1. astegemi

    The Final Report


    For my final project I did a spin off on the Disney princesses having a bad side.  At first it was difficult to come up with an idea, but as I created each small piece of the final product more ideas started to flow in. What I want others to …

  2. astegemi

    Pay it forward- Recess edition


    For the pay it forward, I though it was a good idea to do a thought on how I expected the class to be and then briefly hint at a few issues I ran into, such as leaving my work till the end of the week, and how I thought …

  3. astegemi

    The Final Story: Pixar silencing Disney movie production


    When everyone thinks of the Disney princesses, they think of the picturesque life that is often coupled with the magical time seen at Walt Disney World.  Often times people don’t realize that the princesses had a rebellious time in their lives.  A preview for this rebellious time for the princesses …

  4. astegemi

    When the public finds out!


    Once Disney movie production received the ransom note from Pixar, along with the video displaying the Disney princesses in their rebellious years, they quickly decided to pull all movie releases for the month leading up to the release of Toy Story 3 along with the month Toy Story 3 was …

  5. astegemi

    The Rebellious Princesses


    Many people have heard of the various Disney princess and most of the time they are depicted as the perfect image of what every little girl wants to be.  They have their picture perfect life, after have gone through some turmoil in their Disney perceived life. Most people don’t know …

  6. astegemi

    Weekly Summary 13&14


    For weeks 13 and 14 the main theme was remix and mashups.  Before this week I used to think of mashup and remixes as taking specific things and mixing them together to create something new.  It didn’t cross my mind until after I watched a few references provided by my …

  7. astegemi

    Create an Assignment: WalkingDead-ify


    When I was coming up with a design assignment I thought it was a good idea to do something that people could possibly relate to and would be fun.  The first thing that came to mind was how obsessed some people are with the show The Walking Dead.  The show …

  8. astegemi

    Create an assignment: Winterize it!


    The idea for this assignment came from the environment around me! It has clearly started to get colder and the christmas music has started to make its appearance.  I thought the perfect assignment would be to take an old photo, preferably one from the summer or spring and convert it …

  9. astegemi

    Summary of tutorials


    To create my tutorials I wrote  a general point by point direction to make it easy to follow.  I coupled my points with screen shot images, which I uploaded onto flickr and then embedded into my blog.  I then tagged both tags with ds106tutorials so they would be recognized by …

  10. astegemi

    Tutorial of Warhol Something.


    First begin by opening up a photo-editor website such as picnik.com or picmonkey.com.

    Press “Edit a photo” and upload the photo you would like to transfer into a Warhol image.

    Once your picture is uploaded click on the chemistry bottle (the second symbol from the top on the left) and …

  11. astegemi

    Tutorial on Overedit yourself.


    Often times when using such websites as picnik.com or picmonkey.com people are trying to improve how they appear in a picture.  For this assignment you are attempting to do the opposite.  To get started begin my opening up picmonkey.com and click on the Edit the photo link.

    It will pull …

  12. astegemi

    Final Project Idea and layout!


    For a final project I thought It would be cool to create a timeline kindof theme of my family through the years! I would start off with me and my sister at a young age and slowly progress through the years. To encorporate various media in it I was thinking …

  13. astegemi

    Recycle the media assignment


    This assignment has proven to be rather tricky to have to use others recycled material to create your own art.   What I did was found a sound clip labeled street sounds and used that as my background noise and bases for my idea.  I then looked for images where this …

  14. astegemi

    Remixing an Assignment… 2 examples


    To get a remix assignment I went to  http://remix.ds106.us/ and pressed the remix button where it game me an assignment that I previously did but with a twist! It was the Mashedup Children’s Book with a twist of changing the language.  I started by finding a Dr. Suess book, The …

  15. astegemi

    Annual McDonalds Monopoly Consumer mashup!


    For my final mashup/remix assignment, I decided to do the Consumer Mashup.  I instantly thought of McDonalds and how they have the annual Monopoly event and then I thought how much there sales probably increase from this coupling.  McDonalds isn’t known for being the healthiest fast food restaurant so not …

  16. astegemi

    If Dr. Suess ran school!


    Looking through the mashup assignments I came across, Mashed-up Children’s Book, and instantly thought of Dr. Suess.  Growing up reading all the Dr. Suess books I thought remaking one of the books was perfect. I googled a list of Dr. Suess book and found the one I thought would be …

  17. astegemi

    Case of the Beetles J-Walking


    When looking through the mash up assignments I came across the Remix an Album Cover assignment and thought this would be a cool project! It was instructed to use an iconic album cover and remix it have a new perspective.  Growing up listening to the oldies with my parents (lets …

  18. astegemi

    Weeks 11 and 12 summary


    Most of the work that I did for this week I did at the end of week 11. The professor commented on my blogs and I edited them afterwards to make the overall story of the blog better. I also added in examples by other students of each of the …

  19. astegemi

    Return to the Silent Era- 50 First Dates


    When I first came across this assignment, Return to the Silent Era, I didn’t want anything to do with it.  It looked really difficult, first choosing the movie, then figuring out how to edit the media so it looks old, and then adding title cards to display what the characters …

  20. astegemi

    Family Traditions- Camp Style


    Many people have family traditions, including myself, but when I saw this assignment, Yvonne’s Family Traditions, I instantly thought of my summer job and how every morning we have camp dances to get the kids excited for camp and the day ahead of them.  All the counselors have to learn …

  21. astegemi

    Watching a movie with a song in the background.


    When I first saw this assignment, Watching Movies With the Stereo On, I had trouble thinking what movie and song I could possible mash together.  So instinct set in and I went onto pandora, where the first song that came up was Allstar by Smashmouth.  The song was perfect! It’s …

  22. astegemi

    Supercut- Friends edition


    When I saw this assignment, Supercut it, I instantly thought of Friends and Joey’s famous saying “How you doin’.”  I have grown up watching Friends ever sense I was in elementary school. Joey was my favorite guy character because of how personable and funny he was.    It never failed that …

  23. astegemi

    Play it back- Candy Edition.


    When i first saw this assignment, Play it back jack, I thought it would be cool to microwave a marshmallow, watching it blow up, and then reversing it.  After thinking about it though, there wasn’t much of a story behind blowing up a marshmallow in a microwave.  I ended creating …

  24. astegemi

    Weekly Summary for week 10


    The video editing tools that I have at my disposal include iMovie, MPEG Streamclip, itunes, GIMP, online convertors, GarageBand and Audacity.  The past few weeks I have become more familiar with GIMP and Audacity, which can help to add images to the videos to be created and background noises.  The …

  25. astegemi

    Creates for week 10


    The two creates I did this week included “Stormy weather- Show us your best photo or representation of The Big Storm” and “Forced Perspective- make something small look big, or something big look small.”

    For the Stormy weather representation I was driving home with my dog and friend right before …

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