1. athacker

    Final project


    This final project we got together to do another radio show. It has been great working with Rex (Patrick) and Mack (Sharla).  We wanted something funny for the final. So we did a silly radio show.

  2. athacker

    Two assignment ideas


    The assignment ideas that I have come up with are both for my character.

    The first is the work space for the character. Mine is an office/library.


    The second is the pet for the character. Taking different animals and putting them together to make a unique pet. Mine is …

  3. athacker

    Assignment Idea #2


    My character’s ideal pet.

    Think of the deal people that your character would like. Combine several animals together to make it an unusual type of animal. Put it in it’s natural habitat.

    Mine is a panorsefly. They would live in an open range type environment. It is a panther head, …

  4. athacker

    Daily Create Idea- 2


    This daily create idea is to find the hidden treasure behind a wall. This is just taking two pictures and using the erase tool in photoshop to erase part of top picture to show pieces of the bottom layer coming through. I layered the brick wall on top  of the …

  5. athacker

    Assignment Idea #1


    This assignment goes along with the characters.

    Make the ideal work space for your character. Fill it with different things that the character would like.

    This is a library/office for me. It is filled with books as well as calming murals for the walls.

  6. athacker

    Daily Create Idea


    For a daily create idea, I thought about “Noir in the shot”. Take a screen shot of a noir film and put yourself in it.

  7. athacker

    Weekly Summary- Week 13


    This week we finished up with our case assignment. The Night Driver game case was really fun to do.

    We were able to meet several times to work on the case.

    There are several blogs on the site that show the progress. One has the tweets from all three of …

  8. athacker

    Night Driver


    This has been an interesting project for Mack, Rex, and me. Being the Chief Director, I was supposedly working on the evidence as they went looking for it. I really think that it turned out great.

    Our medias for this project are visual, we had pictures that showed links between …

  9. athacker

    Weekly summary- 12 week


    This week, we have been going through evidences for our case. The case of the Night Driver.

    We have looked around the console center, looking for clues. We took several pictures of the area where things had gone wrong.  They are on our agency’s website.

    We should have it …

  10. athacker

    Save Noddy


    I thought that is was cute to save Noddy. So, I let him go sky diving.

    Using Photoshop, I put him on the back of a sky diver. I figured he would be saved by that kind of adventure.

  11. athacker

    Movie to book- 3 stars


    Hackers seems to be a good movie for our agency. We help get the evils on the internet and this is a group of people that end up getting an evil who was using computers to do evil.

    I used Photoshop to create this little book cover. I had found …

  12. athacker

    Business Card- 2 stars


    This is my business card for O.L.D. Agency. I used Photoshop to put together the moon image and the Edward and Vladmir font.

    I think our business is an interesting type of business. You can email/call when you need some help with internet evils. That is what we are here …

  13. athacker

    My Dream Vacation- 3 stars


    I have always wanted to go across the Atlantic to see Ireland, Scotland, England, and some other fascinating places.  I made a board on Pinterest to show all the places I find interesting.

    The different kinds of landscapes are mesmerizing.…

  14. athacker

    My pinterest -2 stars


    Well, I finally started my pinterest account. Mack has helped me with some of the computer stuff for my board on Computers.  I have a board for Indian pictures and sayings. I also have one for dream catchers. I find those fascinating.

    Pinterest can be so addictive though. Can spend …

  15. athacker

    O.L.D. Agency


    Three of us from the original group are working together. Our agency formed after Rex arrested Mack and I. So we have gone straight, sorta speak.

    O.L.D. Agency is an agency that is trying to combat the evil’s of the internet. I am the Chief Director, while Rex it is …

  16. athacker

    The final video


    This was a great experience. The video is done. We had fun.  And we can breathe…at least for now. I hope that you all enjoy this video. Thank you to the Eagles in the dark.

  17. athacker

    Character Interview


    To have to do an interview that feels like an interrogation is nerve racking. I am rarely comfortable talking about my lifestyle. Most of the time, I keep what I am really thinking deep in my head. I did this “interview” with Burtis, Black, and Bond. ( I had a …

  18. athacker

    Daily Create- Tree Art


    This daily create was to use a tree to make art. I found a picture of an old tree. Using photoshop, I distorted the tree image by using the distort features of shear, spherize, and pinch. I like the way the tree came out.

  19. athacker

    Video Progress- 2


    Today we were able to get the last of the filming done. It was cold out, but we were able to go downtown  to video tape us walking around, being hateful. We also did some at the ITCC. I actually had to spin around in those red “top” chairs.

    I …

  20. athacker

    Daily Create- Finger art


    This daily create was to use your Finger print to make an artful picture.  I dipped my finger in an ink pad to make the flower and the different colored pens for the rest. The first one is of the regular coloring. The second one is using the noir style …

  21. athacker

    Video Progress


    This week, Patrick from the group and I made it out to the Fredericksburg Campus to video tape one of the scenes. It took us several hours to get this done for little over 3 minutes of recording. It was fun. We even got a co-student to let me push …

  22. athacker

    Daily Create- 15 second Batman


    This daily create was to take 15 seconds and draw Batman. I decided to go ahead and get this one done while I was taking a quick break. I don’t think it is that bad, but I could have done better.



  23. athacker

    A dream staircase


    I made a staircase for the dream of graduating with my Bachelor’s degree. Each step to take is a semester at a time. After ever semester that I finish, I will be one step closer to that dream.

    I did this one in publisher. Using text boxes over top of …

  24. athacker

    Learn How to Read a Movie


    After reading the How to read a movie article, I watched the Tarantino clip, Examples of Editing Techniques, and Camera Angles and Techniques.

    Tarantino has the habit of using the camera angle from below. Watching the clip, it reminded me of the films that I had watched by him. The …

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