation of five different types of media to give the receiver a close look as to what Andy the Bank Robber’s life was like while he was robbing banks.  This assignment contains seven different assignments two writing assignments, two design assignments, one visual assignment, one …

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    Andy’s Last Minute Monologue


    This Soundcloud Audio is the last recorded thing that Andy the Bank Robber was believed to have said while hiding out from the police before he got shot after his plans in Cheyenne failed.

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    Letter Home to Andy’s Family


    This is a letter that Andy sent home to his family in the hay-day of his gang’s bank robbin’ trip.


    Howdy Luanne,

    My dearest wife, I am hoping this letter finds you well.  I hope the kids are doing fine.  I should be sending some money back home with …

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    Andy’s Diary Entry


    This dairy entry is from the day before Andy was caught in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


    Today is June 22, 1913.

    I have been on the road for the past six months and while out here we have lost a couple guys from our gang at a shootout in Nevada.  It …

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    Andy’s Model T Fords



    This is a sketch made of Andy the Bank Robber’s cars that he drove.  He and his gang drove these types of Model T Fords to make their robberies.  Their cars were enhanced to be high performance to Vis any law enforcement.…

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    Andy’s Wanted Poster



    This is Andy’s wanted poster.  It lets people know what they should be looking for and what their reward will be if they capture him.  A total of $50,000 is a hefty price for those who are capable to capture him.…

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    Andy’s Travel Map



    This is the map that Andy used to plan out his bank robbing trip though the west.  He hit the capitals of almost every state in the West.  The yellow star shows where his trip began, and the red X shows where his trip ended abruptly by getting arrested.…

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    Final Project Progress Report


    This week I have mostly done preliminary work for my project and plan to put together the assignments within the next week.

    My plan for my assignment is to create a digital story of the life of Andy the Bank Robber and his final moments before he got caught by …

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    Not You’re Grandfathers Resume




    I really struggled getting this assignment to work the way I wanted it to.  I intended to make a page with a baseball card being sold of myself.…

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    Google Map Trip



    This is the trip that Andy the bank robber took to rob three banks in the west.

    He began his trip with the Bank of Denver, then he traveled to the Bank of Albuquerque, then the Bank of Arizona.  These banks allowed for him to collect over $500,000.


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    Socialize Your Media


    This these are the three accounts that Andy the Bank Robber on the internet.

    This assignment was difficult in making sure that they all have similar connections to each other and were able to reflect a character from a time period before there was an internet.…

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    Room Tour Remix!!!


    This is the first photo of the room I have been studying in.

    See if you can find what changed in the second photo.

    This assignment was pretty cool, especially with someone else involved.  A hint in the second photo, one of the changes was her realizing that I was …

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    I’m Ready for My Closeup


    This is in light of the recent events that the Tarheels experienced against Villanova during the national championship.


    This took me some time to photoshop the face on here correctly.  Is there a better way to directly photoshop a face onto something without the background of the other image?…

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    Holiday Mashup


    In this mashup, there seems to be an issue with the holiday calendars for 2016.  Everyone thinks its their holiday.


    In this assignment, I struggled finding images that were comparable with the photo background.  I really wanted to get a turkey that looked like it was going to eat …

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    Mash Thyself before ye Trash Thyself



    This photo incorporated three different photos I have used previously in the class.


    The photo has a few of my friends and I doing some yoga, with my self created Donald Trump shirt, and in the background, is the eye of Andy the Bank robber with the gunslinger …

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    Video Essay


    Django Unchained Movie Essay – Commentary


    I struggled with this post to overlap the audio with the scene.  I attempted to do so on iMovie and wasn’t able to figure it out. I did really enjoy getting to watch this movie over again though, it really is enjoyable.…

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    Video Show Plan & Trailer


    Howdy y’all,

    Our group has decided to get back together the rodeo radio group and show a live showing of the rodeo that happened last week in the Dallas Annual Classic.  The Rodeo Radio show members have been awarded this opportunity for this weeks “Watch Radio” Tv show.  This is …

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    Can You See What I See


    In the Eye of Andy the Bank Robber, you can see The Unexpected Gun, or the “Fastest Gun in the West.”  These two are ready for one hell of a showdown.



    This was the hardest assignment of my week so far.   It was difficult for me to overlay …

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    Missing Person



    This post was not too difficult.  I was able to look at Jenna’s characters and create a missing persons sheet from her description of her character and incorporate mine into the missing persons situation.…

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